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Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I got an email last week about a free fitness magazine AlphaFit, it's aimed at men, but ya know what... usually I prefer men's fitness magazines. They're more focussed on outcomes which are important to me... A lot of the time in the girly ones the focus is more on weight loss.. Although there is often an aesthetic side to the men's mags they seem more concerned with strength and power.... right up my street!

Read the latest issue for free here.

And if you need anymore convincing, here's what I thought on the latest issue;

  • The articles were well researched and provided links to studies so you could research stuff for yourself, or at the very least feel confident in their claims!
  • They had a fun article called the sex Olympics... Where were the moves for us athletic girlys though ;)
  • They had ads for a few races I want to do.... anyone heard of Race the Sun, it's a cycle, climb then a canoe and you have from dawn til dusk to complete it.... Looks pretty cool... Also they had a review on a Spartan race... if I ever needed anymore convincing it was right there, the night I read it I was bbm-ing one of my boxing buds from back home... We decided to do one next year.... In fancy dress!! Bring it on!!!
  • I liked the nutrition, recipes and supplement advice.
  • Only thing I wasn't hugely interested in was the men's fashion bit but that's the same with any men's magazine I guess!
  • Aaaaaand next month is a boxing special... You do know I'll be reading that one!
You can now download a free app to read it on tablets, iPhone, and android phones.... The blackberry app is coming in a few weeks and I'll definitely be downloading it when it comes and if you don't have a compatible device check the link to read it on your computer here! So what are you waiting for... go check it out!

*disclaimer... AlphaFit did contact me and ask me to give the magazine a mention but all the above opinions are my own and I have not been paid to mention them.