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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Renegade Man Makers?

I'm currently writing this post in bed.. After yesterdays workout I'm really suffering with DOMS! Especially in my back, I hope work isn't too strenuous tonight, I won't be able to keep up!

So here's what got me so sore... It's Mike's fault really I was just going to go for a run but the torrential rain was putting me off a bit so he tempted me with this killer workout..

Part 1
30s Burpees
30s High Knee DB Press
30s 1-2 Sprawl
30s Jumping Jacks
30s Shadow Boxing

x 4 rounds back to back

Rest 3 minutes

Part 2
30 Renegade Man Makers (2 x 3.5kg DB)
As fast as possible (I forgot to record the time I was so beat at the end... Next time!)

I would try and explain what a renegade man maker is but this video does it a lot better, I must confess I didn't do it with the push-up in. I could barely finish it without a push-up!

I just remembered I forgot to tell you all we couldn't go boxing on Thurs as it wasn't on! Should have checked the opening times before getting all excited. We hope to start back next week, Tuesday I'm hoping!

Now I haven't been in bed all morning. I did manage to do some baking while I was cooking breakfast. I made a quiche and a cheese and onion pasty. The quiche is half veggie sausage and tomato and half broccoli, mushroom, onion and tomato. I just went downstairs with Mike to photograph and try them both and phew! They worked ok. No soggy bottom and no runny egg in the middle, success! Next thing is to try making the pastry 100% from scratch. I used a packet mix where you just add cold water but it would be so much nicer to do it all myself.

First attempts at quiche and pasty.

Half broccoli, mushroom, onion and tomato and half veggie sausage and tomato.


Inside shot

The pasty.. notice the crack where someone (Mike) decided it would be a good idea to poke it... hmph!

Inside the pasty.. Next time could do with more filling I think!

Yum, I'll be making these again, only needed a small slice of each and I'm stuffed! They will be good for Mike to take to uni and for me to take to work :-)

What would you like to eat in a quiche? Inspire me for me next one!


  1. My PT made me do a variation of man makers once - the row wasn't in it - it was squat thrust with dumbbells, press up, up & clean & press - it hurt so I feel your pain!

    I can't see past broccoli - but what about some cherry tomatoes - you could part roast them with garlic first, peppers & another fave of mine red onion

  2. your quiche and pasty look awesome well done! making your own pastry is pretty easy if you have a mixer?? you dont have to worry about that rubbing lark, just bung it all in the mixer and tada!! i like cheese and courgette and tomato in mine. x

  3. Oh you baker you! Potato is lovely in a quiche, gives it a Spanish omlette feel! x

  4. I think mushrooms and spinach would be great in a quiche. I haven't made a quiche in ages. Those sound great. Hope the DOMS ease up.

  5. Pastry is so easy with a good flour ie spelt and good fat(olive oil not extra virgin)and you don't need a mixer!

  6. What about sundried tomatoes and goats cheese?Or roasted peppers and mozzerella? Or some kind of aubergine one (moussakka flavours?).

  7. i am so not creative when it comes to putting stuff in dishes! but yours looks really good. i'd eat it :)

    hope you can get in some boxing soon!

  8. That quiche looks really yummy!!! =)

    I would do that same workout only with one push up though. The one you posted really looks like a tough one!

  9. You tagged this as a horrible workout, but it sounds like you did awesome! You must have a core of steel! :D

    Hope work didn't kill you..

  10. Also, I meant to say thanks for the support / tips on the vegan thing. Am definitely going to check out that ice cream. I didn't know such a thing existed! I think I have it a bit easier than Mike, as I can eat soy occasionally, so long as it's not overly processed. Tofu seems to be ok.. I can imagine that keeping up variety is difficult though!

    Am studiously ignoring your quiche btw, though it looks great! :D

  11. veggie sausage in a quiche sounds yummy! Well done on cooking it perfectly, I've never attempted quiche as I think mine would be soggy x

  12. Hi Laura,
    Holy cow! You are a machine Lady! Nice job on the workout!

    Mmmmm, I love veggie quiche:) It has been so long since I have enjoyed a taste! Look at you little Miss Betty Crocker:) Have a great week Laura!