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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winter Wonderland!

Ahh sorry it's been a while guys! Work has been hectic and my laptop is on its last legs so I haven't been able to go on it for long... Lets hope father christmas reads my blog haha

I haven't been doing much in the way of fitness the past week, I've had a really nasty cold/sore throat and only just managed to stay at work so it's been feet up at home! I did do my push-ups though,


26 is my new max! It's going up!

All you Brit bloggers will know about the snow! My town has pretty much come to a standstill, uni is closed for Mike and most people are working from home. Of course I can't do my work from home - not sure the home would like take a dementia patient home for the week.... Luckily it's within walking distance for me so I have been able to get in without too much difficulty, just cold wet feet!

Mike and I were considering running today but we decided the snow was too much.. It's up to our knees in places and really slippy in others... don't think we would have got very far. It's now I wish we had a treadmill. We couldn't even get to the gym with my mum and dad on a guest pass as they're completely snowed in! We did some strength at home...

Towel pull-ups 3x2 totally amazed I managed these!! The 2 weren't consecutive, I had to have a quick rest between reps I took a picture of this but I look horrible!! Maybe I'll get one next time hehe.
one legged squats wall assisted, these absolutely fried my legs 4x3E/L
14-18-13-12-10 push-ups did not go well today, I think I'm going to blame the pull-ups...
15 minutes core

Before I go, I'm going to leave you with some of my snow pictures... Roxie has been loving it!

Before it got heavy
What I woke up to..

Mike is in shorts?? My boyfriend is insane! Think he just couldn't be bothered to get changed haha.. still, insane!

Even Tia wanted in on the snowy fun.. although she didn't stay out for long!
Well that's about it for today. I have another day off tomorrow so hopefully I'll be back with my christmas decorating pictures! I can't wait to get the tree up!


  1. I'm cold just looking at those pictures. I'd definitely have to say I'd take a rain check (or would that me a snow check) on a run! Stay warm!

  2. Love your snow pics! Its crazy isn't it? Thanks for the link you left on my blog, I really need to feel a bit of cardio burn and as I can't run and the gym might be closed I'm going to have to make do! Hope your feeling better too x

  3. I'd like a treadmill too! Well done on those push-ups. I've always been terrible at them, but I can do about 6 now - hopeless!

  4. I saw that snow on the news and thought of you! When we lived there any snow we had melted right away. Your dog is super cute in the snow!
    Feel better!

  5. Way to go on the push-ups. AND the pull-ups! Being snowed in seems to have done you some good ;-)

  6. Roxy and Tia are cute! I think my small breeds will freeze to death in the snow. most esp my chihuahua ;p

  7. I think Mike is related to my 9 year old son--he thinks shorts are just the thing in the cold/snow!

  8. yay for getting your pushups in :)