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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Haltemprice 10k

This morning whilst we were walking Roxie I realised it was the day of the 10k we planned to run right back in July. We decided not to enter the race as I was supposed to be working today and you know that big thing I've been going on about for ages, well we thought that was going to get in the way too. Talking about that, I was really nervous to post it on the blog in case anything went wrong but even though things could still go wrong I need to tell you all! Mike and I have bought a house!! We're hoping to move asap. Especially with this no hot water debacle. Which we are still without, 11 days on.

I'll share pics of the house as soon as we're in, currently our place looks like a total mess. There are boxes everywhere and I'm running out of clothes! We're also trying to run our fridge/freezer/store cupboard stocks down and that's why I've been on about budgeting so much lately.. Did anyone guess what my cryptic ramblings were on about?

Here is the mess that is my house right now :-( Roll on move day!


So, back to the morning. We got home from our long walk at 10.20 freezing cold having been out since 8.45 and I checked the race details online. It started at 11, race entries on the day a pound extra... Pretty much told Mike we were doing it and phoned my dad to ask for a lift. We ran around getting our gear on, feeding Roxie and downing some water. As it happened we got there a few minutes too late to enter but the woman said to just run it and not go through the finish line. So my time is not official it's my garmin time but I'm taking that, it's the same as the official one, had I got an official time I would have come 183/295 overall and 45/113 :-)

To get to the start line we had to run up two flights of stairs to try and register, failed to register and then run maybe .2 miles to the start line. Talk about last minute!! I felt totally unprepared for this race as when I thought I wasn't going to be able to run it anymore I lost my motivation and my running suffered. Adding to that my garmin wouldn't find a satelite, even though I had got it to find one at home which normally works so I don't have any splits and I didn't have a clue what pace I was going at throughout the race as there were no mile markers only km markers so I couldn't even lap it! I think it actually kind of worked well for me though as I just went on feeling and not on numbers, as I so often do!

My overall time was 52.19 average pace 8.25, 36 seconds faster than I've run the distance before. I'm so happy with that! I'll definately do this race next year, and properly. It was a great course, lots of rolling hills but they weren't so bad, it also went right through the village I grew up in and I ran past my old primary school so that was cool! I'm really happy with my time.. Thinking maybe I should run without looking at the garmin more often.. I'd have to have it on my though, I love looking at the stats afterwards!

Hope you've all had a great weekend.. I'm leaving you with some pictures from our walk this morning, we do an extra long walk on Sundays and I love the secluded field we take Roxie to play on, it's so peaceful and it has horses. Sadly only one horse was out to play today though..

Bye for now!


  1. CONGRATS ON THE HOUSE! that is majorly exciting :D

    and great job in the 10k. i'm really glad you were able to run it.

    lovely walk as well. soooooooooooo pretty. can i come visit and go there with you?! hahah

  2. Congrats on the new house and on a great race!!! Love the pics--I miss riding so much!

  3. what beautiful outdoor photos!!!!! i want to play with puppies and horses!! :)

    CONGRATS on your 10k pr!!!!

  4. Oh girl, so happy for you guys - that's awesome! There's something so special about buying your first home. And nicely done on the race too. Even if it's not official - way to go!

  5. Congrats -- and congrats!! Awesome 10k time, even if it is unofficial. But even more awesome news about the house. That's really exciting! Moving is a nightmare, so no doubt things will be stressful for you guys for a while, but I'm sure in the longterm this is going to be such a great change. What a definitely moment in adulthood eh! ;-)

  6. Yay that is such exciting news about the house :)
    Congrats on the race time too- what an awesome time- super speedy- the garmin obviously slows you down haha!

  7. Congratulations on the house, well done on the race great time.

  8. Thats great news about the house! and well done again on the race it sounds like so much fun :-) I think I need to find a nice 10k race to run some time early next year to keep me motivated.

  9. Congrats on the new house! Great job on the race too! At least you got to run for free!

  10. CONGRATS! How exciting. I hate moving with a passion.
    Nice race!

  11. Thanks everyone! Karyn if you ever come to England, let me know!

  12. Hi Laura,
    Congrats on a wonderful 10K finish! You had a fantastic time! You are moving!?! How exciting for you:) Lovely pictures of the countryside! Take care and have a great week!

  13. congrats on the 10k. Pics are great

  14. Yay, congrats on your house purchase!