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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

I'm pretty sure I've done a post with the exact same title before but it fits today!

The good...
My tea from Kate arrived yesterday morning..

There was so much tea to choose from, I didn't know where to start! Since I've never had white tea before I went with that. It was nice, I probably wouldn't pick it over green tea but you have to do something really special to knock green tea off the top spot! The teas came with a really cute card too. Thanks Kate!
I got my W2D2 push-up challenge done this morning 14-16-12-12-18... Thank goodness I pushed the final max reps this time! I would have felt so defeated if I'd had another 'bad' attempt! I need to test my max again soon.. hope I can do above 20 now!

The bad...
Mike forgot to change our ebay address so all our ebay items for the new house went to the old address which I really didn't want to go back to after the messing about over the floors and shed. Luckily Mike's dad went for us and retrieved most of it. Hopefully they won't try and keep anything!

The garmin ran out of battery just as I finally got the motivation to leave the house meaning I had to wait and charge it, which meant breakfast was a looooooong time before my run..

I can't find my headphones - running is so much better with a soundtrack!

The ugly...
My run fail! First the garmin ran out of battery so I had to wait at home to charge it and I was already hungry so nutrition wasn't right. Started off as intervals, then turned into tempo, then became argh eff it just run. I was going to start a 10 mile training plan yesterday but this run just confirmed my body isn't ready. I'm going to start to try and build my milage back up so that when it comes to training for my half marathon in June I will be totally ready to tackle the milage and do the training plan 100%.

I ended up doing 4 miles in 37.12 an average pace of 9.16 - way slower than I was a few months ago :-(
8.10 - this was going to be a warm up but I set out too fast and it became a tempo mile.
9.32 - this was supposed to be a second tempo mile but I just couldn't keep pace. I also tried my cherry gel from mule bars in this mile and choked on it... embarrassing!
9.11 - started feeling a bit better
10.09 - and lost it again... self fullfilling prophecy maybe? I think too much about these things perhaps I should have just gone out and run! In fact the more I look at the stats from this run the more I feel like I must have just given up in mile 4... Hopefully my next run will be better, I need to find my headphones and get out there for a LSR.

More ugly - I have an 11.5 hour shift today :-( not excited about that! Wish me luck!


  1. Those teas looks great. I think just getting out there and running is an achievement (it certainly is for me at the moment!)Hope your shift goes ok, I'm on another full day too!

  2. We all have those workouts that start out as intervals and end up as steady state. You won't have lost base fitness, but your body just isn't as used to the really hard efforts. Plus there's those long work days! Once your head is back in the game and you start back with some consistency, your fitness levels will shoot straight back up. I bet you some almond butter ;-)

    Have a good day at work!

  3. Ate least you got out there, that's a start. We all have bad running days just remember that. It sounds like it was just one of those days to begin with. Hope your day goes quickly at least.

  4. i hope you can get through that long work shift! then you can add another thing to the good :)

    great job on those pushups. i always try to go one more than the max suggested to make myself feel hardcore hahah!

  5. I hope you have a great shift at work. I'm going running after uni today and it looks freezing!

  6. awww pull through the 11.5-hr shift!! there is goodness waiting for you after work...a holiday!! I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving!

  7. Wow sounds like you will need those teas to get you through your shift- 11 hours is crazy!

  8. Crikey! If that's an ugly run for you, I think I'd fall off my chair if I saw the stats for a good one ;) hope your giant long shift went ok x

  9. Yeh the Twinings tea is just awesome. So many nice flavours!

    Jim from Bleep Test

  10. Hi Laura,
    I used to drink tea all the time. When I was a flight attendant I started to drink coffee and became so addicted to it:) I really should start drinking tea much better for me.

    I had to laugh at your comment:) Today when I got out of my car in my work parking lot....I stepped outside and bit it big time on some ice:) I landed on my bum and OMG did it hurt!!! I was wearing my black hooker boots:) You know the ones that go up to the knees. They have heels and I just lost my balance:)

    Have a great week Laura!

  11. Don't worry, I've had runs like that too! You'll soon get your stamina back, and then rock that half!
    But I do feel sorry for you with an 11.5 hour shift!! Good luck with getting through that one! :)