Mileage counter

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Well I successfully completed my new speedy interval times!

1200m - 5.02 (5.18)
1000m - 4.19 (4.22)
800m - 3.23 (3.28)
600m - 2.37 (2.35)
400m - 1.36 (1.42)
200m - 0.41

= 3.6 miles in total

And.... I tested my push-ups!! Finally... My max has halved doh! But it's a starting point.. now I've finally got round to testing them I can start the program. I think I'd partially been putting it off 'cause I knew my numbers would be down but partially because of the other stresses which have been going on in my life recently. Sadly they're still a problem but I think I've got my eating more under control.. I almost skipped breakfast today but I thought about going for a run and went to the kitchen and made my porridge. I'm going to head out for 5 miles soon.... Mid tempo pace... absolutely terrified haha! Wish me luck :-)


  1. Good luck with your run! I need to start to get my head around intervals and tempo runs and what not - can you recomend any books or websites that might help?

  2. Hope the run went well! I'm glad you didn't skip breakfast.

  3. Love doing intervals. Hope you got in a good run (and gotta eat and fuel that body). Hope things are getting better.

  4. Great interval session as always :)

    Sorry life is tough at the moment: good for you for pushing through and finding more positive methods of dealing with the stress.



  5. Whew, those are some impressive times lady! I'm sorry you're still dealing with crap in your life, but I admire the way you are handling it. I'm especially glad you're managing to eat :)

    Hope today's run went well!

  6. Sorry to here that things are difficult for you at the moment, sending you virtual hugs!! (: x

  7. sending you lots of positive vibes, hope you can get back to normality soon xxxxx

  8. Champion - gotta love the old intervals!

  9. Good luck with your run. I know you will do great!!!

  10. Your always consistent...I love it! Great intervals!