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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas Decorations

I'm in such a christmassy mood now, I put all my decorations up on my last day off and the house looks so pretty (if I do say so myself...). I couldn't help but take lots of pictures... I hope you're all enjoying my picture heavy posts, I can't seem to put down the camera lately! P.s. this isn't a food or fitness post it's just my tree pictures so if you're not interested stop reading now! I won't be insulted ;-)

Almost finished...

Tia clocks her new climbing frame....


Our little window display...

The fireplace including stockings and lots of candles :-)
And some of my favourite decorations....

This one was a present my mum and dad brought us back from Amsterdam

This is one my mum and dad had on their tree when I was a child..

as is this..

and this!

And this is one I liked 'cause it looks kind of rustic!

If that didn't get you into the christmas cheer I hope this does.. I'm finally doing my CSN review and giveaway - just in time to treat yourself to some new cooking gear for christmas or buy a pressie for someone else. Stay tuned I'll be posting it tomorrow afternoon and it will be open until 15/12/10 so whoever wins can use the voucher in time for christmas.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekends and decorations if you've got them up... When do you like to put them up? Are you an early bird like me?


  1. Your fire place looks amazing! I have a bauble which my nana bought when I was born that my mam and dad still have on the tree each year. I still need to buy a proper small tree but other than that our decorations are up :-)

  2. Wow, your fireplace looks beautiful! So cosy :)

  3. Looks great! My mom is putting up all the Christmas decorations right now. I am just watching.

  4. Love the pics! Love the wooden decorations- takes me back to being little as we only had the wooden ones in a special box. I put mine up today but we have 2 weeks til we go away so I wanted to be early to actually have the time to enjoy them :)

  5. We always used to put decorations up late. I had none at all last year, I was too busy! But all these pictures people are posting are making me think I should try harder this year... :-)

  6. Love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing. In the States the rule of thumb is to put up decorations the weekend of Thanksgiving. I feel like I'm late because I am not completely done yet!

  7. Another fireplace fan here.

    I used to love the ritual of putting the tree and decorations up as a lad and would sit for ages with just the tree lights on in the room basking in 'warmth' of the light. The lights were all glass, relatively large and differently shaped then hand painted in multi colours - wonderfully gaudy - but somehow really christmassy. A type that anyone under 35 has probably never seen.

    We've a couple of decorations that mean something - some baubles from Prague, some from the first German market in Leeds, a metal santa we bought from a shop in Grassington about 20 years back.

    I'm sure that in the last 20 years decorations have become far more stylised and less gaudy or heath robinson - matching colours, delicate single colour lights. Disposable looks designed to change each year. I love decorations to be a mismatch overkill of colour.

    As to when, 12 days before Christmas (though if Sue had suggested getting a tree yesterday I confess I would not have complained).

    I'm rambling now...

  8. Your decorations look lovely! The fire looks so cosy and warm. I want to put my tree up NOW!!!