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Friday, 3 December 2010

Dedicated or Insane?

This morning Mike and I went for a snowy run.... We took Roxie and covered about 3 miles in 40 minutes!! That did include 3 toilet stops for Roxie a few minute discussion on whether or not to try running on the field and some walking where the snow was just too deep to run on....

We considered running intervals on this field... We decided it was far too deep and gave up on that idea..

Here is a little snow trench I ran through, these bits weren't so bad to run on.

I think I need some better cold weather running gear! Look how deep the snow is here... I'm not sure what we were thinking attempting to run on it! Around this point a woman told me I was very dedicated... I thought dedicated or insane, I'm not sure!! Most people looked at us like we were totally crazy and I can't really blame them!

We ran through a snowy tree cave... not sure that's the technical term ;-) The street lights were still on even though it was light and cast a really eerie glow

Sunrise in the snowy tree cave

Mike and a slightly blurry Roxie
Poor Roxie was covered in snow when we got home. We dried her off with the hairdryer and I made her some hot breakfast. She's a trooper :-)

After we'd had a bath and some breakfast - porridge of course in this weather - we decided we should tackle the roof and the gutters in the garden.. Not a fun job. I got so cold I was getting really ratty at poor Mike who was probably even colder.. (I was only clearing the snow he was getting off the roof..) Anyway I had to take some more pictures, I just can't remember ever seeing snow this deep!

More snow fall in the garden - that inch thick snowy thing is our washing line!

One burried garden chair..

up to my knees

snow in the roof

Mike clearing the roof

Pretty much done! Phew!

Well I'm off to go put the christmas tree up, in my really warm christmas pajamas. Yes I'm having a pj day! I've already done my run and my outside jobs so I'm unashamedly donning the pjs and loving it hehe. Hope everyone's having great days and keeping warm.


  1. Wow, you finally got the white stuff too! You took so many pretty pictures. I love how the light is reflecting perfectly off of the snow:) Did you use any special tricks for your photography or did the pictures just turn out so fantastic on their own?

    Sometimes it is fun to run in the snow:) Just don't fall on your ass!!! I bet Roxie had a blast:)

    Take care Laura and have a nice weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness HOW did you run in the snow??? Seriously, I have so much admiration for you right now! :)

  3. Girl, I'm just going to call you crazy ;-) LOL I think it's great you did that. What gorgeous scenery!

  4. Enjoy your PJ day! I saw a couple running when I was walking home the other day, I can see why I could be quite enjoyable if you had a nice surface of compacted snow, but it must be lower than minus 5 here now, I can only imagine how cold I would be out running! Those photos are really beautiful - love the tree tunnel!

  5. Good on ya.

    Its good to get out in all weathers. Keeps you connected.

  6. WOW you got a lot of snow!! We just got a few inches but there is more in the forecast for the weekend!

  7. Looks like you went running in narnia :)
    Crazy I think. The trouble is, you cant see the potholes or anything. But well done, you deserve the pj day :)

  8. wow! pretty intense snow in your area! stay warm =)

  9. I think you are both crazy and dedicated! I adore running in the snow and am so sad I can't get out and run in it at the moment :D

    I love the pictures of the "tree cave" - stunning!

  10. Those pictures from your run are amazing! I knew you were going to end up doing this at some point. Looks fun! Not sure how I feel about Mike standing on the roof though, it looks scary!!

  11. Thanks Julie! I didn't do anything special, just good natural light at that time in the morning I think!

    Laura it was SO cold, but it was fun. Wouldn't have wanted to be out there for any longer though, I don't do well with the cold! More enjoyable 'cause I was with Mike and Roxie too, would have been a bit lonely by myself, still pretty though!

    I was really worried Mike would fall off the roof, or go through the roof! It wasn't fun, but worse for him, it was such a cold day!

  12. Wow lots of snow. Dedicated or insane is there really that much of a difference.

  13. Those piccies are excellent - especially the ones on the roof! How did they manage to stay on upright???