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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A Day in the Life

Well in one of my recent posts I talked about different directions and one of the things I would never do full time but a few people seemed interested in was a daily eats post with reference to refuelling exercise. So, here goes! My diet is far from perfect but I like to think my attitude towards food is healthy now, I try not to get too obsessive over things which is why you'll see some white flour and white rice noodles, both of which were banned from my diet for several years when I was suffering from anorexia and in the early years of recovery. I feel totally exposed posting this random days eats so please no judging! It's a day off from work today so I've been fairly sedentary apart from the run and Roxie's walks.. I'll perhaps post a work day as a comparrison at some point...

0830 Breakfast of porridge with peanut butter, xylitol and honey, topped with homemade granola, recipe to come...

0930 Take Roxie on a short walk to go to toilet

1130 Set off for my run it takes ages for my breakfast to digest enough for me to feel like running. Was planning on taking Roxie but she was in a naughty mood so decided to leave her at home as I can't control her when she's not behaving, especially not on a run! (She has come on heat today for the first time so that might explain things...)

I set out to do 6-7 miles at a pace which felt fairly comfortable. I was really hoping for 7 but I wasn't sure how my legs would hold up due to my low mileage of late. Luckily at the 3rd mile I felt strong and decided the 7 was well within my reach! My pace is all over the place due to hills and wind...

7 miles in 1.05.00 ave pace 9.17
Mile 1 - 9.33 uphill and some downhills towards the bridge
Mile 2 - 9.53 uphill onto bridge
Mile 3 - 8.44 flat!
Mile 4 - 9.10 downhill off bridge
Mile 5 - 10.10 uphill back onto bridge
Mile 6 - 8.54 downhill off bridge
Mile 7 - 8.37 started this mile off at 10ish pace while it's up and down for the first half then was helped by a nice downhill

I felt really good when I got home from the run, the distance didn't feel like it was my longest run since last September... I only just realised it was that long ago when I checked my blog posts! Wow.. I may not be able to walk tomorrow!! (ETA My legs feel great today! Amazing!)

1240 Get home, stretch, start running the bath whilst microwaving last nights curry.. this isn't a typical days eats but it was in the fridge calling my name and it was worth every bite! Probably not the best recovery fuel but at least it was full of veg right...? It was a veggie rogan josh with rice and vegetable stuffed naan bread.

1400 After a reeeeeeeally long soak in the bath (what are days off for?) Mike and I sat down and watched some comedy DVDs Lead Balloon was the choice today. It's kind of like Curb Your Enthusiasm only with Jack Dee instead of Larry David. I also had some unpictured grapes here... I totally forgot to photograph them.. only doing it for one day and forgot... but you all know what grapes look like so I'm sure you'll forgive me!

1500 Still watching Lead Balloon we both had a sandwhich, mine was cheese, tomato and some salad cream on a crusty granary roll, I put some nuts on the plate for crunch and protein but unfortunately they were stale... guess I didn't tie them up properly..

1530 I took Roxie for a longer walk to make up for this morning.. She decided to poo right near the persons drive who'd put literally 10 signs saying to clean up dog poo
(our council lend out the yellow spray paint and stencil to anyone who wants to use it) and I almost didn't notice!! I hate dog poo as much as anyone but 10 signs is so excessive so I had a silent chuckle about her choice of poo area!

1700 Come Dine With Me... ahhhhh I love this program, it's the narrator who makes it for me, and the absolute loons it attracts to go on it! Anyway, the woman cooking today made brownies for desert and jogged my memory that I'd been meaning to make some sugar free brownies...

1800 We went in the kitchen and Mike cooked tea whilst I made brownies. We had a vegetable stir fry with tofu, rice noodles and black bean sauce. Really quick and easy one pan meal. I might have pinched a few bites of brownie straight from the pan too...

Sorry for the terrible picture... I hate taking pictures of food without natural light.. it looked nothing like that!!

1900 Tidied the kitchen then played Mario on the Wii... told ya it was a lazy day today!

2100 Begun my Monday night TV marathon... Biggest Loser UK and Glee accompanied by nachos! The nachos were good but a bit too rich too late at night, made my tummy feel a bit iffy! I make my own tortilla chips by baking wraps in the oven with some salt, they're almost as good as the real thing but a lot healthier. Be careful when you're cooking them though as they go from uncooked to burnt very quickly! We had them with sainsburys basics salsa which is actually really good, I always keep some in my cupboard, from memory it doesn't have added sugar in either which a lot of salsas do!

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this! It wasn't a completely typical day I just got up and decided why not do it today! It looks like an awful lot of food written down all together but I guess that's one thing running does is make you really hungry! I also want to add... I didn't document drinks which in hindsight was a bit silly... I made sure to rehydrate with LOTS of green tea and water... My hand was rarely without a mug of green tea! I like to brew a pot and keep topping it up with boiling water until it's gone too weak, then I brew another!


  1. I'd love to be able to knock out 7 miles like that & what a fab idea for nachos thank you :-)

  2. First off - nicely done on the 7-miler. Not bad time at all with wind and hills if you ask me! The nachos look fantastic. I haven't had any in ages.

  3. Sounds like a great run, and really enjoyed seeing your days eats, since I've been having problems with that recently it gives me an interesting comparison!

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  5. It's nice to see your eats finally! And they look yummy!

  6. That doesn't look like a lot of food at all! It looks like a perfectly healthy intake and I could gobble up your breakfast and dinner straight from the screen ;)

    It's nice to see someone eating properly, neither under nor over-doing it, and judging by your times and recovery, you're doing exactly what's right for your body.

    Thanks for this post as it was a really interesting read and no worries about those grapes ~ I attempted documenting my eats from the past three days and totally forgot to photograph my dinner from the second one :P


  7. great eats! i love how they mimic something i'd do. far-from-perfect? maybe. but totally delicious and real.

  8. Hi there! I'm so glad I found your blog, as I absolutely LOVE "day in the life of.." posts! Your eats look so great, especially the oats-those have a soft spot in my heart;) Can't wait to read more, and come check out my blog sometime!

  9. Aaaaahhh, I want those nachos! And that leftover curry!

    And MAN would I kill for a cheese sandwich right now..

    I think this is a great example of a regular days food. Nothing too fancy, but nutritious, and carby for refuelling the run :-) (On which nice work, btw!) I'm looking forward to you posting more of these :-)

  10. Excellent post Laura(do check that your PB, bread, soap ie anything from a supermarket is palm oil free:)!

    Really good to hear about Roxy(cutest pooch:)BTW:)

  11. Great post- you had no need to feel nervous :)
    I love come dine with me too! (Dave Lamb does make it great)
    Those brownies look awesome.

  12. I definitely should not read blog posts about food right before dinner! Everything looks so good!