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Wednesday, 28 July 2010


No workouts today :-( I've been laid up in bed all day except for a trip to the docs to tell me I have tonsillitis grrrr. I'm a grumpy ill person - poor Mike! Hopefully I'll be back in action soon.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Good Run and Some Sushi

Yesterday Mike and I had planned to go to the track for our speedwork until we realised some money hadn't gone in to my account so we couldn't afford to go. Then we decided we'd do it on a field again with our garmins. We were all dressed and ready to go when I turned my garmin on to no battery! I must have left it turned on after I'd charged it... yes I can be that dizzy from time to time! After that we decided we may as well switch up the workouts, Mike would go first and do his long run then I would do mine.

Asside from my lack of headphones this run was pretty good! The first half was really tough but I got a really good second wind for the last 3-4 miles :-) I had to conciously slow down in the last half as I didn't want my legs to burn out and ruin the rest of my weeks workouts.

7 miles in 1.01.33 pace 8.48 (prescribed pace: long tempo, 8.53)
Mile 1 - 8.51
Mile 2 - 9.25
Mile 3 - 8.30
Mile 4 - 8.41
Mile 5 - 9.01
Mile 6 - 8.31
Mile 7 - 8.37

Today we did some boxing
1 round = 30s bag/30s lateral jumps x 2
x 10 rounds with 30s rest in between rounds.

This workout was messy! I was so sweaty haha

We made ugly sushi tonight! Has anyone made it before, we need some practice on presentation but it tasted lovely :-)

Sweet potato rolls and egg sheet rolls with cucumber and carrot

Cream cheese and roasted red pepper

Egg sheet rolls

Cream cheese and roast red pepper rolls

Sweet potato rolls

Yummy! We'll be making these again, but probably in slightly larger amounts since it was pretty labour intensive but is disappearing fast from the fridge!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Weekly Totals and Double Trouble

First off, I just want to say thanks for all the supportive comments on my last post, I've been feeling really down about it but the support from fellow bloggers has been great - you guys always cheer me up! I'm still waiting on my feedback but I'm not sure what the university want. I was talking to one of Mike's Mum's friends whose daughter applied for the paediatric course at the same place as me, despite having three years of experience working on a paediatric ward she did not get on but a hairdresser did. What do they want?? Who knows! I hope they let me know anyway! I'm going to look into doing a counselling course, I've seen one advertised starting in Sept which would be good. I still want to do the mental health nursing course but the more I can be doing now and the more experience I can be getting the better.

Weekly Totals

Miles - 16
Push-ups -27
Chin-ups - 6
Pull-ups - 0
Neck exercises - 0
Isometric punches -0
Wrist curls -0
Core work - 1
Gymnastics - 1

I'm looking forward to getting my strength up a bit, those 27 push-ups were hard, I used to be able to do that all at once and then some!

Today we did a double workout! It was only supposed to be gymnastics plus a finisher, but we decided afterwards that the finisher was so tough it could be classed as a double!

Part 1 - Gymnastics
L-sit progression
Frog stand
Back lever progression

Part 2 - Power Circuit
10 x Burpees
10 x DB swings 7.5kg (5 e/a)
10 x Bodyweight squats
10 x Push-ups

I managed 5 rounds in 10 minutes, it was tough! I promptly collapsed in a sweaty heap when the buzzer rang at the end hehe.

Just before I go, I have an update on the stray dog we found, we coincidentally met it's owner. We were walking Roxie and we saw this woman with another yorkie (it was a yorkie not a westie... I got muddled). Anyway, she was effing and blinding at this poor dog cause it had followed her out and she turned and said to us, 'I had to pay effing 25 quid to get her mother out of the pound yesterday too'. My heart kind of sank a bit cause she's gone back to an owner who clearly had not been looking after her. The dog was literally less than 20 metres from her house when we found her and had been there for several days as when we were trying to find the owner a woman we spoke to said she'd seen it wandering around a few days ago. I can only hope that having to pay to get her dog out of the pound will prompt her to take better care of her in future. What a strange coincidence though! We didn't tell her we were the ones who had found her dog but in retrospect I kind of wish I had as we should have said we found your dog and if it had your address on the collar we could have brought it straight to you. But I didn't think of that and the way she was carrying on it maybe was best to keep my mouth shut!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Lots of Bits'n'Bobs

Well I've had a bit of a hectic week, it's amazing how busy you can get being jobless!

On Tuesday I had a meeting with my mentee, we were going to yoga but I also wanted to get a run in as I had a full day on Wednesday. I ran to meet her which was 2 miles, we then did 1hr 30 minutes of a yoga class. I wasn't a fan of the yoga, it was a beginners yoga class but it went a bit slow, I know it's not supposed to be fast though so maybe it's just not for me, I prefered doing it from a video anyway. After that I ran a legnthened 4 mile route home. I was surprised how tired I was, I expected to be able to do it a lot faster after the break in the middle but that wasn't the case!

6 miles in two parts total 53.00, pace 8.47
Part 1 - 2 miles
1.5 hours yoga
Part 2 - 4 miles

Mile 1 - 8.38
Mile 2 - 8.20
Mile 3 - 8.39
Mile 4 - 9.13
Mile 5 - 9.05
Mile 6 - 8.51

I think I've probably mentioned on here before that I was applying to study mental health nursing. On Wednesday I had a day long interview/selection process for the course. I only applied to one university and I kind of felt confident I'd get on because I easily had the qualifications required and I had experience both personal and through voluntary work. I found out on Thursday I did not get on. Gutted doesn't even come close, I cried my eyes out, I don't know what to do with myself career wise, there aren't any music jobs and I finally thought I'd found my calling. I felt the whole day went well but apparently there were only 20 places and a huge number of applicants. I don't know how huge! I've emailed asking for feedback as I've decided to apply for another university close enough to commute to but it's not ideal. It'll work if it gets me where I need to be though. I'm so upset though, I feel like I'd make a good mental health nurse and now I'm recovered fully from my eating disorder I felt I could turn that experience into a positive to help other people.. Oh well it's not over. I'm stubborn, I'll keep on trying and if it's meant to be it will happen.

Strength - density 20 minutes - as many push-ups, chin-ups, chair-dips and frog stands I could do in 20 minutes
Push-ups - 27
Chin-ups - 6 + 37 seconds hanging from the bar
Chair-dips - 43
Frog stand - 36 seconds in total

I felt so weak doing this workout, and that was before I got the bad news about the course! I still managed some core work for 15 minutes.

Finally, today I had my tempo run, let me tell you, it was horrible!! Why are they so horrible! I just don't know but they really take it out of me! I really struggled and even had to stop for a few moments during mile 2 when I was almost sick and embarrassingly dry heaved at the roadside for a little while whilst Mike propped me up! I'm not sure how I managed to acheive the pace, after the first two miles it felt entirely impossible!

5 mile tempo run 44.41, 8.57 minute pace overall (8.21 for the mid section)
1 mile slow 9.58
3 miles short tempo 8.23
1 mile slow 9.58
Mile 1 - 9.36
Mile 2 - 8.32
Mile 3 - 8.26
Mile 4 - 8.05
Mile 5 - 10.05

Well I'm going to go chill out and watch some tv now! We had quite a day today after the run as we found a stray dog, a west yorkshire terrier who was absolutely adorable but in need of a good bath and full groom. We sent him away with the dog wardens he will not be put down if no-one claims him (I wouldn't have let him go if that was a risk!). Anyway I totally fell for him. If no-one claims him we might well find ourselves with a little doggie! He was so sweet!

Monday, 19 July 2010

First Day of 10k Training

Today was the first day of our 10k training! Speedwork! We went down to the track to find we couldn't go on it! 4 coaches and a double decker bus of school kids were on the track! Nooooooo! The worst thing was I said to Mike before we went 'we best ring up and check the track is free' - of course we promptly forgot! It didn't end up so bad, we both had our garmins on so we went to the nearest field and blasted our intervals out there, it probably wasn't that accurate but it was either that or go back home and that wasn't an option!

The intervals were pretty horrible! After 4 I thought right, stop after 6, don't do the 8 you're supposed to... just ease yourself back into it, 8 is too much today!! But after 5 things started to look up. I hate not finishing a workout so I sucked it up and got on with it! It might have felt horrible then but I would have felt a lot more horrible if I'd gone home after 6!

1 mile warm up at 10 minute pace
8 x 400m (1.51), 400m RI
1 - 1.37
2 - 1.40
3 - 1.45
4 - 1.49
5 - 1.49
6 - 1.46
7 - 1.50
8 - 1.48
1 mile cool down (walked whilst drinking fresh orange!)

= 5 miles in total, not counting the cool down as it was walked.

As you can see I started off too fast and couldn't keep that pace as it was faster than my prescribed pace. I always struggle to pace intervals and was especially rubbish at it not on the track! Also I'm not sure how accurate these times are as I don't really trust the garmin's gps on short distances, it sometimes seems a bit generous so I might not have been as fast as the times suggest.

Really glad to get some speedwork in though, I always feel so great after a good speedwork session, next week hopefully it'll be on the track!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Boxing dilemma

Mike and I went back to our very first boxing gym today.. we thought we should give it a go because for the most part we were happy there, we trained regularly and enjoyed it, it's also a lot easier to get to from our house and would mean we would be out of the house for a shorter period of time giving us more time with the pets.

Warm up - jogging and stretching 15 minutes
Skipping 6 x 1.30 rounds 30s of alternative exercise in between
Heavy bag 6 x 2 minute rounds 20s rest
Sparring 5 x ?? minute rounds
Light dumbbell circuit x 3
Core work 15 minutes
Circuit 30s each station
  • Leg raises with medicine ball
  • Weighted lunges
  • Bag slams with medicine ball
  • Sit-ups with medicine ball
  • Medicine ball slams (above head to ground)
  • Chair dips
  • Lifting bag above head from shoulder to shoulder (could not think of a short or good way to describe that one...)
  • Alternate dumbbell press
  • Stair run
  • Raised push-ups (12.. jelly arm syndrome...)
Cool down.

I'm not sure we made the right descision today. All the old problems were still problems. I guess we should have known really... The sparring sessions which were always few and far between were out of control when you got it and today was no exception. They really let the lads go too rough on each other. I know boxing's not a gentle sport but someone with 15+ years of experience should not be allowed to go full force on someone who has not been boxing more than a few months and who is considerably lighter. This was always a problem at the club for the men, they were a lot more cautious with the girls so it never affected me but I didn't like to see it. It happened several times today and it shouldn't. I was put in with someone about 10+ years younger and 15-20kg lighter than me, that was fine because I didn't try to really hurt her (and she's a good little boxer) but it's not the case with a lot of the lads, put in my situation a certain few would have taken advantage and the coaches let them. Several times today I think the sparring should have been stopped. I don't really know what to do. I did love the place and have a huge soft spot for one of the coaches there but I think today just confirmed it's not the right place for us. Problem is now that we've been back and they will expect us to go back, it seems like a real let down to them if we go to another club, and they will know cause the boxing clubs are actually really gossipy!

Well that's my dilemma! I did enjoy the training today it was great to be back in the gym. but it bothers me that people really seem to be out to hurt or that their egos are so big they cannot tone it down and make it responsible and safe so others can enjoy and learn too.. Why do descisions have to get so complicated?!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Weekly Totals are Back!

I said I was bringing back the weekly totals, so here they are! They're a little low this week but they're going up anyway! I'm also going to add gymnastics into the mix as that's been taking over the push-ups, pull-ups and core a little bit since it works similar muscles.

Weekly Totals

Miles -5
Push-ups - 42
Chin-ups - 1
Pull-ups - 0
Neck exercises - 0
Isometric punches -0
Wrist curls -0
Core work - 1
Gymnastics - 2

Now I know I can do better next week, especially with the running as the 10k plan begins on Monday with speedwork. I actually can't wait, I have a love hate relationship with speedwork which is slightly more loving and I haven't done any for what feels like a lifetime! I'm definately excited to get on the track :-)

p.s. That tabata workout has left me feeling beat up, I can barely lift my arms above my head thanks to those push-ups!

Friday, 16 July 2010


Does anyone who reads my blog do tabata workouts? In case you don't know what they are it's a workout which consists of 20s work 10s rest for 8 repeats or 4 minutes... Sounds easy right? Try it ;-)

The workout we did today consisted of 4 minutes of each exercise, 20s work, 10s rest and no rest in between except for the 10 seconds..

Bag work (fast punches)
Bag work

20 minutes of hell! We nearly moved our rest day forward as we'd walked about 6 miles today but Mike twisted my arm into a workout at the last minute! I'm glad he did really but I hated him during it! I felt like I was going to be sick at least three times and at one point I shouted at him if I'm sick you're cleaning it... He wasn't too happy at that proposal!! Luckily I wasn't sick though haha

Oh, and I managed 42 push-ups in the tabata push-up section, bring back the weekly totals! I miss doing those! I'm sad to have had to leave my job but i'm happy to have more time and energy to blog and train. No more excuses! I'm back!!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Running, Gymnastics and Boxing

How's everyone's weeks going? I've had a big change this week, I had to give up my job. I had been having less and less money every month and when I worked it out I was substantially worse off working than being on benefits.. I don't know what is going on there. The whole experience has been so stressful, I can't understand why the government make it easier to be on benefits than to be working. But anyway, enough of that! I have my interview to go back to uni to study mental health nursing on Wednesday. I really hope I get on the course, when Mike is a qualified social worker and I'm a qualified mental health nurse hopefully we won't have trouble finding work the way we have with our current qualifications.

Yesterday I had a good easy run. I resisted the urge to do a slow and fast one since my 10k training begins next week and I want fresh legs... I'm sure I'll be fed up of speedwork soon enough even though I'm missing it lately! Since my headphones broke in the half marathon I've been running without music and I hate it! Can't wait to get my music back on my runs.

5 miles in 49.02, 9.49 per mile
Mile 1 - 9.45
Mile 2 - 9.59
Mile 3 - 10.08
Mile 4 - 9.54
Mile 5 -9.17

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Running and Working

As you all know I've been struggling to fit in workouts around work and struggling to find the right balance. On Thursday I decided to run home from work, it's 4 miles, well, just under so I ran around my street for a little bit to top it up hehe! Mike was worried the roads might be too busy but I just paused the watch to cross them and was extra careful! My only problem was carrying my work stuff home in a rucksack, in future I'm going to leave my uniform at work and carry my money and phone home in my handy arm pocket. The run home started off fast but the rucksack soon got annoying, I've got a wierd blood blister thing on my neck where it rubbed yuck! I'm definately going to make this a regular thing though :-)

4 miles in 36.39 average pace 9.10 per mile
Mile 1 - 8.50
Mile 2 - 9.43
Mile 3 - 9.23
Mile 4 - 9.02

Friday was my day off so I got a good workout in in my own time, it was soo hot! I'm looking forward to the cooler weather in terms of my workouts! We did some boxing;

7 x 3 minute rounds, 1 minute rest.

Each round consisted of 1 minute shadow boxing, 1 minute skill work on the bag, 30s shadow boxing, 30s fast power punches on the bag.... was tough!

Today we did gymnastics, we did ;
Handstands... I'm still terrible!
Tuck l-sits
Skin the cat
Frog stand

It felt better this time, I can't believe I managed to do the skin the cat haha, when I flipped over on the pull-up bar and saw the carpet it was wierd, glad I didn't fall on my head! I did have Mike standing there ready to catch me cause I wasn't sure!

I've been taking loads more Roxie pictures! She's growing!! She's learning really well, yesterday I got her to sit, paw, lie down and wait until I told her to eat the treat all with hand signals! She can do it when I say it too, I sound like a proud momma cause I am hehe, Mike's taking her to a training class tomorrow night with a neighbour who has a doberman, I wish I could go too but I'm at my first trustee meeting with SEED, which I'm also really excited about.

This is Roxie last week at my parent's house

Chillin' with her daddy

playing with my little bro and her teddy

Dad trying to play... Roxie was all wiped out after too much excitement!

Struggling to stay awake

Getting to know Tia (she's just been spayed)

her favourite ball...

chillin' again!

Tired pets

getting a treat for playing nice with Tia

This one was after Mike had told her off for something and then turned his back to her, she then lay down next to him mirroring him, I thought it was really funny/cute!
Hope everyone's had a great weekend!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

June Recap and First Run Back

June Recap
New Years Goals

Complete half marathon (current 4 miles) Half marathon: done!
One mile in >7.30 (current 7.55) was 6.52 - New goal>6.30 is possible before the end of the year!!
Two miles in >15.30 minutes (current 16.23) 15.24 - new goal >15 not tested this month
Three miles in >24.30 minutes (current 25.25) 24.21 during 5k time trial - not re-tested
Four miles in >35 minutes (current 35.47) 34.49 during a 6 mile run!

I'm adding some new running goals at the half way point of the year - I mentioned the 10k I am doing in October, well my fastest 10k time is 52.56 - I'm trying to get it under 52.30 but I'd love to get it under 52! We'll see!

Monthly Totals - June
Miles 33.4

On Sunday Mike and I went for a nice light run together, first one back after the half! It was great to run together, we don't often get to as he's so much faster than me usually. It was also really cool as we ran a small part of the half route together which was romantic as it was a week ago to the day that he proposed so it seemed a good way to celebrate it... God I sound soppy!

4 miles in 36.08 average pace 9.09
Mile 1 - 9.41
Mile 2 - 9.46
Mile 3 - 8.26
Mile 4 - 8.43

My new trainers felt great, I really liked them, I'm so relieved I was scared they would hurt my feet or my legs! I took a picture of me in them but I looked pretty daft so I'm afraid it's not made the cut!

I did some gymnastics today, feel like I've lost a bit of strength but I'll just have to work and get it back ;-)

Glad you all liked Roxie, I've been taking loads of pictures so I'll post some more next time..

Friday, 2 July 2010

First Day Back and Roxie

Today was my first day back training after the half! It was tough! I thought I felt fine before I started but I had a hard time back, I was puffing, panting and cursing all over the show! Here's the workout I did;

30s burpees
30s screw shots
30s star jumps
30s burpee variations (tuck jumps, 180 degree, sprawl and punchouts)
30s star jumps
30s chinnies

x 5 rounds with 30s rest between rounds

10 minutes of core

I can't wait to get back out running, I've planned my first run back for Sunday, I bought some new trainers today as my old ones have seen a lot of miles and are looking decidedly worn out. I'm looking forward to trying them out and hoping they suit my feet. I wore Reeboks before and my new ones are Aasics, they look like a similar style of shoe so fingers crossed they will feel good running. I got quite a bargain actually because I got them from the junior section! The same shoes in the adult section were over a tenner more expensive!

After I've had a month of fun running I've got some serious work! I'm doing a 10k on the 24th of October, training starts 1st August. I'm using the run less run faster plan and I'm really hoping to some good speed.

Just before I go, meet Roxie our new puppy, she's a German Shepherd Springer Spaniel cross and she's lovely!

Ignore Mike's slippers on my feet haha