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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Going to a Regular Gym

Thanks so much for the input on my last post. I was really interested to hear what you all had to say. There will definitely be some more food posts in the near future.. The blog is called box, run, eat.. should have more eating involved really hehe! I'll definitely be bringing more photos back when my laptop is fixed too.. Also there will hopefully be more boxing soon as we will be going back when Mike is fully healed. I was kind of worried that my running posts might be getting a bit boring as my blog used to be a bit more varied..

Frustratingly I've not trained much in the last week, I was struck down by yet another killer cold, I seem to get better for a few days and then get ill again this winter. I don't know if it's to do with the type of work I am doing now or if my immune system has been really low all I know is I'm really losing my patience with it haha

Back to the title, as most of you probably know I don't usually frequent a regular gym, I run, train at home or go boxing, but when a friend at work gave me a free weeks pass to her gym I certainly wasn't going to turn it down! I decided to try it out yesterday. Mike didn't come with me so I was a wimpy loner and I didn't know where to start or what to do!

I started off with something I always prefer to do outside, mainly because I got in the gym and was totally overwhelmed by all the choice... should have gone in with a plan!! I did a 1 mile warm up on the dreadmill with 5 incline, good for hills though which there aren't many of round here..

Then I attempted the stepper but for some unknown reason I couldn't get it working.. I decided to save embarrassment and hastily left the stepper for the cross trainer... I did 1 mile on the cross trainer, not sure what time I did it in, I must remember a notebook next time! By this point I had my eyes on the rowing machines but I would have had to row next to some men and I didn't really want to so I was willing them to get off soon!

Next I did 0.5 miles on this floaty trainer thing... yeah I'm not sure either... it just kept telling me to float with my knees?! I didn't spend long on there 'cause frankly, I wasn't sure what I was doing! It did seem to be working my leg muscles though...

Finally the rowing machines came free so I did 3 x 500m row intervals ala Alison! About 2.30 per interval with 1 min rest. Those intervals are tough!! Alison, you are hardcore!! Before I left I had a quick go on this arm machine..not sure what that was either!

I quite enjoyed going but I wished Mike had come, all the machines looked a bit daunting and the free weights section was full of beefy men so I chickened out of going in that bit! I was hoping it would have had an assisted pull up machine and one of those climbing treadmills, I really want to have a go on one of them!

Anyway, I'm hoping to persuade the girl from work to do a body pump class with me before the pass runs out as I'd like to try one of them out... If not I'm going to have to man up and go by myself!!

So, how do you like to train best? At home, at the gym, at a weights gym or any other kind of gym or sports club?


  1. Having a buddy to go to classes with is always good! I get scared to go to new classes alone! I go to the gym regularly in the winter- love having lots of options to work out on!

  2. I'm a member of a (fairly) swish gym and I do enjoy going there even though its generally only 2 times a week. Only other times are if its icy and dark in which case I'll use the dreadmill - with a heavy heart!

  3. I prefer training in a gym, because I thrive on the atmosphere and variety. But of course that depends on their being some!

    I definitely think going in with a plan is imperative though. When I first started lifting I was really self-conscious and nervous. To combat that, I would write the routine down beforehand, and early on, I'd even plan the route around the gym in my head! That helped me stop worrying about the meatheads too, though tbh, if you talk to them they're usually pretty nice!

    Really hope you make it to bodypump :-)

  4. Spelling fail. Obviously I meant "there being some"

  5. I've been going to my gym for 4 years & have had a PT for the last 2 so it feels like home to me now. I used to go to loads of classes with 2 girls from work but now we all use the gym more though not at the same time as I think we've become more confident to go ourselves & do our own thing

  6. Yay yay body pump woo woo woo! Just go along I bet you will love it! Go on! You know you want to ! I feel like I am trying to convert people into some kind of cult! But it really is fab! Be brave and go alone if need be

  7. I wish you had more self-confidence! Honestly, no-one will judge you for going into a class on your own. We get newbies at Body Pump, Combat, etc. all the time and some people don't have a clue what they're doing. We've had people turn up late, mess up the coreography, put far too much weight on their bar and nearly keel over, and no-one gives two figs about it because we've ALL been there. And it's not just new people: I mess up all the time and when I first attempted 20kg on the squat track in Pump I literally could not get the weight back over my head when the track was over and had to ask people to help me 'spot' it. And I stand right at the front, so everyone saw!

    Not sure whereabouts you are but if I could swing you a day pass to Bannatynes Chester-Le-Street (not sure if they do them but I could check) I would be elated to have a gym buddy for Pump/Combat/50/50/spin.

    I like to train best running outside alone, but with the added push/incentive of gym classes. Plus, a lot of the male instructors share my taste for metal, so the music is generally great in spin!

    I share Rob's dislike of the dreadmill though, and may be stuck on it tomorrow if it's a frosty pre-dawn *shudders*.


  8. Oh, Ive got some of this floating machine in my gym. Dont really like it :s There's a lady there who spends hours on it. Crazy!
    Yes, you should try body pump. IT's really good. Well, my instructor is really good.
    Boyfriend and I are members but I actually prefer training on my own.

  9. Having a gym plan definitely helps. I prefer to run outside and do my weights at home. But sometimes there are perks of going to the gym. Like at home I don't have a pullup bar or barbell, so at the gym, I have those options.

  10. I love the gym because if the variety it brings and I adore my spinning class. It's so much fun! I also like doing my toning and strength work at home for a change of scenery. Nothing beats running outside on a beautiful summers morning either.

  11. I also love the gym - because of the variety it offers and not being put off by the weather! They should have really given you an induction so that you would know how to use the equipment! But don't be shy about working out next to blokes and what not, I think most people are usually focusing on themselves! Hope you get to body pump!

  12. I like to go to the gym, gym classes my yoga class, home workouts and outside. Basically anywhere! x x

  13. I would love to take you up on the classes Jessica but I'm in Hull so I wouldn't really be able to get there. If I'm ever going to be near there though I'll get in touch I'd love to have a gym buddy even temporarily! The music in the gym the other day was pretty dire so I was glad to have my headphones but I'll hopefully find out what the body pump music is like.. I think my workfriend is leaving me to go it alone though! But I will be brave hah xxx

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