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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Longest Run Ever...

...for me, anyway!

I ran 13.8 miles today!! It was so hard! I can't think why I was so desperate to get out there and go through that pain... But I feel ok about how slow and painful I found it today, I seem to have developed a streak, the first time I run the distance I find it hard, painful and slow and the second time it's not so bad. It must be psychological cause this run had gone way downhill by mile 7-8! A few things went wrong, I started too fast, when will I learn?? My clothing choices weren't great at first, a light jacket and jogging bottoms were too hot in the beginning... Let me tell you, taking a jacket off whilst wearing a camelbak, whilst trying to keep running is not easy and will make you look a bit daft! I had to stop and put it back on at around mile 5 too cause the rain had started to pour and I got cold again... Make your mind up Laura!

I ended up doing 13.8 miles in 2:22:25 for an average pace of 10.20, a lot slower than I'd hoped but I was more concerned on covering the distance, I just couldn't do it very quickly today! Hopefully the endurance will be better next time!

Mile 1 - 8.47 (set out a bit fast...)
Mile 2 - 9.05
Mile 3 - 9.50 (ugh this run feels pretty hard)
Mile 4 - 9.42
Mile 5 - 10.06 (stop looking at pace, let's just finish!)
Mile 6 - 9.32
Mile 7 - 10.27
Mile 8 - 10.14
Mile 9 - 10.22
Mile 10 - 10.02 (second wind?)
Mile 11 - 11.33 (that would be a no then)
Mile 12 - 11.37
Mile 13 - 11.47
0.8 - 9.22 (12.02pace)

I did 13.1 miles in 2:14:09... I was really hoping I could get my half time in under 2 hours on race day but I'm starting to think that's really unlikely. I think I could do it on a flat course in perfect conditions but we'll see... This course is hilly and it will likely be hot! Maybe the race day adrenaline will carry me through, maybe it won't!

As I was running today I was thinking about my goals.. I read somewhere that it's good to have three goals, I know I can, I think I can and I would love to....

I know I can get it sub 2:20
I think I can get it sub 2:10
I would love to get it sub 2!

I'm thinking maybe I should try a sports drink on half marathon day.. I'm not sure it would be trying something new on race day which perhaps isn't wise. It's on the 27th so I don't want to do anymore long runs before it.. My legs feel completely shot after todays run, my knees hurt, my feet hurt and a few toenails are hanging on for dear life! Any thoughts anyone? I'm still really new to this running malarky so I'd appreciate any advice!


  1. wow awesome job and congrats on your longest run ever :) so exciting! hmmmmm to sports drink. i personally don't do it buttt if you wanted i don't see how trying it out on shorter runs would hurt. sure you don't know how effective it'll be for the longer race but at least you'll know if your stomach can handle it.

  2. Woohooooooooo well done Laura, that is a fab result!

    I'm going to experiment now in the run up to my half with drinks on my long runs - starting this week, I'm taking some vita coco with me to sip when I feel I am flagging. It's naturally high in electrolytes and much higher than any sports drink - might be worth looking out for it you haven't already tried it


  3. You are a professional runner compared to me (I can't run the length of myself) so I can't advise. I can say a huge well done though! You are doing awesomely at the running and I think the 3 running goals is a really good idea.

  4. Great job Laura! As mentioned above, I think it's a good idea to try the sports drink on some of your shorter runs, just to make sure your stomach can handle it.

    You're going to do great on your race!!

  5. Well done thats terrific! You are going to ROCK that half marathon! x

  6. Find out which sports drink the half marathon will have on course and try it NOW. Definitely do not experiment with a new drink on race day!

    You are more than prepared for this race. You can run longish this weekend if you want but take it easy next week!

  7. Fantastic job on the long run! I agree, though: wouldn't be experimenting on race day. That could spell disaster.