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Sunday, 6 June 2010

A Long Time Coming..

I can't believe this week is almost over, it's gone so fast and I haven't even got round to blogging much again! This post has been half done in my drafts folder for ages!

Back on bank holiday Monday I did some cross training! Mike had a 12 mile run planned and was not really looking forward to it so I decided to bike it with him. I hadn't been on a bike for longer than 10 minutes since I was a child! I was so sore by mile three, I think it gave me bruises on my bum :S... I tried to not complain though because I knew Mike was having a hard time in the hot sun (I'm now sporting a garmin shaped tan line after forgetting to apply sun lotion...) aside from the sore bum, scary roads and sun burn I enjoyed biking!

On Tuesday, after I found out it was my last day of freedom I decided I needed to get some good work in since I've been finding it really difficult to fit workouts in around work. We did a good 10 x 3 minute workout on the heavy bag. We did it interval style, the timer randomly did high and low intervals and whoever was on the bag did hard work on there, the other person shadow boxed. It was tough, especially cause I was still so achey from the gymnastics!

I also met up with Mike's mum and sister at teatime and ran a fun 2.5 miles in 24 minutes, it was fun to run with other people at a pace I could hold a conversation.. A good reminder that you don't have to totally kill it to have a good workout!

I was having some big workout guilt on Thursday, I hate that I'm not managing to do as much since I started working. I just don't have the energy after a full day, I'd prefer to do it before but that would mean getting up before 5am! I just can't see myself not hitting sleep if my alarm goes off at 4.30! I feel like I'm totally full of excuses and should just get on with it but I can't quite seem to make myself do it, so frustrating!!

Now today I was so excited for my long run and my trainers were left out in the rain yesterday, I think Mike put them outside cause they were muddy, now they're drenched and I don't know if I can get them dry in time to run! So annoying! I'm just itching to get out there haha! I'll be back later, hopefully with a nice little run report, and if not I'll have to figure something else out!


  1. Aw what a shame about you trainers- I hope you sort something out! It's also a shame you aren't able to get the workouts in on work days. I don't think I would be very able to either. Is there any way you can cycle/run part of the way to work? Or get some activity in on your lunch hour? You have an active job so I don't think your fitness will regress!

  2. newspaper works absolute WONDERS for drying out shoes. and you'll get into a routine soon enough with balancing work and exercise/running. i'd say go for the early alarm. sure the first few times you may hit snooze and not get as much of a workout in but over time it will get easier

  3. Sorry about the wet trainers! Hope you can dry them out and get out running again soon!

  4. Oops, too bad about the wet trainers...hope you managed to dry them out and get out there!

  5. Obviously I can relate to the not working out guilt! I think when your working all day already you have to give yourself some slack - if you start forcing yourself to workout you might start not enjoying it! Hope your trainers dried out and you got out on your run in the end x