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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

WIAW Super Sprints Edition

Welcome to my second WIAW post!

Wake up at 6am.... a bit later than planned... hello snooze button!
Forced down some wheatabix made with boiling water, honey and cinnamon, a matcha shot, and a huge mug of coffee... sorry mostly, not pictured... I forgot it was WIAW! I don't always manage breakfast this early but my throat was really hurting and I wanted to take my vitamins and some ibuprofen.. Coffee and Matcha shot from another day... sadly it's nno longer that light in the morning :-(

I ate 2 handfuls of mixed dried fruit at work (cherries, cranberries and raisins), I love that combo, I probably would have had more but my shift was so, so busy I didn't have time for a break, I was the duty manager on shift for the first time and it was rather stressful, especially since they decided to spring a fire drill on me... hello heart failure hah! I was so nervous! I didn't know it was a drill at first either, I felt physically sick! I did ok though, stayed calm and was only one problem which wasn't really my fault and nothing bad came of it so... yeah, not too bad! I also drunk quite a few cups of coffee at work and had 3 crunchie rocks a residents family member gave me... yummmy! Can't beat a bit of chocolate when you're tired and a bit stressed!

When I got home... a little later than planned (3.30)... had too much work to finish at the end of the shift! I ate a choc chip pizzert as some pre-boxing fuel! Those things are amazing and work pretty well as pre workout fuel, hello carbs! (btw.. I totally ate the whole thing not just the pretty slice pictured...)

Warm up inc 20 press-ups

Sprints - ouch!
Went and did 3 or 4 sets of sprints/jogs, it was random, the coach shouting sprint/ jog.. trying to emulate fight conditions where sometimes you need to be punching rapidly and sometimes you can dance around and catch your breath a bit.. I was really trying to keep up with the super speedy guys next to me and one of them really pushed me through the last repeat! I was so tired after though, my legs were moving but I wasn't sure how.. totally felt like they were just going to collapse under me haha

6 x 3 minutes (1 min rest)

Just a few footwork drills working on punching whilst moving forward and backwards... good to go back to basics, it's easy to forget them!

Practicing the footwork drills

Cool down

When I got in I ate this fantastic yummy salad, the picture does not do it justice, it is mixed leaves with loads of cucumber, tomato, pepper, olives, chickpeas roasted with garlic, chilli, nooch and a little stock and loads of feta! Absolutely scrumptious!

I also had some PB mixed with honey... aka crack!

Then I went to bed, shattered! My cat woke me up this morning at 5am though... I've had a serious lack of sleep lately! Oh well, gotta get through tonight at the gym then tomorrow I can have a lie-in and hopefully shift this niggly throat!