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Hi! I'm Laura, I started this blog to document my training as I approach my first fight as an amateur boxer and train for races, at the moment a 10k. I also blog about the food I eat to fuel my training from time to time and love creating healthier versions of dishes or veggifying them! I live with my fiance of 4.5 years, Mike, our two guinea pigs, Grace and Trudy, our Rabbit Scooby, our cat Tia and our dog Roxie.

I started training about 4 years ago. I was in recovery from an eating disorder which had controlled my life completely for 7 years and I needed a healthy focus. I wasn't training for anything in particular back then. I mainly used workouts from Ross Enamait's books and trained with Mike. We did lots of different strength and conditioning routines and I believe finding exercise helped my recovery a great deal. I slowly started to focus my attentions on gaining strength and slowly became less worried about the number on the scale and the food I was eating. I'm not saying exercise cured me, I had to see a psychotherapist weekly for CBT and other treatment, I attended two self help groups organised by Seed and had a huge amount of support from Mike... That boy put up with a lot! But the exercise gave me another reason to eat enough because when I didn't eat enough I couldn't work out properly.

I've been in recovery for nearly 3 years now, I'm ok almost all of the time, I still have some problems but they are manageable and they aren't on a scale where they are unhealthy. I'm very careful to maintain a healthy weight and fuel my workouts properly both before and after!

I joined a boxing gym with Mike last year in August, initially just for fitness but I soon realised I wanted to compete.. My competetive streak is just too strong! I wrote a post on why I box, you can read it here if you're interested.

After I'd been boxing a few months I discovered how useful running was for fitness and begun running once or twice a week. I started to really love it, especially when I could beat my old times and really see improvement. When I started I struggled to run 1 mile in 9 minutes, now I can run 1 mile in under 7 minutes and it's a goal of mine to get it under 6.30. Mike and I decided in January that we would like to do some fundraising for Seed since they helped me so much in my recovery. Despite both being novice runners we decided we would like to run a half marathon and give our sponsors to Seed. We completed this in June and Mike proposed to me at the finish, recap here.

Come and join me on my journey to compete as an amateur boxer and better my running. Hope you enjoy reading my blog, don't be a stranger, say hello!