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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Unexpected Blogiversary

Earlier on today whilst reading Laura @ Keeping Slim and Getting Stylish's blogiversary post I wondered when I'd started my blog.. As it happens I started mine exactly a year ago today! What a coincidence! Unfortunately I've not been organised enough to organise a fab giveaway like Laura (go check it out!) but I felt it was definitely worth a blog post! I feel like so much has happened in a year. I've completed my first race, first half marathon, got engaged, bought a house, beaten my running times, had so many ups and downs with boxing, done some great sparring and tried out gymnastics. Although I started this blog as a way of documenting my workouts for myself it has become so much more than that. Thanks for being there with me, reading and commenting and giving me such a great community to be part of!

I had to go out and buy some new glasses on Friday, something way more stressful than it should be! My face is apparently very narrow and most glasses look too wide and weird on it.. After trawling round specsavers, trying on and disregarding half the shop then going to boots and doing the same I ended up with a pair a bit more expensive than I would have liked to spend and a cheap and nasty pair to wear to work (as a lot of the residents hit out I wanted some cheapo ones where it didn't matter if they got broke). While I was in specsavers getting my cheapo glasses ordered Mike popped to the bank and on his way back he got bit by a dog outside. Some idiot man had left his dog tied up outside there while he went for an eyetest and in less than 10 minutes it bit Mike and another man. The man whose dog it was was quite rude about it too. We didn't end up reporting him but I'm not sure if that was the right decision. I know the other couple called the police so I don't know if anything was done. It makes me so mad. The poor dog might end up being put down as it had an irresponsible owner who was not looking after it properly. Anyway, I digress!

When we got home Mike suggested doing some yoga and core to relax as I was a bit stressed and stroppy and he wasn't feeling too happy either. Even though Mike was ok we were upset about the dog incident and not sure we had done the right thing about it. I was also wishing I'd remembered the mans name when they called him out for his test, we were both a bit shocked by it all.. digressing again.. The yoga was nice and relaxing! Mike lit loads of candles in the lounge and we just chilled out doing it.. Who says exercise has to be tough all the time :P

I made up for an easy workout by doing a killer boxing and circuit workout which has left me unable to move without pain and desperate to get back in the boxing gym... I was dreaming of being in the ring the whole time and thinking about winning a fight... I hope that happens one day! I think we've made our decision about going back to the gym anyway... Time is a good healer!

Boxing x 20 rounds
30s heavy bag/30s rest

Circuit x 2 rounds
Star Jumps
Upright Rows
High Knee DB Press
Chair Dips
Mountain Climbers
DB Punches
Leg Raise
Clean and Push Press

That was tough!

Maria @ Running Cupcake tagged me in a little quiz which was fun to do...

Four TV shows I watch.


The Walking Dead (zombie series.. check it out)

Come Dine With Me

Not Going Out

Four things I am passionate about

Being healthy



Promoting recovery from eating disorders and being against pro anorexia, an eating disorder is not a choice.

Four words/ phrases that I use too much;

I say 'like' a lot more than I should, in that annoying way.. 'and she was like....'

I swear more than I should..

I have no idea what else I can put for this one... unfortunately Mike is being no help! He did however just look over and said I don't say like very much.. that's a relief!

Four things I’ve learnt from the past;

What other people think about me doesn't matter if I'm happy about myself and my decisions

The number on the scale does not matter and the lower it is is not equatable to happiness or self worth

I'm very determined

If anyone tells me I won't be able to do something or won't be good at something I won't rest until I've proved them wrong. (I'm stubborn)

Four things I am looking forward to;

Running the Humber Bridge half again (hopefully beating last years time....)

Getting married (this won't happen until we can afford it)

Getting a promotion.. (the sooner the better please work.. it will help with the above item haha)

Going on holiday (also probably won't be for a while but never mind!)

Four things I love about winter;

Feeling totally hardcore when I go running in the freezing weather! - (stealing this one from Maria I felt totally hardcore, and mental, running/trying to run in the knee deep snow)

Wrapping up in really warm clothes

Being inside in said warm clothes with a big cup of coffee snuggled up on the sofa


I think most of the blogs I read have already done this but if you haven't consider yourself TAGGED!


  1. I find choosing glasses really stressful too! I wanted the same frames as last time as they were my fave, but the didnt do them, and apparently the plastic had gone a bit so they could not replace the lenses. Boo.
    Poor Mike getting bitten by a dog too- that is awful.
    Good answers to the quiz too :)

  2. Happy blog anniverary!! I always forget mine!

  3. Happy blog anniversary!! That's fantastic. I love the things you've learned by the way. And as for the wedding, we waited 5 years and did a sit down dinner for 80 on just under 1200 bucks. Gotta get creative ;-) But it sounds like you guys are happy just the way things are now and that's most important.

  4. Happy Blogiversary Laura!!
    Sounds like things are going really well for you and Mike :) (except for the dog incident...ugh).

  5. Happy (belated) blogiversary.

    I guess running brings me into contact with dogs/dog owners more than I otherwise might be and 90% are really thoughtful but about 1 in 10 are hopeless; with dogs nipping at your legs, off the lead and owners not caring.

  6. Its so amazing that we both started our blogs on the same day! I also love The walking dead series (wonder if there doing another series?)Can't believe that dog bit mike, I think if the others reported him then it will be sorted out. Your yoga session sounds amazing, I must try it with the candles x

  7. Happy blogiversary!

    I cheat when it comes to glasses, I go to TK MAXX or eBay and buy some designer frames cheap and then get my optician to put the lenses in - cheap and I know I like the frames!

  8. Maria, the plastic bit on one of my pairs broke right in the middle! So annoying, the other glasses broke near one of the lenses.. sadly I like plastic best but they don't last well...

    Heather I remember your wedding post. Your wedding is so inspiring to what Mike and I want!

    I can't believe it either Laura, who'd have thought!!

    Is that an expensive way to do it Alex? I've thought about doing that but I wasn't sure if it was possible and didn't really research it very well!!

  9. Oh man, poor Mike. And the poor dog.. :( It was cute of Mike to suggest yoga though -- smart guy!

    And how did I not know that you and Mike are engaged! Like Heather said, get creative: I bet you could do a really beautiful job by enlisting the help of all these talented bloggers!

    Happy anniversary :-)

  10. Wow happy blogiversary! You've done so much this year!!

    Poor Mike! Hope he's okay! :)