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Saturday, 5 March 2011

A Day in the Life...

Work day edition...

0800 - breakfast porridge with PB&honey, glass of water, large black coffee
0845 - walk Roxie
0915 - sit down with laptop and green tea and Roxie
1100 - tweet my lack of motivation to go run... get some positive responses, thanks Jo!
1105 - get ready to run
1115 - off I goooooooooooo

Before the intervals....

800m warm up
400m - 1.46 (7.10 pace) (1.51)
600m - 2.45 (7.28 pace) (2.48)
800m - 3.43 (7.27 pace) (3.45)
1200m - 5.33 (7.25 pace) (5.44)
800m - 3.48 (7.38 pace) (3.45) - I spent most of this interval scoping out places to puke.. not good!
600m - 2.40 (7.16 pace) (2.48) - back in the game!
400m - 1.40 (6.41 pace) (1.51)
800m cool down

400 RI

Total distance covered = 5.5 miles

Sporting the sweaty tomato look.. complete with steamed up glasses... Oh dear.. This is my new neighbours first impression of me? Unfortunate haha!

I folded down my intervals after I'd completed each one, it was a good way of visualising how much or how little I had left to do!

1200 - get home, meet new neighbour for the first time looking like a sweaty tomato.. doh!! Run bath, drink green tea and eat nakd bar in bath. Ahhhhhhhh relax for 20 mins before work. There is nothing better than a red hot bath after a run... Don't think I'll ever be one for ice baths!

The nakd bar was taken from our rather awesome nakd bar stash... They had a great offer on last week, all of that cost us twenty pounds! Bargain!! I was gonna link it but sadly I think it's finished.. I was going to get some more too.. Oh well, knew I should have bought two lots of it, they've gone down fast!

1230 - make lunch to take to work, snack for before work, put on some mascara - I'm not a big makeup person but I like a bit of mascara!
1320 - sit down with snack and more green tea and type up some of this whilst eating snack... work days call for multi tasking! Upload pictures taken earlier on...
1355 - Set off for work, I walk there today but sometimes I bike. It's probably just under a mile.
1415 - Arrive at work have handover then start my shift. Unfortunately do not arrive in time for a coffee before the start of the shift :-( Oh well!
1550 - First break at work, 10 mins for a coffee.
1750 - Second break, 30 mins have all my food. I took the pictures before I went to work as I didn't want to explain why I was photographing all my food to my colleagues!

I've photographed both the tupperware boxes next to the teapot so you can see how mega my salad and fruit boxes were!

I started with one of my favourite salads, it's kind of a cross between a nicoise and a greek salad, more info if you click salad!

gratuitous close up shot!

Finished off with an entire small melon

And I couldn't resist packing my fave sneaky treat. Twirl chocolate, so bad but so good!
2200 - Finished work and went home, I got a lift home. My dad's been picking me up since the attacks, usually I bike. Also usually I have something to eat when I get home but today I had a glass of wine instead (or 3...ooops!)... probably not the best decision but I couldn't quite bring myself to eat anymore.. I want to add a disclaimer to this post - I think I probably usually eat a bit more than this. I'm doing a lot better but looking at it I'm not totally there yet.. So maybe I'll do another day in the life post when my eating is a bit better.. actually I kind of enjoy doing these posts but I couldn't do it every day! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. haha i love the steamed up glasses look. it happens to me every morning when i'm drinking my coffee!

    great workout lady. especially getting dangerously close to the puke factor ;)

  2. Love the look of your salad, yum! I always find these posts interesting, thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Wow GREAT workout!! Love those intervals...and super speedy too!:)

  4. With you on the steamedup glasses look- the first time I met some of my beighbours was after a 10 mile run in the middle of summer- not a good look! Also loving the nakd bar stash- I got some too but have no boxes big enough for them all! I need an extension to house all my food! :)

  5. I'm so glad you've started including more photos and daily recaps: I love your glasses! You really suit them and is that an Eeyore mug I see there? Obviously I adore that too! And your earrings (not the correct term but I'm not sure what they're called!) are so cool: I've always wanted to get bigger holes put in my ears but I'm a scaredy cat and had to let my last ones close up due to infection.

    Hehe, those Nakd bars might last me...a week, tops?

    Good luck with your eating and fingers crossed that things keep on improving. Nothing wrong with a Twirl at the end of a hectic day either (or some glasses of wine!)


  6. I have the glasses steaming up problem as well :) I got the Nakd bar offer too. I'm not so keen on the berry flavour, but luckily my Mum's volunteered to eat them!

  7. Fun! That salad looks so good!

  8. Love reading about other people's dairly routines, and seeing how people fit things in!

    Twirl is a fine fine chocolate! Also love the Nakd bar stash. I actually prefer the cocoa mint, orange ones. I sometimes make my own but I'll always keep a couple of standby, they are so delicious.

  9. I laughed at you scoping out a place to puke! That's a good effort (though good that you didn't *actually* puke). I also like the idea of folding down the intervals on the piece of paper -- good motivation trick.

    And monster salads! Wowza!!

  10. I have a Nakd bar stash just the same as that :)

    Bought in the same bargain week that I found Clif shot Bloks at less than half price.