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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

WIAW Birthday Edition

And where the hell have I been?? Longest blogging break EVER!

But first... Welcome to  WIAW birthday edition!

I kicked off my day with my usual ginormous mug of coffee and a bowl of wheatabix made with 2 wheatabix, boiling water, honey, xylitol and loads of cinnamon, don't knock it til you've tried it haha sounds gross but is really quite nice!

I wasn't planning on doing much for my birthday as I was feeling a bit depressed about being 27.... 27??? How did that happen? Anyway I got a text from Mike who said he was gonna take me out for lunch and stop me moping about! We went to cafe green ginger a veggie cafe in town, it's pretty cool in there you choose a main and three salads to go with it... sorry the pictures are quite bad Mike was very eager to tuck in... we each had half of each plate...

Aubergine curry with couscous, greek salad and a spinach salad with some sort of cheese...not sure what it was but I wasn't keen on it tbh... it might have been a smoked one.. I should have asked the woman there really!

We also shared a cheddar and spinach quiche with bean salad, potato salad and coleslaw, the coleslaw was loooovely!

I had a little snack before my tea, some yummy conscious raw chocolate from the prize I won on Rachel's blog... I'm not usually a fan of chilli chocolate but this one was perfectly spiced and the chilli was a nice background flavour..

Now, I managed to be the worlds worst food blogger when I went out for tea.... I forgot to photograph starter and desert.. doh!!!! I started off with bruschetta capra which was toasted ciabatta with tomatoes, goats cheese and olive tapenade

I then had the pizza Caprina which was kind of the same as my bruschetta... hey! I like goats cheese and olives! This usually comes with rocket but I had mine without, I don't really like rocket...

After this I amazingly had room for desert! My dad and I shared honeycomb cheesecake and chocolate nemesis... both absolutely delish! The chocolate nemesis was a molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and you could see all the little vanilla beans in the ice cream, yummy! Glad I had room for them!

Anyway, where the hell have I been? I've been doing lots of boxing, and lots of working, and my fair share of partying! All that equals one very tired Laura! I don't know why, maybe it's the too much partying but I hadn't really felt like blogging for once? Maybe I just needed a break or maybe I feel like a bit of a fraudulent healthy living blogger with all the drinking I've been doing lately....

Anyway, this definitely reminded me how awesome blogging is! I won one of Rachel's fantastic prizes! Look at all these goodies!! So far I've eated the luna bar (amazing) some of the truffles (also amazing) and the chilli chocolate (also amazing... you see the theme goin on here!!) Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway Rachel!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Day my Clumsiness Finally Landed me in A&E....

Those of you who follow me on twitter probably already know about my run in with Roxie's water bowl... For those of you who don't I'll fill you in! On Wednesday I was making my pre boxing food... Actually this is where I could blame Sarah 'cause she voted for Jacket tater and beans over pizzert and pizzert wouldn't have involved a knife hehe just kidding Sarah! Anyways... I managed to somehow knock the knife off the worktop and sent it flying towards my foot.. I deftly leapt out of the way... and landed on Roxie's water bowl which broke and cut my foot open...  Cue much hopping around trying to find the first aid kit dripping blood everywhere and realising what a huge wimp I am at the sight of my own blood! Eventually found it and put a dressing on.. Stubbornly I decided I was still going to the gym if the blood didn't soak through the dressing before I was setting off...It didn't so off I hobbled to boxing (on my bike)... I struggled through the session feeling more and more pain, did a few rounds of sparring(!) some bags, some footwork (owwwwwwwww) some core (thank goodness) and a cool down!

When I went to get weighed at the end I realised there was blood on my sock I showed it to my coach and he suggested I went to get it glued up to help it heal faster... So off I rode to A&E! Gladly two of my friends came with me, bought me some chocolate and kept me company during the wait. (I actually typed weight then ughh can you tell what's on my mind!!) Luckily I was seen after about two hours, the nurse was able to glue me up and send me on my way... She opened the cut up to check there was no remainder of dog bowl in there... that was so, so painful, I thought I was going to be sick! Then she glued it up for me... She thought I was mental for going to the gym first and I am inclined to agree! I didn't really think it was too bad at first, yesterday I couldn't walk on it, today it's a little better.. I can bike though, and biked home from casualty haha it wasn't as hardcore as it sounds though, the cut is on the front of my foot so I could just pedal with my heel, in fact, biking is less painful than walking at the moment!

Well I can't remember the full gym workout anymore but I did do some sparring last Wednesday... sorry forgot to recap this one and now I can't remember it too well.. I did 3 x 3 minute rounds, I had a throat infection and felt really slow and sluggish.. I was still flinching which is really annoying me!I felt like this sparring went really badly but my coach and one of the younger lads dads who were watching both said it was good... I don't know if sometimes I'm too hard on myself, it just didn't go quite as I'd hoped

Sparring this Wednesday, done on bad foot oops! Was good sparring though, There were a few of us ready round the ring to spar, I was in first and did a round with a different opponent every 30s ish! This is really good because you're going against someone fresh when you're tired so it really forces you to work hard. I really enjoyed this sparring, I went against two southpaws which was hard.. I'm still getting used to changing up my shots to be more effective against southpaws.. I also went against an infighter which I really enjoyed, I'm more than happy to go toe to toe with someone and it gave me a chance to attempt some uppercuts and get off some good body shots. I kind of forgot about my foot hurting until I landed badly on it right at the end of my final round in there.. was kind of embarassing as I cried out in pain! Oh well! I'm looking forward to more sparring like this! I've got a lot to work on and I don't necessarily notice it on the bags!

This injury and being unable to go to the gym last night did trigger off an episode of purging. I'm mentioning it on the blog as I actually ended up vomiting blood. In ten years of disordered eating this is the first time it's happened and it scared me. I hope that fright is going to be a good thing and hopefully help me stop the purging at least. It really drives home how much damage it does to your body. I rung NHS direct and googled about to see what I should do. It seems this time I got lucky and probably just had a minor esophageal tear but it could have been worse.. Just because I've been lucky enough to not have severe problems from electrolyte imbalances yet does not make me immune... I'm going to take this as a wake up call and I'm sharing it because I hope anyone else reading and struggling can take a positive change from this too!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

WIAW plus lots of cute animal pictures

Welcome to my third WIAW post!

10.00Coffee (pic from last week...)

11.30 Pizzert (pic stolen from last week again... it was prettier!)

13.00 2 cups of teapigs winter spiced red tea

18.20 Gigantic salad, 1 nectarine, 2 plums, 2 graze boxes

It's too long between food here but I struggle on work days to eat right... I probably need to work on this a bit...

Anyway my rather yummy salad...

I used this for my base
Ahhh colourful already!

added roast peppers...

sundried tomato, olive and garlic tub

added lots of the olive mix

crumbled on lots of organic feta

added some roast chickpeas
 The chickpeas were coated in a veg stock, garlic, chilli, ketchup and nutritional yeast coating before roasting and adding to the salad

I also added some roast new potatoes and butternut squash... there is salad under there, honest!

Add to that a questionable nectarine and two diddy plums...
yummy graze box number 1
yummy graze box number 2

This kept me going to the end of my shift! And so it should, what a volume of food... I was so hungry 'cause it had been a long time since breakfast I guess...

22.20 Hugh Jass Salad again
When I got in I had another bowl of salad, I had a bit of hummous with it this time, just 'cause...

23.00 Cereal
I was craving something sweet after so I had a small bowl of cereal... fruit n fibre with some musli and berries and cherries mix with soy milk and a little xylitol

This to me seems like a rather huge amount of food... I don't know... I'm liking doing WIAW as it's making me be a bit more conscious over my food... don't want to eat too little and put out a negative message you know, and also want to keep it healthy and interesting (apart from my pizzert addiction... not saying it isn't healthy but it's perhaps a little repetitive!)

Maria at Running Cupcake tagged me with this fun butterfly award

Favourite colour;
All time favourite is lilac or purple...but it depends on my mood really...

Favourite song;
So many, I could not pick just one! I like so many genres of music... At the moment I'm liking Swedish House Mafia One as it reminds me of Ibiza... yeah that surprised me actually haha I always thought I didn't like that kind of music but have been enjoying it lately! I love classical music too, Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto number one, especially the first movement is a favourite... I've also recently had a liking for Taking Back Sunday... makes me feel about 17 again!! And I always love to listen to musicals... It really depends what mood I'm in!

Favourite dessert;
Again! How can I pick?? There are so many yummy deserts! I do love Tirimasu though... if that is on the menu I usually choose it... mind you there is also cheesecake.... cheesecake is so good too.... ohhhhhhhhh how to choose? Maybe I need to invent a cheesecake tirimasu... now theres an idea... even better could I create a healthy cheesecake tirimasu... watch this space!

What really annoys you;
Oh far too much actually... I can really be a grump sometimes! People cutting corners at work, being overlooked at work for people to favour people who cut corners/frequently make silly mistakes....Being underestimated... just because I haven't been doing the job as long as some people does not mean I am any less capable.. in fact, being the arrogant person I am I often feel like I am more capable! Gosh I have a bee in my bonnet sometimes haha

When you are upset you:
I go quiet and try not to cry (usually fail) I'm not good at hiding my emotions, if you've upset me or annoyed me you will usually know about it even if I don't tell you!

Your favourite pet;
I could not pick a favourite, I've had so many, I always had rabbits growing up, a gerbil and hamsters when I first moved out of my mum and dad's house (I would still have them but when we were still together Mike banned me from getting any more cause I just got so upset when they died and really they didn't last long enough...) So since having my own houses I've had Oscar the gerbil, Natalie, Scarlet and Winnie the Russian hamsters, Missy the Siberian hamster who have sadly all moved on, I still have Gracie and Trudie the guinea pigs, Scooby the rabbit, Tia the diva cat and Roxie the dog.. I couldn't find any pictures of Missy.... I'm sad about that :-( I didn't have her long, she died really suddenly and I was heartbroken... I think most of my pictures of her must still be on my old phone I have the cutest video of her trying very hard to shove a whole broccoli floret into her cheeks... she almost managed it too!

Anyway I hope you like animal pics, if not you have a bit of scrolling down to do!

Oscar the gerbil, he was a grumpy boy! He wasn't much of a cuddle fan but he loved his treats, I wish I'd researched a bit more and bought two gerbils, they like play mates apparently...I'd actually gone out to buy a hamster but I fell in love with him in the petshop so he wasn't a very planned out purchase!

All the Russian hammies... they started off all living together but they fought, which led to one sleepless night where I had to supervise them all in their own cardboard boxes until a petshop opened in the morning haha! These girls were awesome, they all had such different personalities, Scarlet, the runt was so feisty, she would spend all night doing monkey bars... she was so buff haha but really tiny compared to the others! Winnie was a bit lazy and loved to eat and snuggle in my hand and Natalie was really shy and enjoyed cuddles but had to be coaxed slowly out of her house!

The piggies! I'm sure you will recognise these girls... Grace is the long haired and Trudy is the short haired... Trudy is definitely the boss piggy and Gracie follows her around all the time, but Trudy is actually a big wimp.. she'd never admit it though! Mike and I inherited the pigs in our first year of uni together from one of his family friends whose daughter was not taking care of them... funny/horrible story... when her mum asked her after we had them if she had fed them she said she had been doing... she never noticed they were gone!!
Happy Christmas piggies!

Scooby the bunny aka houdini... he was always getting out of his run! In fact he is currently running wild in the garden having escaped a few months ago... luckily he has stayed in the garden and seems happy enough... I am going on a huge effort to catch him for winter as I want him in the house where it's warm and safe! We inherited Scooby from Mike's half brother and sister when they got a cat.. Fun fact, Scooby and Tia are good friends.. they always play together... I'm pretty sure Scooby is the boss...

Tia diva kitty! I always wanted a cuddly lap cat... Tia is not a cuddly lap cat... I love her to bits but she does not like the cuddles and sometimes randomly attacks me... that being said when I spent 32 hours in bed asleep with a bad sickness bug I caught at work she only left my side once to go to the toilet so she must love me really...

Last but not least my crazy doggy!  She is the most excitable and loving girl, we think she is half german shepherd and half springer spaniel but she could be anything really! She's essentially a very excitable 30kg lapdog!

Black or White;
Ummm either... I'm not too fussed really!

Biggest fear:
'Spiders, for sure. I am terrified of them. It is one reason that puts me off Australia.' <---- what Maria said... yeah me too... I've even had such vivid nightmares I've actually woken up hallucinating them and had to jump out of the bed screaming to put the light on to see there was nothing there... yeah Mike used to love that haha.. actually hasn't happened for ages it only seemed to happen when I was in the very early stages of recovery... something to do with the weight gain maybe? Very weird though I would be so frightened!

Best Feature;
I quite like my legs I suppose sometimes... and my eyes...

What is perfection?
A figment of our imagination...

Guilty pleasure:
Same as Maria, reality tv! Love it! ANTM, Biggest Loser, Come Dine With Me (just finished watching one my friends mum was on hehe)

Well I think most of the blogs I read have been tagged to do this, but if you haven't I'm tagging you... yeah I know that's kind of a lame tag but it's 12.42 and I'm up at 5.30am... I gotta get to bed pronto!

Happy Wednesday!