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Monday, 7 June 2010

May Recap and a Tough Boxing Workout!

Well, unfortunately my trainers did not dry in time to go for a run yesterday :-( I got a good workout in nonetheless! I did 6 x 2.5 minute bag rounds, interval style again but I stayed on the bag all the time because Mike was doing a different workout. It was so much tougher doing the whole workout on the bag, I looked a total mess, sweat was flying off me haha! I was really gassed by the end of each round, I recovered well in the minutes rest thankfully! I was still itching to run all day, I'm not sure where my energy was coming from, maybe it would have dissappeared if I'd got out there...

Mike and I did some gymnastics before tea as my trainers were still wet then! My handstands are still awful! But the other moves are coming along nicely, can see some small improvements already!

Anyway, I just realised I didn't do my May recap, it might be a bit sparse because I've been slacking on writing down my weekly totals/embarrassed how low they were! But anyway, here goes!

Monthly Totals and May Recap
New Years Goals

Complete half marathon (current 4 miles) As of end of May longest run/jog is up to 12 miles!
One mile in >7.30 (current 7.55) was 7.16 - New goal to get it under 7 minutes I did it! 6.52!!! Lets see if >6.30 is possible before the end of the year!!
Two miles in >15.30 minutes (current 16.23) 15.24 - new goal >15 not tested this month
Three miles in >24.30 minutes (current 25.25) 24.21 during 5k time trial - not re-tested
Four miles in >35 minutes (current 35.47) 34.49 during a 6 mile run!

Hold a plank for 3.30 minutes (current 2.30) 3.53.. hope I can get to 4 minutes next time!
3 pull-ups in a row (current 0) Not tested
5 chin-ups in a row (current 1) As of end of January 4 but from 90 degree not dead hang, from dead hang can do 1. Not tested this month.
30 push-ups in a row (current 10) Can now do 30! - new goal, 50! Not tested this month.

Improve hooks and uppercuts – practice in sparring
Improve stance so weight is spread more evenly
Angle off – don't stand square
Win my first fight!
The new gym opens officially in a few weeks so my main boxing training will resume after the half, which is this month!!! I'm really excited to go back, it will fit in around work fairly well too, especially if I just get on the bus and go, once I'm there I will be ok, it's just getting home shattered and not wanting to work out that's been getting me, I'm hoping this will help!

New Years Resolutions
Do core workouts twice a week Not happened I've done some but not twice a week.
Neck exercises once a week Lets not go there!
Wrist curls once a week Same...
Isometric punches once a week Same!
Boxing three times a week Not back there that often but hopefully will be soon!
Running three times a week (distance, sprints and intervals) I've mostly done this at least twice a week, running has been my priority as the half is getting so close!
Follow pull-up/chin-up plan Still not been sticking to this one :-(

Monthly Totals - May
Miles -61.45

Only kept track of mileage, which is a shame... I should start doing my weekly totals again, it kept me on track! On a positive note I have managed to increase my mileage. I'm glad I've focussed on my running for the time being because hopefully it will pay off when it comes to my half marathon! Hopefully I've been doing just enough of all the other stuff to keep my base where it was and continue to improve once I've either gone down to my lower hours at work or got used to the high hours. I'm at the place 10 hours a day five days a week at the moment.. Ouch! Even more ouch considering I only get paid for 7.5 of those once you take off my dinner hour and the fact I don't get paid for the opening up or closing of the shop. When I go down to my usual hours there will only be one day a week like that which will likely become my rest day! Even though the money is helpful, I hope I go down to my contracted hours soon, I hate working so much haha!

Hope everyone has had a good day, I'm off to watch a documentary on social workers and then Glee! Hurrah!

Hmmm... Just caught the weather forecast for tomorrow... heavy rain and thunder, annoying! I hope it's just rain, I don't mind running in the rain, not keen on thunder and lightening though!


  1. wow you definitely are making really great progress on your goals! very good month of may congrats :)

    hope it doesn't rain or thunder or lightening for you tomorrow!

  2. Hurray for Glee :) Just don't run under any trees and I'm sure you'll be fine, or wear metal in your cap!

  3. You have done so well towards your goals, you shouldnt worry about any areas that you feel you haven't progressed in as you have clearly over achieved in so many other areas! Well done! I wish this weather would sort itself out!