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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

WIAW Birthday Edition

And where the hell have I been?? Longest blogging break EVER!

But first... Welcome to  WIAW birthday edition!

I kicked off my day with my usual ginormous mug of coffee and a bowl of wheatabix made with 2 wheatabix, boiling water, honey, xylitol and loads of cinnamon, don't knock it til you've tried it haha sounds gross but is really quite nice!

I wasn't planning on doing much for my birthday as I was feeling a bit depressed about being 27.... 27??? How did that happen? Anyway I got a text from Mike who said he was gonna take me out for lunch and stop me moping about! We went to cafe green ginger a veggie cafe in town, it's pretty cool in there you choose a main and three salads to go with it... sorry the pictures are quite bad Mike was very eager to tuck in... we each had half of each plate...

Aubergine curry with couscous, greek salad and a spinach salad with some sort of cheese...not sure what it was but I wasn't keen on it tbh... it might have been a smoked one.. I should have asked the woman there really!

We also shared a cheddar and spinach quiche with bean salad, potato salad and coleslaw, the coleslaw was loooovely!

I had a little snack before my tea, some yummy conscious raw chocolate from the prize I won on Rachel's blog... I'm not usually a fan of chilli chocolate but this one was perfectly spiced and the chilli was a nice background flavour..

Now, I managed to be the worlds worst food blogger when I went out for tea.... I forgot to photograph starter and desert.. doh!!!! I started off with bruschetta capra which was toasted ciabatta with tomatoes, goats cheese and olive tapenade

I then had the pizza Caprina which was kind of the same as my bruschetta... hey! I like goats cheese and olives! This usually comes with rocket but I had mine without, I don't really like rocket...

After this I amazingly had room for desert! My dad and I shared honeycomb cheesecake and chocolate nemesis... both absolutely delish! The chocolate nemesis was a molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and you could see all the little vanilla beans in the ice cream, yummy! Glad I had room for them!

Anyway, where the hell have I been? I've been doing lots of boxing, and lots of working, and my fair share of partying! All that equals one very tired Laura! I don't know why, maybe it's the too much partying but I hadn't really felt like blogging for once? Maybe I just needed a break or maybe I feel like a bit of a fraudulent healthy living blogger with all the drinking I've been doing lately....

Anyway, this definitely reminded me how awesome blogging is! I won one of Rachel's fantastic prizes! Look at all these goodies!! So far I've eated the luna bar (amazing) some of the truffles (also amazing) and the chilli chocolate (also amazing... you see the theme goin on here!!) Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway Rachel!