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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Catching Up

Well again, it's been a long time! I hope you haven't missed me too much ;-) The snow has pretty much gone here, we're just left with ice. I'm really missing running outside.. I had a bit of a running break but now I'm wanting to get back to it.. It's not looking good even if the ice melts as the snow is coming back with a vengeance on Thursday, according to the weather men anyway...

So with the weather as it is, and with boxing out of the question for the time being we've done some stuff at home.. I can't even remember when we did this one I just remember writing it down 'cause it was tough! First you do all the exercises for 60 seconds, then 45, then 30 and finally 15. It only takes 10 minutes so it's fantastic if you're in a rush but still want to fit something in.. You can alter the exercises too, if you like.

60s/45s/30s/15s pull-up hold
60s/45s/30s/15s burpees
60s/45s/30s/15s squats
60s/45s/30s/15s shadow boxing

We also went to the gym on Sunday... I was craving the treadmill!!! We went as guests to my mum and dad's gym and got quite a lot done. I'm still feeling it today, ouch!! I wouldn't get my moneys worth out of a gym membership 'cause we do most of our training at boxing or running or at home but I really love going once in a while!

5k on the treadmill, incline 3.5. I don't know how long it took me as I kept hitting the emergency stop doh :-( I probably ran more than 5k but I'm not sure...

Assisted pull-ups with 6kg assist. About 25 reps. Did one set of 8 but most were about 5 reps.

Weighted side bends 22.5kg - 10 each side
Weighted Russian twists 20kg - 20

Clean and push press 15kg 5 each arm

Wrist curls 10kg 50 reps

Bench press with olympic barbell x 8 reps

400m row - can't remember how long it took.

I enjoyed going to the gym, I even kind of enjoyed the treadmill as it's been so long since I've run!

I'm going to keep it a quicky of a post today. I've been mega busy at work and getting ready for christmas so I don't really have anything exciting to tell you all!! I have had my hair chopped off... pictures to come soon if I can take one without grimacing!!

p.s. don't forget to enter my CSN voucher giveaway if you haven't already done so it closes tomorrow and I'll aim to announce the winner by Thursday :-)


  1. Welcome back ;-) Looks like you've still managed to get in some good workouts despite the crummy weather. Can't wait to see pics of the new hair cut!

  2. craving the tm? hahah! hope the weather starts to improve for you. yay hair cut. maybe you'll inspire me to get mine done :)

  3. Bet your hair isn't as short as mine...

  4. oh, can't wait to see your hair! Glad you managed to get a run in even if it was on the dread mill :-)

  5. Can't wait to see the hair! Glad you have some melting going on, but sorry to hear more is on the way. You guys are definitely having a tough one over there!

  6. I cannot believe the snow you've had over there! Glad you're missing the running, it'll be that much sweeter when you can get out more.

  7. Sounds like a fab workout good going lady! x x

  8. Awesome workout idea -- that'd be great for tiding people over the Christmas period! Hope Mike's eye is ok btw. I assume that's why you're not boxing at the moment??

  9. Yay for new haircuts :) That workout looks good too

  10. Both workouts look pretty intense to me!

    It's so ironic that you wrote for your Masters on Shakespeare's influence on music: my supervisor has just had a book published charting the links between Shakespeare and Popular Music and his paper at the conference is entitled 'Give me my sin again': Tragedy, Repetition, and Disco.'

    I'm speaking in the adaptation panel and not actually presenting on Shakespeare per se - my area of interest is Christopher Marlowe, but as the conference is partially grounded in the study of Renaissance and Early Modern Adaptations beyond Shakespeare, I'm speaking about the appropriation of the works of Marlowe. I'm focusing on a specific production of one of his plays and my paper is entitled 'Insult to Injury': Rupert Goold and Ben Power’s Faustus (2006)'

    There's a link to the conference here:

    I'll bet you wish you'd never asked now! It's so exciting and such a coincidence to find a a fellow NE UK blogger with a similar thesis speciality.