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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bodyweight Strength

On Sunday Mike and I did a bodyweight strength session. We decided we're going to try and learn some gymnastic moves... note... a handstand is a lot harder than it looks!! It was a good giggle and it's left me incredibly sore today. We'll definately be doing more of it!

Handstand 20 minutes of work, about 10 minutes each - I cannot believe how hard this was!! I just found it so difficult to fling my legs to the wall, the pictures are where I climbed my legs up the wall haha!

L-sit/tuck l-sit
I'm doing a tuck l-sit my feet are off the floor they're just really close... ideally we would have taller handles! Mike is doing an l-sit.. I'm not strong enough to do that yet!

Progressions to back lever
The idea for this one is to be able to hold your body out flat! It takes a lot of strength and balance.. think I'll be doing the progressions for a while! Mike is doing something called 'skin the cat' here and I've no idea why it's called that!

Frog stand
This was my favourite! Probably because it was the only one I could do haha!

This left me feeling totally beat up the next day! In fact today I'm still mega sore! I'd definately reccomend trying it it was a lot of fun but pretty frustrating cause it was so difficult, for me anyway!

I got another work update today... My bold move paid off! I'll be going back tomorrow with my correct pay and will be getting back paid, phew! I did not want to go back on the dole!!


  1. ok so frogstand looks like i'd just about fall over no matter what. and handstand looks like fun :)

    congrats on getting the correct pay!! must be such a relief

  2. Yay on the work news! i did gymnastics as a kid and could do a handstand in an open space but never against a wall- I was too scared of wacking my feet! At least in an open space if I felt myself toppling I could tuck into a forward roll :)

  3. That looks like fun, and a heck of a lot of work. Did something similar to the frogstand in my first attempt at yoga last night. Not as easy as it looks. Good job with the hardcore cross-training!

  4. nice frog stand. and those look hard! i'm tired just looking at the pics!

    i'll try the handstand and frog stand today;-)

  5. You two are a couple of studs! I couldn't even attempt the handstand!

  6. That body weight training looks great! I would love to try a head stand but I'd probably fall flat on my face. Great news about the job, so glad its worked out well for you x

  7. Woohoo! So glad to hear everything worked out for the best at work.

    You guys are awesome :) the pics!