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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Busy Little Bee

Wooo it's been a while! I have been working like a mad woman. There has been a nasty diarrhoea and sickness virus going round the home I work at and I have been doing lots of overtime, including a 15.5 hour shift on Monday, my day off... I must be mad it was a gorgeous day should have sat myself in a beer garden and worked on my tan haha.. but the money will be good when it comes in and plus I might still end up catching this virus and having to take unpaid sick days... How bad is that I would have to take unpaid sick days for a virus I would have caught at work... Anyway... My body had been strong so far against it. I really feel like a ticking time bomb though haha. In all this I've actually just had a stonking cold... nothing to stop me working or getting to the gym though, just a bit tired and run down, probably from working too much and still not sleeping well. I'm up at 5.30am tomorrow and I'm writing this post wide awake at 11.15pm.. and that's the time now... Goodness knows what time it will be when I finish writing!! (ahhh only 11.30... is this full of mistakes?)

Anyway... you don't come here for my rants about how hard I'm working or to hear me feeling sorry for myself! I'll share with you my latest boxing workout instead!

Warm up 20 mins of the usual, jogging, stretching, tuck jumps, push-ups etc

Running team drills - this consisted of a few drills which we each did 3 times
  • run to the ring (approx 50m) pick up heavy bag, run back to team then back to ring, drop heavy bag and sprint back to team.
  • run to ring pick up heavy bag, run back to team, run back to ring, drop heavy bag, run back halfway to team and do 20 jumping lunge type things off a high step, sprint back to team.
  • run to ring, back to team, back to ring, back to half way, step up onto steps with med ball when you reach the top fully extend arms then bring back to chest, repeat 10 times for speed, jump sideways over steps 10 times, sprint back to team.
6 x 3 min heavy bag (1 min rest)

7 mins continual skipping

Partner drills with medicine ball
  • Person A throws medicine ball to person B who is sat on the floor, person B lies down, touches medicine ball on floor behind head, does sit-up and throws back to person A. Repeat 15 times then swap. x 3
  • Person A throws medicine ball to person B who is kneeling on the floor, person B throws back, drops straight down into push-up then back up ready to catch again. Repeat 15 times then swap. x 3
  • A & B stand back to back and pass the medicine ball from side to side 15 times each side x 2.
Weighted hooks with olympic barbell plus 15kg (3 x 12)

Cool down, 10 mins of stretches.

Plus I biked there and back... I'm not keen on road biking (always feel like I'm going to die on the roads or be fined massively if I go on the pavements..) but I'm trying to save money on bus fares. It costs me 2 pounds a night to box but would be over a fiver including bus fares, now if I go three-four times a week thats 15-20 pounds gone when it could be 6-8... Big difference if I suck it up and bike! Plus it's an extra little workout, it's about 25 mins each way, not sure how many miles but it will be good for leg endurance so... thinking of the positives!

Last bit of good stuff, I got my Matcha powder from Teapigs you can expect a proper review but so far all I have to say is LOVE IT! I had some the day I got it and really felt energised, moreso than my beloved coffee! Shock!! p.s. ETA just noticed they have an offer on the matcha at the moment, 2 for 40 instead of 25 each (sorry my pound button doesn't work!!) it ends 30/06/11 so get in quick if you want to save a bit! Enter matchabod at the checkout!

Hope you're all having a good week, hope I get to post more regularly this week I miss blogging when I'm busy!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Yet Another Boxing Workout

How's everyone's weekend been? I'm just experimenting on my new phone and blogging from work on my break.. Not sure I could do this all the time though! On Friday I went boxing, only four including myself turned up!

Warm up (this one included squatting atg style and jogging? moving? as fast as you can along the floor in that position, moving as fast as you can in a bear hold and then in a crab hold... the first was the worst!)

8 mins continuous skipping

3 x 3 min heavy bag (1 min rest)

5 x 3 min touch sparring - working on technique - the coach seemed happy with me here but I was disappointed, I kept flinching and blinking even though it was only touch sparring and I knew I wasn't going to get hurt so it was annoying that I was flinching.. I know that will go once I get used to it again but...

Leg Circuit... Ohhhhhhhh.... Ouch!!
  • Jumping over a bench with a 5kg medicine ball
  • Jumping onto steps and off again with 25kg bar bell then stepping on and off the steps on the way back.. I realised afterwards seeing another guy finish it that I think this was meant to be squat jumps.. not just jumps.. think I may have ended up on the floor if I'd tried a squat jump though haha
  • Clean and jumping lunge press... clean to waist then to shoulders with feet together then press to full arm extension whilst jumping and landing with your feet in a lunge position.. hope that made sense... it would be so much easier to show you..
  • Jumping onto blocks... still bottling the big tall scary one haha.. I will get up there (and hopefully not end up on my arse..)!
  • Lunge jumps over and onto a step
  • Walking lunges with 25kg barbell
  • Bunny hops with 5kg medicine ball (the WORST!! yowza)
  • Calf extensions
  • Hook movement with olympic barbell

We did it twice, once with 1 min per station then a second time with 30s per station we had a short break in between, maybe 5 mins... This was tough!

My legs are still hurting today from all of that! It's still feeling so good to be back though!

Is everyone excited about the Healthy Living Gathering? I cannot wait!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Healthy Living Gathering

Healthy Living Gathering: We want to know what you think!

A few of us have started to investigate the potential to hold a UK healthy living bloggers event (similar to the Healthy Living Submmit that takes place in the U.S) It’s very early days yet, but we wanted to post about it so that we could see how many of you would be interested in taking part!

There are 4 of us trying to organise things at the moment: Emily from Sparkle and Shade, Laura from Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish, Emma from Coming Up Easy and me, Laura from Box, Run, Eat.

At the moment we are looking at a possible date of the 8th and 9th October 2011.

If you would be interested in attending an event like this please send an email to with the following information:
  • Venue preference: Leeds / Manchester / Nottingham
  • How much you would be willing to pay for a ticket

We know it will be difficult to find a venue that suits everyone, but we have tried to keep the options as central and affordable as possible. If you'd like to come but can't make that weekend, please still get in touch - the date isn't set in stone, the main thing we need to find out is how many of you would be interested in coming along!

We really hope that some of you would like to join us at an event, it would be lovely to meet you all! This isn’t just restricted to bloggers either, anyone that’s interested could come along.

If you’re on Twitter, make sure you’re following @HLG11 for all the latest info and updates over the next few months.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Emily, Laura, Emma and Laura x

Friday, 17 June 2011

Lots More Boxing

Went boxing again on Wednesday after a rather lazy day sitting down lots as it was my only day off out of 17 days... damn overtime why did I agree to you! Coupled with the fact my sleeping pattern has been destroyed lately - bed at 1 to wake up at 5.30 for work knackered straight after work then wide awake when I need to sleep.. I hope this stress goes soon, I really am not good on any less than 7.5 hours!! I needed to get my feet up! I spent the day thinking about some very exciting ideas... I promise I'll tell you more soon but October promises to be a good month - keep your diaries free!

Anyway, back to the boxing!
Usual warm up - jogging round the gym, few sprints, few tuck jumps, lots of stretches...
Then we went for a run, out of approx 20 male boxers I made it back 4th.. I was well pleased with myself! Maybe they weren't trying as hard as me but I was happy anyway! I'm guessing it was 1.5-2 miles... not sure really, only a quicky!
We did some partner drills after the run.. that's when it all started to go down hill for me.. I felt like I had absolutely no co-ordination tonight, I was slow and sluggish and I just wasn't getting it right. Really frustrating!
4 x 3 min heavy bag
10 mins core work (owwwwwwwww really got to me tonight!)
Cool down

And being a glutton for punishment as I am after finishing my early shift today I went home chilled for a bit with Roxie my doggy... rather old picture... need to take some new ones!
Anyway, after having some Roxie cuddles and then taking her for a walk I got myself ready to go back to boxing... and so long as I don't completely flake out I plan on doing the same tomorrow! I can have a lie in before my late shift on Saturday!

Warm-up inc jogging, tuck jumps and stretches
Sprint drills (this was fun!)
8 x 3 min heavy bag/shadow alternating (1 min rest)

Partner drills with medicine ball
  • Person A throws medicine ball to person B who is sat on the floor, person B lies down, touches medicine ball on floor behind head, does sit-up and throws back to person A. Repeat 15 times then swap. x 3
  • Person A throws medicine ball to person B who is kneeling on the floor, person B throws back, drops straight down into push-up then back up ready to catch again. Repeat 15 times then swap. x 3
  • A & B stand back to back and pass the medicine ball from side to side 15 times each side x 2.
More core!! After last nights core this didn't hurt as much as I was expecting but it did hurt haha I expect to be sore tomorrow.. that kind of sore when you dread someone making you giggle... and I happen to be on shift with a girl who cracks me up all the time tomorrow! Oh well! It'll be better than being down in the dumps as I have been so often lately... I'm still so up and down... One day I'm fine and feeling like it's the right decision and the next I just feel so fed up.. I really can't wait to go on holiday and get away from 'normal' life for a while! At least going back boxing has given me something to focus on... now all I need to do is keep my running up and sort my eating out and I'll be well on the way to sorted!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Top Ten Health and Fitness Tips

TOTAL Greek yoghurt got in touch with me recently to see if I wanted to be involved in their #Fit4Summer campaign and share my top ten health and fitness tips.. Sounds good to me! They have a website with their own tips on Fit 4 summer website and you can win a months supply of TOTAL Greek yoghurt here... nom!

1. Add fruit or veg to your meal or snack.
Add extra vitamins, minerals and bulk to your diet. For example if I fancy ryvitas with hummous on I'll chop up some cherry tomatoes, baby beetroot, cucumber and olives to go with them. Or add fruit to your cereal/porridge/yoghurt.. Fancy a burger and chips, have half regular chips and half squash chips or sweet potato chips... Don't forget to load up the salad! I like some by the side too :-)

2. Don't deny your cravings.
If you really want some chocolate or crisps have some. I follow the 80/20 'rule' i.e. 80% good, healthy nutritious food and 20% whatever it is I fancy... Plus I always found I'd eat more if I denied my cravings as I'd eat something instead of what I was craving, find myself still craving a certain food and end up eating both leading to more calories consumed and feelings of guilt.

3. Sneak in little bits of exercise!
Every little helps... Drop and do 5/10/20 push-ups or sit-ups in the ad breaks if you're watching tv or just do them on and off throughout the night. I've not been doing this much lately but I should be! It really helps your strength and your numbers will add up really quickly. Make a tally chart and see how many you do over the course of an evening... Bet you surprise yourself! Plus once you have a base number you can get competetive with yourself!

4. Don't neglect your strength training.
Muscle burns more calories than fat, plus you will be stronger! Try one of mine here... scroll down past the nakd review and me looking VERY different to get to the workout! You can do it in a gym but I love having a set of weights to do it in the privacy of my own home..

5. Challenge yourself and compete against yourself.
The main reason I love running is because I can really compete against myself. Buy a garmin, try go faster or further (carefully though, don't increase too much too soon, you risk injury!). Try to increase your push-up numbers or your sit-up numbers too or do some Ross Training workouts and try and beat your times... my personal favourites are the Magic 50 and Workout capacity 101.

6. Fuel properly
Both before and after exercise... As someone with an eating disorder history this one can be tricky but I try to see my body as a machine... Like a car needs petrol to run our bodies need fuel to run/exercise/function.. So put the good stuff in!

7. Join a boxing gym..
Ok I might be slightly biased here but there is nothing more motivating than wanting to be fit enough, fast enough, strong enough to win a fight! But really, you don't have to fight or spar to get loads out of a boxing gym, you'll get an amazing workout and you'll learn techniques which make me feel more confident biking home from work at night... You attack me you better be ready for the backhand that's going to land on your nose! Plus you will most likely be made to feel really welcome and part of a team.

8. Switch it up
Usually go for a long slow run? Try some intervals... Always running intervals or really tough fast paced runs try a longer slow run.. Our body's get used to the same kind of training, shock it into submission with something new! Or something completely different... see the Ross workouts in tip 5, they're horrible but it's a good kinda horrible!

9. Get people involved.
I've just convinced a few people at work to do the race for life, it's fun to have new people to train with and it feels good to inspire others at the start of their fitness journey!

10. Experiment in the kitchen.
Want something sinfully unhealthy or nutritionally devoid? Experiment in the kitchen with your own healthy version! If you don't feel too confident in the kitchen check out some of these blogs Chocolate Covered Katie and Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish who have healthified lots of yummy recipes... Try Katie's cookie pie, I've not got round to making it yet but it looks AMAZING! I must get round to it! Or just google healthy *whatever it is you fancy* you're bound to find something!
Here's a list of some of my healthified recipes
Sugar free raspberry yoghut mess made with TOTAL Greek yoghuty as it happens!
Vegan english breakfast with homemade, baked hashbrowns
Allergy free cinnamon buns (also sugar free)
Healthy pizza night
Tabouli recipe and big summer salad plate
High protein truffle balls - kind of like fudge babies but my own version made without knowing fudge babies existed!
Baked tortilla chips and homemade guacamole

I can't believe how much my life has changed since some of those posts.. some of them are in Mike and I's old university flat! Seen how tiny the kitchen is! Wow it's amazing I ever cooked in there hehe.. ohhh all reminiscent now!

Now I'm tagging 3 bloggers.. 'cause I wanna hear your top ten tips!
Jess @ Almost Over Now
Maria @ Running Cupcake
Lindsay @ vivoir

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Half Marathon Pictures and More Boxing

I went boxing again on Thursday night... I've not really been sleeping so it was hard but a lot easier to motivate myself to go to the gym and train there than it would be to do the same thing at home! Also I have to say, people who've commented saying they'd like to try boxing do it! You don't have to fight and you can go to an amateur boxing gym and get a really great workout, learn how to punch (good self defence and proper punching will work more muscles..) it's not daunting or too full of testosterone, all the gyms I've ever been in have been really friendly, the only potential downside is there aren't many women at all so if you don't like being a minority you might not like it but that doesn't bother me personally!

Anyway here's how they killed me on Thurs!!

Warm up
5 x 3 min skip (1 min rest)
8 x 3 min alternating heavy bag and shadow (1 min rest)
1 x 3 min pad work (this was done in the middle of the bag/shadow rounds... totally killed me! My boxing fitness is definitely down!)

Another killer circuit... slightly different to last time... might have forgotten some stations but hopefully not!
  • Medicine ball sit-ups - twist each side and one in the middle
  • bar bell over the shoulder (it's a barbell with a heavy weight on one end and the other end is on the floor, you kind of punch it from one shoulder to the other... couldn't find a picture and my attempts to draw one on paint were no more helpful I'm afraid..)
  • Medicine ball rugby pass (to the wall and catch, 2 hands alternating each side of the body)
  • Neider press back against the wall
  • Raised push-ups (feet on second rope of the ring x 10)
  • Raised push-ups (feet on first rope of the ring x 15)
  • Resistance band punches (jab)
  • Resistance band punches (straight)
  • Resistance band punches (uppercuts)
  • Resistance band punches (hooks)
  • Push-ups (20)
  • Sit-ups
  • Jumping squats from side to side on a step
  • Jumping on to blocks with 5kg medicine ball
  • Jumps over benches
  • Jumps over piled up steps with some push-ups at the end (yeah this section FRIED my already dead legs haha)
  • Front of neck press (think I used 10kg)
  • Shrugs (used 10kg e/a I think)
  • Bent over row (think I used 10kg...)
  • Back of neck press (7.5kg for this I think...)
  • Squats and lunges (25kg I think)
  • hook type thing with barbell (this is similar to the other barbell exercise I couldn't describe haha weights on one end, other end on the floor and hook from one side to the other)
  • Raised calf extensions
push-ups = 55

Cool down

So tired after that! Been loving being back though, can't wait for more sessions and to get back in the ring for some sparring... my fitness definitely needs work though, don't want to be puffing and panting as much as I am at the moment ha!

The official pictures from last weeks half are online now... Loving mine for a change actually!

This is the pack I was with for a while at the beginning, when I checked their finish times I gained about 15 minutes on them so I made the right decision to speed up! (I was tentative at first in case I couldn't keep my lead haha)

Can't believe my muscles on this!!! This is a rare picture of my body where I can look at it and think yeah I look ok, maybe even good.. That's such a rare thought for me, I'm pleased, might buy this one even though I'm not a huge fan of my facial expression!!

Ready to stop the garmin... getting priorities straight!!

And I think I'm going to be sick...

Hope you're all having a good weekend!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Back to Boxing

So back to boxing last night! Here's what we got up to! I'm buzzing to be back in the gym, I can't wait to get in the ring either... I could have gone to do some sparring tonight but I ended up sorting some stuff out with Mike and decided it was probably best to wait too 'cause it was at another club and I'm not quite looking my best yet... Want to get a reputation for myself for being a good, strong, gutsy boxer not a tired boxer haha

Warm up
3 x 3 min Skip (1min break)
8 x 3 min heavy bag (1 min break)
1 x 3 min pads (so good, but so tiring haha and my legs were dead but I found some power... I would like to think I'd be stronger if I hadn't run a half on Sunday!)
Circuit... this circuit has got even more awesome since I last went!
  • Medicine ball sit-ups - twist each side and one in the middle
  • bar bell over the shoulder (it's a barbell with a heavy weight on one end and the other end is on the floor, you kind of punch it from one shoulder to the other... couldn't find a picture and my attempts to draw one on paint were no more helpful I'm afraid..)
  • Medicine ball rugby pass (to the wall and catch, 2 hands alternating each side of the body.. kind of scared I was going to drop the ball and knock someone out... I didn't luckily!!)
  • Resistance band punches (jab)
  • Resistance band punches (straight)
  • Resistance band punches (uppercuts)
  • Resistance band punches (hooks)
  • Jumping on to blocks with 5kg medicine ball (I only managed the first two... last one was too high and since I almost bottled the first I didn't try it yet but give me some time I'll be leaping on to that thing don't worry ;-) I was so scared of falling on my bum in this one haha)
  • Jumps over benches
  • Jumps over piled up steps with some push-ups at the end (yeah this section FRIED my already dead legs haha)
  • Front of neck press (think I used 10kg)
  • Shrugs (used 10kg e/a I think)
  • Bent over row (think I used 10kg...)
  • Back of neck press (7.5kg for this I think...)
  • Squats and lunges (25kg I think)
  • hook type thing with barbell (this is similar to the other barbell exercise I couldn't describe haha weights on one end, other end on the floor and hook from one side to the other)
  • Raised calf extensions
and collapse! We did a minute on each station and I must admit my heart sank a little when the coach said we were doing it again it was tough... he was joking though hehe I like to work hard but I wasn't disappointed when he was joking haha not sure I could have taken another round!

Finished with about 15 mins abs and a cool down

My body feels beat up today but in a good way! I'm still sore from the half too, bending down to get in the meds trolley at work I'm groaning like an old lady and needing to pull myself back up haha.. Don't think that will stop me boxing tomorrow night though! Thought I was on a late but on an early so get me to the gym :D

Hope you all had a happy hump day!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Alpro Vitality App

I must apologise for the length of time it's taken me to get this post up! The guys at alpro contacted me ages ago asking me to try out the vitality app and sent me some yummy soy deserts, the dark chocolate flavour... First time I'd tried those and I'll definitely be getting them again, much better than the regular chocolate... anyway I digress.... I tried the vitality app out at the beginning of my relationship breakdown with Mike when my eating was probably at its worst and it was good for helping me realise just how little I was surviving on a day... I also imagine it's good for people looking to cut down as it's probably more geared towards, or just people wanting to keep track. I think sometimes you just don't realise how many calories are in something..


  • Takes into account that there is more to health and wellbeing than exercise and nutrition and there is an option to add in social time and other non food/exercise related activities such as recycling.
  • Able to keep track of meals and snacks separately and collectively as the day goes on
  • Keep track of water intake as the day goes on so you don't do what I often do and forget all day and cram it all after tea meaning I'm up and down to the loo all night.. doh!
  • Also keep track of reaching your 5 a day, however, I wish there had been options for adding to this section as some people like to try and eat more than 5 often I ate more and would have liked the little ego boost of being able to put that down haha maybe that's just me!

  • At first I found adding meals hard to do I figured it out eventually but it didn't seem very intuitive..of course that just might be my lack of computer abilities...
  • No spelt on the ingredients list so I hd to use brown rice instead as I thought they might be similar, also no blueberries and a few other items which I had to try and put the nearest option in.
  • On a few occaisions it doubled the calorie count of one meal whilst stating the correct number of calories on the meals bit.. I had to half the grams of the meal for it to appear right on the chart although then it appeared wrong on the list... not sure what went on there, I tried all sorts to fix it and that was all I could come up with, but again someone more computer minded might not have found that so difficult!!
Whilst I think this is a great tool I probably shouldn't continue to use it. It's too easy for me to become obsessive about these things and whilst it did give me a kick in the right direction at first it would be too easy for me to use it in a bad way, and generally counting calories and I don't go well together... That's nothing really against the app though just personal choices, it's a great free app for people who get on with that kind of thing it's just not too healthy for me... Leads to too many up and down emotions from feeling high that I'd not eaten anything one day to looking at the same day and thinking what are you doing to yourself Laura you idiot.. In some ways these things are far easier not written down for me, on a computer program or otherwise... Anyway, go check it out here just 'cause it's not for me doesn't make it bad!

In other news I got back in the boxing gym tonight!! It felt SO good! I sweated buckets and worked hard, the coach said he thinks I'll be ready to fight come the new season in Autumn so that's great news! I'll write a proper post on that tomorrow... must sleep soon up at the ungodly hour of 5.30 for work :-( After 6 days off and lie-ins it's going to be so hard haha

Monday, 6 June 2011

Allerthorpe Half Marathon

Garmin time - 1.58.49... (ave pace 9.03) official time 1.59.02.. This was due to the chip mat being about 2 metres beyond the finish and it caught loads of people out... Goodness knows why they did that, I stopped pretty much on the finish line 'cause I thought I might throw up haha

Me all set to go in front of the Cafe at the lakeland park it started at.. It looks really sunny and at times it was but the wind made it really cold at times too... funny weather!

I left this picture in 'cause it shows the timing mats... the one at the finish line didn't register your time, the one after did?? WTF?! annoying!

Me at the start line.. I started near the back in an attempt to start slow.. still went off a bit fast haha

Runners at the front

And gooooooooooooo!
Mile 1 - 9.22
Started this mile a bit fast then made a conscious effort to slow down when I saw 8.20 average pace on the garmin... I knew I needed to start slow to finish... Keep some in the tank, that was my game plan all the way, run the first 6 miles easy then pick it up and pick people off one by one!

Mile 2 - 9.17
Got into my groove this mile, found myself in a small pack and vowed to stick with them!

Mile 3 - 9.15
Begun to move to the front of the pack.. I wasn't speeding up too much so I think they might have been slowing down a bit. The pace felt comfortable so I decided if I kept it around the 9.15 mark I would just run my own race and see how it went!

Mile 4 - 9.12
I saw another group a little bit ahead and started pushing to join them.. I did relatively easily I think generally at this point people were slowing a bit.. The sun was hot and I think it was zapping people's energy levels.. I was still ok at this point as I was sticking to my plan.. My legs felt good and my breathing felt good and it was around here I started wondering if I could get that sub 2hr after all... I reminded myself that we were only a third of the way through and a lot could go wrong so not to get too excited haha. Although I had a bottle of lucozade with me I stopped at the water stop here and had a cup of water then carried on running. I was behind one girl at this point and stayed with her for a bit until I knew I could overtake her and keep my lead! I didn't want to overtake anyone who could overtake me back... and I managed this the whole race, no-one I'd overtook took over me, I was really proud about that!

Mile 5 - 9.17
I was starting to feel a little tired so I eased up on the pace a bit, ready to attack after mile 6! At some point between mile 4 and 5 I found myself at the front of the new group I'd joined I was hoping I'd soon see someone else in the distance so as not to get lost haha I eventually saw this woman and made it my goal to catch up to her

This was after the race of course hehe I couldn't resist saying hello to her beautiful little doggy who was very sweet!

Mile 6 - 9.11
I stuck with the woman in pink for a while before deciding to take off at the end of the mile the guy on the bike was biking with her to keep her company.. wonder if he did the triathlon in the morning!

Mile 7 - 8.59
I decided I wanted all the miles from here-on-in to begin with an 8... I almost did it!!

Mile 8 - 8.48
I was concentrating on picking people off one by one and maintaining my pace at around the 8.50 mark.. It wasn't easy but felt do-able!

Mile 9 - 8.50
A man in green overtook me here booo hisss we ran together for a while then he took off and my little legs weren't feeling it so I stuck at my pace feeling a bit grumpy ha

Mile 10 - 8.52
I was really starting to feel it in my legs now but I kept thinking only 4 miles, that's only 30 mins(ish) and you're done.. Don't slow down now!! I managed to overtake more people and that kept boosting my confidence and resolve to stay in the game.. It was mainly mental battles from here...

Mile 11 - 8.51
Could see mr green shirt in the distance... I thought I'm getting past you mr green shirt!! And I did! Hooray haha.. sorry mr green shirt :p I see a girl in red and decide I'm sticking with her. She seems to be running my pace so I make it my goal to stay right behind her... This comes at just the right time 'cause she speeds up right where I was starting to waver and realised I did have a bit more in the tank than I realised!!

Mile 12 - 8.54
I'm still keeping up with red shirt she's running hard though, still I think 2 more miles, those interval sessions are really helping my mental game right now. I'm thinking I've run two miles way more out of breath than this.. keep it up!! My legs have other ideas though and simply aren't going as fast as I would like them to... Usually it's my lungs that go but today my legs went.. suppose that's the lack of training lately, that and prancing about in high heels for hours on thurs and fri night... not the best half marathon preparation... Especially when teamed with alcohol... It does make me wonder what I could do at my best... Definitely doing this run again next year when I'm stronger!

Mile 13 - 9.01
Damn red shirt's getting away... she overtook a woman in green and I can't quite make it to them.. My legs are screaming and it's taking everything I have not to slow down too much.. I still manage to overtake one woman in this mile but she's walking. I wanted to shout don't give up we're almost there but couldn't find the breath... I saw my mum in this mile, she cheers and tries to take a picture but she missed me lol can't get the blog photographers hahaha

0.14 - 58s (6.54 pace)
Guess I did still have some in the tank! No idea where I pulled this sprint finish from!! I think I was just so happy to see the end!! I felt like I might be sick coming up to the end as the photo shows... I did not look a happy bunny crossing the line, but I soon perked up when it was over!

I'm in the distance behind the woman in green...

Here's a close up... goodness knows what anyone who knew anything about running would have to say about my form here haha my legs look crazy

Not looking too happy at the end haha

All in all I really enjoyed the race, I think I really like the half marathon distance! Bit gutted my official time is over 10 seconds slower than my actual time though. I hope they sort that out for next year or at the very least make it known to the competitors so they know to keep on going. If I'd been a minute slower I'd have missed out on my sub 2hr finish because of the timing mats... I would have been so gutted if that was the case... It really bugged me that it wasn't at the finish... I mean... Why?! Lol why put it 2 metres after? It makes no sense to me... oh well! Enough ranting and raving!!

My position was 87/135 apparently 160+ were registered but some didn't turn up and presumably there were also a few DNFs it was such a hot day... what is it about me doing half marathons in sweltering heat!! There was a strong wind too... which kind of helped with the heat but made running v. tough at times of course! Out of the women I came 26/52 so slap bang in the middle haha.. I'm already wondering which race I can sign up to next!! I'm tempted to do the humber bridge half anyway but I think since Mike proposed to me at it last year it might just be too hard.. God I can't believe how things have changed in a year :-( less than a year.. I don't get it really but what can ya do except carry on!

Managing a smile with my melon after downing some water

My dad took some pictures round the park while they waited.. seems like it was a nice scenic place, I was sad we didn't do any running in the actual park but the gravel would have made that pretty horrible!!

Here's a strange sand wall where birds were living in those holes!

And here's one of the lakes... very pretty!

So that's about it! I can hardly walk today but it hurts in a good way :-)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

I Did It...

I ran a sub 2 hour half marathon!!!!! I knew I had it in me but the way my life has been lately I didn't think for a second I would pull it off today! I'm so chuffed!! Full recap soon, just couldn't wait to share with my bloggy friends! xx

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

May Recap

May goals
Maintain April Mileage fail
Stick to this bl**dy push-up program!! fail
Eat enough to train fail
Run three times a week fail

Oh no....

May totals
Push-ups - 60
Miles - 24.1

Hmm... Well it's not been a great month, eating hasn't been too good. But I'm not too unhappy with it. I feel like I could have relapsed a lot harder and although I've lost weight I'm only borderline underweight at the moment according to BMI (even though I don't give that too much value..) I haven't run anywhere near as much as I'd have liked and I feel really unprepared for this half.. My eating has been too erratic and I have made myself sick a few times, to be honest, I've been worried about passing out when I'm out there running... Also I had a nasty throat infection and have been partying a little too much... But being out there with my friends is helping me through a rough time and it won't be forever! I'm planning a detox after my hols hehe I'm trying to not be too hard on myself, although looking at my goals May was a total fail, but hey, I knew Mike and I were having problems but I never could have predicted things were going to end.. I always thought we'd work through them, we had always been so strong together but I guess some things just aren't meant to be and all I can do now is move forward and get on with my life and that is thoroughly what I intend to do..

On the plus side of May..
  • I managed one 10 miler, in a not too fast time, but hey.. that gives me confidence I'll cross the finish line on Sunday!
  • I booked a holiday with one of my best mates
  • I've been getting more senior shifts at work
  • I've committed myself to getting back in a boxing gym, one with really good training which I only left 'cause Mike fell out with the coach..
  • I've been trying really hard with my food and could have relapsed a lot harder than I am doing
And I'm not going to be depressing and go into the many cons! Life's too short!

Hope your May was better than mine!


June goals

Finish the Allerthorpe half marathon - probably now unattainable sub goal was to get my time in under 2hrs which I have acheived in training but....
Try not to lose anymore weight
Get back in that boxing gym