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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Moving House is Stressful!

Tia looks like I feel right now... I could sleep almost anywhere - so tired this week!

I went boxing on Monday and I've only just got round to posting about it :-( Not good!! I've just had one of those weeks, our internet has been on and off all week and we've been chasing up house stuff. We were all ready to go this Monday, everything was in place to go with our money and solicitors and our vendor's solicitor had implied to her that everything was ready for her. However, all of a sudden it turns out the house she is buying is not ready at all, despite being empty. The solicitor selling the property she is buying is doing so for someone who has died and is not rushing at all. We have to be out of our house by a week on Tuesday so things are getting a bit stressful. I always wondered why people said buying a house is one of the most stressful things anyone can do. Now I know!! I really hope we get stuff sorted soon. I can't believe our vendor's solicitor didn't tell her her house would not be ready. I believe she is being truthful to us. The estate agents we are buying through have been really quite rubbish and they pursuaded her to use this solicitor which makes me think the solicitor is probably quite rubbish too. I really hope we get some answers on Monday!

Tia is unimpressed by recent house revelations... or by being woke up by me taking pictures of her.. not sure which...

Anyway - back to Monday's workout.

Heavy bag 3 x 3 min (30s rest)
Circuit 1.30 on each station, 30s rest between stations
  • Heavy bag
  • Heavy bag
  • Kettlebell squats + clean
  • Bike
  • X-trainer
  • Push-up/sit-up (9 p-u)
  • Incline sit-ups w punches
  • Med ball
  • Leg raises
Technique sparring 10 mins - worked on body shots and combinations, getting in and out.. My problem is boxing on the back foot.. I tend to just keep going forward, which is fine when I'm the stronger boxer. But like last Thursday when I came across someone who could hurt me I needed to be moving in and out and taking less shots so this was useful. I'm looking forward to putting it to the test next week.

We finished the last of the mule bars the other day. I'm going to order some more for lunch boxes for us both.
Apple strudel.. This one tasted a lot like an apple pie nakd bar, the texture was really nice again and so was the flavour.

I loved the mango bar, it had a really strong mango flavour, I can't seem to find the picture I'm sure I took though, but they all look pretty similar. I think this might have been my favourite bar.

Unfortunately neither of us liked the licorice flavour bar. It was too strong and for me had the added yuckness of coconut which I just couldn't stomach.

Well, I'm going to get off for a run soon.. I might give this energy gel a try while I'm out there..


  1. I love the apple mule bar the most! Still havent tried the energy gel- think I will have to soon!
    Good luck with the move- it is so stressful isn't it? Wouldn't it be easier if you could order a house online and move in the next day? Fingers crossed it all gets sorted next week.

  2. Hey girl, just try to think of the end reward: your own home. It'll be stressful, but over quick enough!

  3. We move on Monday so I can totally relate to how stressful a time it is. Fingers crossed for you for a swift & positive outcome on Monday. We were in a similar situation that the people buying our place seemd to have a pants solicitor! thank goodness for working out to de stress.

    I've not tried mule yet - must give them a go.

    We're not getting internet access till 15/11 :-( Hubby didn't arrange as instructed!

  4. i remember moving from my mom's place to my apartment and even that was stressful! fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly!

  5. It sounds like you need your boxing to take some stress out on at the moment! :-( I hope things come good in the end with the house. Nerves of steel girl, nerves of steel..

    And again, great to read about the boxing workout. Sounds like you're taking a lot from this new club

  6. I agree that moving on a new house is really stressful..from arranging all your stuff to getting accustomed of a new environment is quite stressful..

    --kizzy mountain khaki

  7. just a couple of months ago, we moved to a new country. can you imagine the stress? haha! ;p happy Saturday girl =)

  8. Hi Laura,
    I remember how stressful moving can be. I was a total nut case:)

    I need to try the Mule bars...they look yummy!

    Hang in there and have a great weekend!

  9. Hope you get everything sorted with your house buying, it is certainly very stressful!