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Thursday, 21 October 2010

New Boxing Gym

It feels like I've been away for ages! I have still been reading blogs though! This week just seems to have been so busy and flown by, this post has been half written since Monday. Coupled with the fact I've had a few too many 5am starts and my brain stopped working at some point on Tuesday this post might be a bit jumbly... Apologies in advance!

Mike and I made an important descision about our boxing this week. We decided the club we had planned to go to to was too difficult to work around.. It's two bus journeys away from our house which would make the travel time there over an hour each way, probably closer to two on the way home as the buses aren't frequent. That meant we would have to be reliant on family members for lifts. This has proved difficult in the past as we've ended up having to train at home on days when we've thought we would be going, missed runs etc.. You know how I get stressed when my plans change!!

So, although we really liked the coach and there were plenty of boxers at our weights for sparring we decided to try out a club closer to home. Our previous coach had slagged this particular club off and we listened to him and hadn't tried it out. It had been made out to be a lazy club with poor skills.. We decided we should give the place a try anyway, the fact we can get there ourselves is a massive bonus.

The coach seemed really up on her skills. I think there were some lazy boxers there a few of them lit up cigarettes after the session, so perhaps it's those giving it a bad name. It's not something that will get in the way for us. So long as they keep those nasty cigs away from us!

I'm hoping this will be a good move for us as we can get there ourselves which will mean we can go whenever we plan to. The training doesn't finish too late either. At the other club we wouldn't be getting home until 10pm which if I was on an early the next day would be hell as we eat tea after training!

I hope we've made the right descision.. We won't really know until we've been a few more times but I know I've said this a few times but I hope this move will be the one that gets us back into boxing as much as we were when I started this blog!

Anyway, enough of my rambling.. The training!

4 x 3 min skipping (inc 30 push-ups)
2-2.5 mile run (guess 9-9.30 pace..)
3 x 3 min bag rounds
2 x 3 min shadow boxing
Partner drills
Cool down

I was nervous for the run.. All I could think was please god don't let me be the slowest person out there! They had a long route and a short route and the coach sent us out on the long route. As it happened only Mike, myself and one other person ran the long route but luckily the pace was really comfortable for me and I was able to chat with Mike and the other guy, the other guy even said we did it fast so I feel confident for future runs!

Anyway, that was way back on Monday night! We're going back tonight, I'm going to jog there from work so I'll get there a bit late and miss the warm up, hopefully they won't mind.. Other people came in quite late on Monday so I'm hopeful it will be ok. They spar on Thursday nights so I'll get my first taste of what that's like at the club.. hopefully it will be good for me! And hopefully I won't be too tired after work.. Cross your fingers for me!

On another note, I recieved another Graze box... Unfortunately for me Mike decided he likes them too so I had to share! We're trying to work out if we can fit them into our budget as we really like them. I have another half price box (due to my 2nd not arriving, they refunded one and gave me another half price one) and two with a pound off so we have 3 boxes to decide if we're going to carry on getting them. You can still try one for free with this code KVRTFJ1B if you want to, enter it at Graze.

Hope you're all having a good week - roll on Saturday for me!


  1. Hi Laura,
    Cheers to the new club! You might like it better...just wait and see. Good news on you feeling confident with the running:) Of course you were not the slowest person out there! You rock!

  2. Great news about the new gym! I think you've done the right thing, if somethings too difficult to fit into your schedule your just going to end up feeling stressed out anyway. Hope your working week goes fast for you!

  3. Wee Hoo for a new club and awesome running.

  4. Great news finding the closer gym. Convenience certainly can make a difference. I would be nervous about running with a group or new people period too. There is a group that runs on Tues evenings here and I keep coming up with excuses not to go join in. Hope you're able to rest up this weekend.

  5. Good luck with the new boxing gym! I agree the other one was just too far.

  6. i get stressed out when my plans change too! good luck with the new gym. sounds like a much better choice.

    have fun at the run tonight!

  7. Yay good for you for trying out the new gym. Well done for keeping up on the run too.
    Have fun

  8. I think trying the new gym is a great idea. You'll never know otherwise. And it sounds like a way better arrangement than the two busses scenario. I hope it works out in the long term - it would be cool if you got into regular fighting :-)