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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Manchester Goodies

... and recent workouts!

But first my Manchester shopping! When Sarah and I met up before the other bloggers arrived we went for a walk round Primark... I actually wanted some boots, and wish I'd bought some I saw but I was going to go back after thinking about it and cocktails and blogger chat became more important! Sarah and I did try on these rather fabulous heels which I also wish I'd bought... They were soo high but I'm of the opinion the higher the better with heels! Love 'em! (my ankles might thank me for it though) I'm in the black shoes/tights!

 I did buy this rather bargainous dress in Primark, only a fiver! ps... please excuse the I just got out of the shower and haven't dried my hair yet look!

Close up - would you wear it buttoned right up to the top? Help me out fashionistas! I sadly have very little style ability haha! I'm not sure I like it actually... I don't know that it's very flattering on my figure... hmmmm.... oh well... only a fiver wasted if I never actually wear it! Is there any way I can make it more flattering? I kind of feel dumpy in it...Maybe I should have put some heels on with it..?

 On to the fooooooooood! Check out my yummy haul... a shocking amount of which is already gone!
Foodie haul
Not tried this yet...

Nice but not my favourite bounce bar
I want to buy a dehydrator just to try making my own!

Looking forward to trying Lucuma fudge amongst other things


Seriously amazing... I really need more but can't get them near me... probably good for my bank balance but not my mouth  or tummy! I really need to try some more of these guys products!

Liked it but it had occaisional odd textured bites...
Gorgeous... want more!

What a haul!

I also bought some running tights not too long ago... I wore them for the first time doing mile repeats a few days ago... Love 'em, they're so comfy! I kind of like the photo to the right although it really highlights the fact I need to clean my mirror asap!

So... the workouts... mile repeats on Friday I think it was, plus an 800 in the middle... I can't remember the times all I can remember was my first was about 6.40 and my second was about 7.30... talk about bad pacing! I need to get back into my running, really badly! My 800m in the middle was about 3.20 I think...

I also got some distance going on Sunday, I met up with an old friend I hadn't seen for absolutely years and ran roughly 8 miles in 1hr 20mins... was a very relaxed pace, he biked and I run and I was worried about being able to keep up with him but it seemed to end up being the other way round! It was nice to run with someone else and to do a relaxed pace run, I also stopped to play with a few puppies! There were lots of dog walkers out and lots of playful doggies who wanted to join in my run! It felt really good to run a kind of long distance again! I was really tired before I went and it would have been so easy to stay at home but I'm SO glad I got my arse out there!

I've also been doing my boxing! I'm off to gym tonight, hopefully sparring! Will be back with a full recap if I am! Fingers crossed I need to get in that ring!