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Thursday, 21 April 2011

A Little Update

Well I've been a bit rubbish at posting lately.. I've been working a lot and working on another little project which will be lifechangingly exciting if it all works out which has left a slightly tired Laura! I have managed a few runs though, one pretty awesome and one pretty awful...

First, the awesome! I went out with Mike on my day off. We weren't sure what to do so we set off to jog and decided once we got onto the humber bridge we would mark out a mile and both run it as fast as we could. One major downside of this run, we both completely under-dressed I was freezing. I almost pursuaded Mike to do a half mile time trial instead of a mile because I felt like I couldn't bare to be out there on the windy bridge much longer but I changed my mind before he made his up so we did the full mile as planned. I'm so glad we did as we both got new PBs! Mike is down to 5.23, speed demon! I hope one day I can run a mile which begins with a 5, that would be sooooooo good!

2.5 miles at around 9.10 pace
1 mile time trial 6.35!!!
1 mile jog/walk home

Thats 8 seconds off my last mile time which was on a track... and a bit closer to my sub 6.30 goal.. I think I could have probably made that goal on a track with less wind but time will tell! It was a gruelling mile, I swear the pillar which was our end post kept moving further away haha

I went out two days after this run intending on running 10 miles and stopped after 4. Cue sad face! My right shin and left thigh have been bothering me and they were bad for the full 4 miles so 3 miles in I decided to give up and go home. I hate doing that but in reality I'd rather cut a run short now than take weeks off later so I'm not too upset. I've rested well this week and it's the Good Friday hill race tomorrow so hopefully my legs will be feeling fresh and the race will be good. Fingers crossed!

We went to Manchester over the weekend, we loved the city, it seems so much more vibrant than Hull and there was loads of choice of things to do. I ate out for pretty much the entire weekend so I felt pretty sluggish when I got home, despite trying to make mostly healthy choices most of the time.. and a sneaky veggie burger and chips... Well worth it though it was delicious! I unfortunately didn't really take any food pics... Still a bit of a wimp taking them in public hah I was going to leave you with some pictures but I can't find the camera or the camera lead dohh! Maybe I'll add them in later or do another post...

Hope you all have brilliant long weekends!


  1. Wow you are so fast! Excited to hear about your little side project :-) Glad you enjoyed yourself in Manchester x

  2. Nice work on that mile run- you are so speedy. And Mike- was he wearing roller skates? :)

  3. You're seriously getting speedy. Love it!! And yep, if you were hurting, better to cut the run short rather than make it a bad one with possible injury.

  4. Nice mile! I wish I could see a '5' on my Garmin too, but I am simply not that speedy: I definitely have slow and not fast-twitch muscles because I think anything below a 6:30, which I used to be able to maintain over slightly longer distances (not now though!) is beyond me.

    Would love to see the pics if you feel like posting them.


  5. Nice to hear you are keeping yourself busy. I've never done a time trial of any distance, I KNOW I'm not speedy and never will be I'm sure :-) well done you.

  6. Nice work on the mile but I never knew you were Codeads! ;) East or West Hull? Or to put it another way: red & white or black & white?

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Rob, I know nothing of Rugby I'm afraid haha so I'm not even sure which colours I would be, I'm a Westie though, so is Mike.

  8. It can be really hard to eat properly when you're out and about and even if you make "sensible" choices you are still eating things that other people have cooked. I'm a bit of a food control freak but I'd be too embarrassed to start quizzing the waiters on what was in everything....

    Looking forward to hearing more on this project!

  9. Well done on that speedy mile - having just started running I'm in awe of some of the paces that other bloggers pull off!

    I like Manchester a lot too - I like going shopping there :-)