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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

WIAW: Sushi Time!

Instead of everything I ate I'm just posting my favourite thing... veggie sushi... it's really easy to make and healthy too!

I started by making some spicy 'chicken' this is quorn pieces in a szechuan sauce with added fresh chilli and spring onions... I made it a bit too spicy! Wow!!
spicy szechuan quorn filling
I then prepared some other fillings, sliced cucumber, spring onions, baked sweet potato and an omelette seasoned with chilli flakes and fresh garlic which I just baked in the oven and cut into slices to put in the sushi.. it's also yummy by itself!
Once all the fillings were done I toasted my nori, put on a layer of sushi rice, stripe of filling, then rolled... It's easier than it looks too!
Spicy szechuan quorn/veggie chicken sushi ready to roll

sweet potato and cream cheese ready to roll

Sushi ready to cut
And voila... sushi with a sweet chilli dipping sauce..... of course I had seconds ;)
veggie sushi
Have you ever tried to make sushi?