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Thursday, 24 January 2013


Kevin and I... I do not like this pic of me but it's the only one I got

 Last month I felt really privilidged to be invited to an event in London. I was invited by Motorola to attend a session with Kevin Adams, celebrity personal trainer who I personally remembered from Fame Academy! The event was to introduce us to the new Motorola RAZRi and various fitness apps we could use on it. It was held at the rather swanky My Fitness Studios in London and we were greeted with lovely fresh juice and super posh canapes. It seems only right that I'm now writing this post on the phone they generously gave me to trial.. Still working the phone blogging out so edited it on my laptop... all pics are from my old blackberry, the camera on the motorola is much better quality :) happy days cause my digital camera broke not too long ago!


The event was really quite small, there were four journalists in attendance, including me, someone from Zest, someone from Men's Health and someone from The Daily Mail. I felt hugely overwhelemed and underqualified being the only blogger there, but also really touched they'd got in touch with me!

After we'd had a few nibbles and introductions the presentation began. Firstly Kevin spoke about celebrities (no names were mentioned) and size zero, he didn't mention names as whilst he sometimes has to help people get down to extremely low dress sizes he doesn't really` think it's the healthiest option and doesn't want to be associated with an unhealthy fad... I hope I've paraphrased ok here! I thought this part of the presentation was so interesting even though it was clearly not planned and sprung from another journalist asking about his client base. 

Kevin first introduced us to daily cardio which is apparently idiot proof! I haven't personally used this app but I think it would be great for someone new to fitness... a good one for kick starting some new year resolutions perhaps...

TrackerSavvy is a water log widget... it's so important to drink enough and this helps you track and check. Often thirst is mistaken for hunger so good for weight loss and of course general health. 

Lastly he covered my favorite app which never worked on my blackberry and is quite possibly one of the main reasons I've stuck with the phone rather than going back to my familiar blackberry (along with the camera)....  the only thing I really miss is bbm... I'm rather tired today and have just glanced over this to notice I haven't even said which app is my favorite yet... it's the runkeeper app... I really miss having a garmin watch and this is the next best thing for someone who's a bit of a stats nerd! Love it! 

And this wasn't covered I just want to share cause it may have taken over facebook for me... not a fitness app though you can share fitness pics, my latest obsession (controversially perhaps with the copyright issues) Instagram. I have a joint personal/blogging account go look and say hi on a pic so I can see yours, love finding new people on there.. 

For anyone who's interested, Kevin also chatted a bit about his morning routine which involves a large glass of water before anything else, then he suggests the following routine. Please note these are the numbers he uses so unless you're super fit scale the numbers down to suit your own capability.  60 push-ups 100situps, 90s plank, obliques, wake up stretch, lower obliques, side planks.. 

After the event I went to wholefoods for a walk around and some tea! 
walking up to wholefoods

a sleigh full of vodka, what's not to love!

Thai massaman curry, delish!

TTFN London <3 td="">

I have a lot of posts waiting to be written at the moment, and possibly a major life change this year! I miss blogging regularly, I wish there were more hours in the day, either that or I was more organised and used the ones I have more wisely! 
Ahhh writing this post has made me want a trip to London! Anyone fancy a blogger meet-up?