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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Some Fun Runs

I've got a lot of admiration for people who work full time and stick to a good exercise regime. It takes so much dedication to haul your arse out there for a run when all you really want to do is fall into the sofa and stay there! I'm still not fitting in as much as I used to when I was at uni/unemployed but I'm working on it!

After my early shift on Tuesday I definitely felt like slumping down into the sofa and staying there. Instead I quickly said hello to Mike and went upstairs to put my running gear on. I knew I'd feel better once I'd got out there.

6 miles in 54.17 avg 9.03
Mile 1 - 9.23
Mile 2 - 9.06
Mile 3 - 9.05
Mile 4 - 8.58
Mile 5 - 8.58
Mile 6 - 8.47

I wish I'd managed a slightly faster pace, would have been nice to see the average beginning with the number 8. I'm happy though.. I need to remember it's not all about going as fast as you can it's building endurance and getting time out there on my feet! I also managed a negative split... I'm getting better at those! It's just having the patience to go out slowly. I'm not a particularly patient person!

My legs felt mega sore at work on Wednesday but it was that good kind of soreness. The kind where you think yeah I ran x miles yesterday, go me! haha

I also did a music-less tempo this morning. Do you like to run with or without music or aren't you bothered? I cut the last mile as I really hate running without music and I was just getting bored! I was feeling surprisingly good during the tempo portion though, my legs and lungs felt pretty happy once I was finished with the first mile which seemed to shock the system a bit... Think my body was ambling along quite happily at my warm up pace then in the first tempo mile it was like errrm.. What's this? I thought we were takin' it easy, nah... I'm not playing.. Come the second tempo mile things eased up a bit and I was able to start pushing the pace a bit. And yay again for negative tempo splits! Huzzah!

4 miles, 3 miles at ST pace

4 in 35.46 8.57 avg
3 tempo miles in 25.22 8.27 avg

Mile 1 - 10.23
Mile 2 - 8.44
Mile 3 - 8.26
Mile 4 - 8.13

It feels so good to be running regularly again. Although I think I might have lost some speed the rest was probably needed if only to remind me how much I miss it when it's gone!

On a totally different note I wanted to ask everyone, is there anything you want to see more of on the blog? More boxing workouts, more food, healthy desserts, veggie stuff, anything you want to ask? I might do an 'ask me anything' post if people do have any questions you can find my email on the top right hand corner of the blog! I wouldn't ever start posting my daily eats I like reading those blogs but I would not like to have my daily food out there for scrutiny, it would make me way too nervous! But if people were interested I might post a sample day.... Interested in your ideas, I always want my workouts documented but would love to know what else if anything people want to see!

Hope you're all having a good week!


  1. I suppose I have an initial interest in anything running related but I'm happy to read about anything at all. Variety being the spice of life and all that.

    I never run outdoors with music. That's partly a safety thing, partly becasue I enjoy hearing what's going on around me, partly because the tempo of the music either makes me run too fast or too slow and partly because its thinking time.

  2. i go either way with music. right now i don't but that's just because i don't have a working ipod or anything. maybe i could run with my phone....interesting.

    and i know how you feel about being so close to 8XX pace and wanting it. that happens to me more times than i care to have!

  3. I have to have music its gets me through the tough bits x x

  4. I used to run with music all the time but as my distances grew I tended to zone out a lot more: running became almost like meditation for me and music seemed to detract from that. I still need it for the treadmill though...I have to have some distraction from the boredom and lack of scenery.

    Blog-wise, I'm always happy to hear about anything running related. If you did feel comfortable posting a sample day of eats I'd be intrigued by that as well, simply because I'm always looking for new ideas as to how to fuel correctly when running. No-one would judge you for it ~ trust me, your eating habits cannot be any worse than mine!

    Congrats on getting out there and running despite being so busy - I don't know how you do it as I struggle so much if I can't get out first thing before sunrise.

  5. Yay for some good runs. I have a really hard time trying to remember that running is not all about speed. There are so many different factors and types of training runs too.

  6. One of the reasons that I run in the morning is because the couch always wins when I get home from work and if I didn't run in the morning I wouldn't run at all! It is tough though, some days I am just too tired. I only run with music when I run on the treadmill because it isn't safe in the mornings.

  7. You are right, training and working full time are hard to juggle sometimes. With the blog, I like anything to be honest. I like new recipes, I like running stuff, I like food for fuel, I like the randomness of reading different blogs :)

  8. I was going to say nice work on the negative split! Good discipline :-)

    I tend to go to the gym in the evening, but sometimes that's hard too, as it means it's about 11.30 before I even get round to going to bed! And it's difficult if I want to go out. Getting straight on it no faffing is the key though, like you said.

    I love reading about the boxing, as I find the workouts useful for tips, and it's also really interesting to read about stuff that you don't really see on other blogs :-)

  9. Sounds like you have had some great runs! I am a big fan of running with music, keeps me motivated. Sometime I like to listen to podcasts, too!

  10. Hi there!
    I'd love to see a few posts on living in your (20's i think?) in England! Being over here in'd be fun to see;-)

  11. I really love your blog as it is, I love the running tips and you always give me lots of running inspiration! I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more about how you fuel your runs and as a fellow veggie it would be interesting to see more veggie recipes :-)

  12. I always keep my music on low Rob to try and be careful but it would probably be best safety wise to go without... like Tam, it keeps me going through the tough bits hehe! I get what you're saying about speeding up and down.. sometimes has its good points though, I once ran my last mile of a run way faster than I thought possible 'cause I started too fast listening to one song and decided to hold on and see if I could keep it up!

    Jessica, I wonder if that will happen to me.. I find sometimes when I go without I feel happier about being without it by the end miles of the run than I was at the beginning.. I do feel I go slower without it generally.. maybe I'm making excuses for myself though ha!

    Tracy, I've never tried running with podcasts.. don't think I'd be able to concentrate on them but I might have to try it and see!

    Interesting idea AM! I'll see what I can do!

    Thanks Laura, I'm definately going to include some more veggie recipes.. can't wait for the nights to get lighter so I can take photos in the evening without them being awful hehe

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone, it's really helpful and interesting to know!

  13. Your blog is great :) but can we have some more photos please? Of food? I love a bit of food porn x

  14. Thanks Rachel and yes! There's definitely more photos on the horizon.. soon as I get my laptop fixed, I don't like the editor on Mike's so I've been photoless for a while.. I'm hoping it will be sorted sometime next week or the week after.. fingers crossed!

  15. Great job getting those runs in...and I wish I was as fast as you :) it's all relative right!

  16. It is Anne, I try to only compare myself to myself.. If I compared myelf to some of the speed demon bloggies I'd probably cry haha

  17. Great runs! I find it harder to run without music- I so rarely do it- but in my upcoming race I'm going to have to run Ipodless, so I'd better start preparing myself for that shock! :P

    I'd love to see more of any of those things to be honest! They sound like great ideas! :)

    P.S. Your comment on my sad post really cheered me up, so thank you!

  18. I don't run at all, but I also don't listen to music very much at all either..FREAK!! If I'm weight training at home I'll watch TV or stick on soemthing I've downloaded on the computer. I was reading over some of your posts and I think I may have been AWOL when you got engaged so vvvvv belated congratulations on that!

  19. I don't know how you run without music, I can't do it! Way too boring, and I feel more awkward.

    If you guys want to check it out, a found a website with a lot of information about living healthfully.

  20. Hey Laura -- just wanted to say thanks for the comment on the vegan dilemma. You basically articulated everything that I'm feeling right now. The cost, and constant inventiveness required to keep a healthy and varied diet is kinda exhausting. And when you're not really getting that much support from people around you, it's tough to keep going.. As another commenter put it, it really does feel like an emotional trade: I feel like I'm giving up my beliefs and principles for selfish considerations. I know it's not that simple, but from what you said, I also know that you'll probably understand what I mean with that.. Anyway, thanks for being so honest :-)

  21. Hi Laura,
    I missed you during my little blogging break!!

    I have never run with music unless I am running on my mill. I think for me it is a control thing....I am also so afraid that I won't hear a car and end up getting hit. I can see how people would like to run to music. At a few of my half marathons and at TC marathon there were spots where the music was playing. Hearing the music made me pick up the pace a bit:)

    Good job on all of your runs, you are keeping up a great pace! Take care Laura!