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Friday, 22 October 2010

Tough Sparring!

Every time we go to a new club I seem to come out thinking, wow I've never been tested like that before. Last night was no exception! For the first time I got out of the ring knowing I would have lost the fight. I feel really happy about it though, I'd rather be tested to my limits in sparring than go into my first fight unprepared and get a shock.

The training went like this;
3 x 2 min skip
0.5(ish) mile run
3 x 2 min bags
4 x 2 min sparring

Round 1
I started off strong and felt like I looked good. I was cutting him down and landing shots, he wasn't landing too much. And when he was, it wasn't too bad.

Round 2
I think at some point during this round I hurt him and he must have thought bring it on! This is when I really started to feel the shots and he started getting more through my guard.

Round 3
He hit me with a strong backhand and bust my lip. Annoyingly he must have known he hurt me cause he asked if I was ok. (I hate showing hurt as if it was a fight it would fire her up!) I said yes and we carried on. He definately took this round, now he was cutting me down and it was me on the ropes. Dammit! He didn't land much while I was on the ropes 'cause I was covering up well with my gloves and arms. I think he gave me a nice big black eye in this round too!

Round 4
Unfortunately by this time I was really tired, and he wasn't as tired. Or he didn't look it as he was still throwing lots of punches. I took quite a lot in this round and got stuck on the ropes again... Need to figure out how to get off the ropes. No-ones really got me on them before, and if they have I've been able to escape! I like to be the one trapping them on the ropes haha, got by my own game plan!

After the sparring the coach said she'd never seen that much heart from a girl before. That was a massive compliment! :-)

Unfortunately I have to get off to work now, TGIF!


  1. You ROCK girlie! Hardcore session, I love it!

  2. That is so cool (obviously not your bust lip or black eye) but the fact that you felt tested and really gave it your all - like Jo says you rock!

  3. Wow, well impressed, don't think I'd have the courage to step into the ring with a guy.

  4. AWESOME. you are so effing hardcore!! a bust lip? most excellent (and i say that because i know you're okay! )

  5. I would take that as a huge compliment too - you go girl! I love boxing and kickboxing but um I'm too much of a wimp to actually spar!

  6. oh my goodness. OWCH! i could not do this. real bodily injury?!?! yikes!!!! i want to say "be careful" but i think that isn't what you want to hear. ah i'm such a mom :) i'll say "happy friday" instead!! :) have a fab weekend :)

  7. Loved reading this -- keep the boxing stories coming! Great that you're being tested too, and complimented at the same time. That's definitely a recipe for improvement :-)

  8. Sounds like it was some serious voxing session!

  9. Way to go in the ring! I cherrish the fights that I have lost but walked away feeling like it was clean and I learned something. Its weird when you leave the ring after losing but feeling happy.

  10. Wow- crazy stuff. Well done on keeping going during that, it sounds so tough.
    Hope your lip is ok- I think if someone burst my lip I would faint from the blood and that would be it!