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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Boxing and BBQ Food

I'm on a weeks holiday from work! We're not going anywhere but I am loving getting some rest in before we run our first half marathon on Sunday! Aaarrrgh! It's been gorgeous weather the past two days but I can't help but hope it cools off a bit for Sunday, I wouldn't enjoy running in todays heat, it was sweltering by 10am.

I did my first proper boxing workout in soo long yesterday morning and it left me so sore today. That's the only bad thing about having a week off before the half is I'm scared to overdo it because I want to be fresh on Sunday, I've never tapered for anything before so I don't know whether I'm doing it right haha, time will tell! The workout we did was good but tiring, I think I'm still feeling the throat infection a bit I've been sleeping a lot! I hope I've kicked it for good by Sunday.. We did

3 x 3 minute pad rounds (3 minute rest in between as I padded Mike in my rest)
20 minutes technique work
4 x 3 minute interval bag rounds (1 minute rest)
15 minutes of core work

It felt so good to get a workout in without rushing it! I can't wait to get back in the boxing gym after Sunday :-)

We made the most of the lovely weather today and went for a walk, we had to cut it shorter than intended because we got too hot! While we were out I bought some hairdye, it didn't quite go the colour I wanted but I like it! - Not the most flattering photo but you can see the colour..

We ate outside since it was so warm and Tia wanted to play outside, we can't let her out unsupervised anymore as I think she was scratching the rabbit when we weren't there. She knows she shouldn't but that cat is naughty.. Anything she shouldn't do she does and then stops as soon as you see her! Last weekend I was making the greek yoghurt desert and whilst getting rid of the excess water that had settled on top of the yoghurt in the fridge I managed to dump half the tub in the sink :-( Anyway, for some reason I didn't wash it all away, we came down to find Tia covered in yoghurt leaping out of the sink and hiding! I wish I'd had my camera out!

I also snapped one of Trudy relaxing in the shade
We had BBQ food for tea, nut burgers, quorn goujons, coleslaw, potato salad, new potatoes dipped in hummous, veg dipped in hummous, salad with pomegranate dressing Mike's mum bought back from Turkey a huge feast!

I think Mike caught me dipping some potato...

There may also have been a few sailor jerrys and beers consumed ;-)

Off to watch the Dog Whisperer, we're looking into adopting an Akita at the moment so we've been watching it loads. I always thought it sounded rubbish but it's really quite good! Anyone else like it?


  1. everything looks so good. what a great bbq!

    and woooooooooot to your race this weekend. you're going to majorly rock :)

  2. I have never watched the ghost whisperer but I always imagined it just to be a Super Nanny for dogs which I imagine would be a good show for dog owners! You're looking really good in your photos, I like the hair colour too :)

  3. BBQ's are the best...and it looks like yours Rocked!

  4. I love BBQ's - your food looks gorgeous! Also loving the new hair colour :D

    Your kitty looks identical to mine, she's all black too :)

  5. Love the hair colour!! When we adopted Zeus last year I watched the dog whisperer ALL DAY!! My attempts at being a pack leader are, however, quite questionable!! Good luck in adopting your Akita, it's the best way I think to get a new doggie. Rescue dogs take a little more patience and time, but its worth it in the end. x

  6. Hi Laura,
    It has been some time since the entire family has sat outside and had a BBQ! Maybe this weekend:) The food looks fantastic and what is that beer? Is it called Honey Dew? Is it good? Maybe I could try it....I seem to like the sweeter and smooth beers:)

    Funny about the kitty...I could see our Lilly jumping into yogurt and freaking out after:) Silly cats!

  7. look at that bbq! you're so good and healthy!

    ad do you drink beer with a straw? never have seen that before.

  8. Gorgeous looking BBQ; quite jealous here as we can never be bothered to barbecue for just the two of us.

    If/when you do get the Akita, photos please! They're -such- beautiful dogs... hard to look after but well worth it.

  9. That food looks awesome! good luck in the 1/2!