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Monday, 28 March 2011

Loving the Long Run

I had a great run yesterday! Despite feeling really tired and mentally thinking of every excuse in the book why I should stay at home I knew I'd feel better once I'd got out there and done it and I was right! The only way mentally I could get out for the run was to not worry about pace and just go on feel. That ended up being absolutely the right tactic and I actually pulled out an awesome run! I was so pleased with myself, poor Mike never heard the end of how wonderful my run was all day! I've only done one 12 mile training run before and that was 3 mins slower than this one, good result! I feel fitter and stronger than I did this time last year anyway! Plus, this time would put me right on target for a sub 2hr half marathon! I know I have it in me it's just whether I can pull it off on the day!

12 miles 1:50:04 average pace 9.10
Mile 1 - 9.45
Mile 2 - 9.34
Mile 3 - 9.41
Mile 4 - 9.29
Mile 5 - 9.41
Mile 6 - 9.39
Mile 7 - 9.26
Mile 8 - 9.11
Mile 9 - 8.52
Mile 10 - 8.32
Mile 11 - 8.23
Mile 12 - 7.54

I went easy for the first 2 thirds of the run and then started to pick up the pace for the last 4-5 miles, somehow pulling out a last mile which begun with a 7! Very exciting, about 1.5 years ago my fastest ever mile time was 7.53 so it felt amazing to be running that pace at the end of a 12 mile run. As you can see I'm buzzing a bit off this run!

I also tried out using gatorade on this run... good news is it didn't give me tummy ache, bad news is, not keen on the taste. It's a fair bit cheaper than coconut water and provides electrolytes and more calories during a run but coconut water tastes better and is all natural.. I felt good drinking it too although I'm not sure if the effects were physiological or psychological hah! I'll have to keep experimenting! I actually ran holding the bottle which I always thought would be really annoying but I think it might have helped me a bit as I often clench my fists when I run which I think is putting a lot of tension in my shoulders and holding the bottle seemed to alleviate this. Maybe I didn't need to buy the fancy camelbak afterall!

How do you like to fuel your long runs - gatorade or coconut water? Do you think electrolytes are important or all psychological? - even if the positive effects are just psychological I'll take it!


  1. Sorry Laura but based on those numbers I don't think it would be wise to look for a sub 2 hour half marathon.

  2. Because I'd say 1:50 looks far more sensible!

    If you can do 12 in that time and feel strong in the last miles then on race day and with a target pace you should be able to get to (or very very close to at worst) the same time for the 13.1.

  3. Oh haha my heart sank when I read that first comment!! I'd love to shoot for 1:50! I would be so happy to get that kind of time!

  4. Awesome job! I don't use Gatorade but know I should.....I use GUs and water.

  5. Well done thats an awesome run! I used to drink powderade but this year I'm going to try coconut water and stick to my dates for fuel - I much prefer the natural option!

  6. Nice job girl! I usually take along gu/gel packets and water. If the hubs runs with me, he will take 1 water and 1 gatorade and I'll drink some of it. But I don't like the flavor either - makes me even thirstier. I don't think it's psychological at all. I could tell a huge difference in performance and especially recovery when I started fueling mid-run.

  7. Well done on the run! I haven't run properly for months, but coconut water is definitely my preference xxxx

  8. Fantastic run Laura, I use gel although I am planning to try the Nuun electrolyte tablets a lot of other bloggers swear by them.

  9. Well done! It just shows that sometimes just getting on and doing something can have brilliant results :)

  10. Woah you are so speedy!
    I have coconut water after a run in the summer, and now I have nuun (it is not fizzy) while on a long run/ when I get back from a medium run if I get too hot. I used to suffer from bad headaches post run, and now I get them sometimes, it's njot as often and not as bad, and I am sure it was lack of salt as I think my diet is pretty low in salt. The clif bloks have electrolytes and I think the body does need them.

  11. Great long run! That is awesome that you sped up at the end. My coach always tells me to do that but it can be hard! I am sure it will pay off in your race!

  12. I agree with Rob. If you're running those times now by feeling out a comfortable pace, then I think you can hope for something a good way under 2 :-)

  13. That was just a training run? I agree with Rob and Alison: I reckon if you pushed yourself you could make a 1:45.

    With things like Gatorade, I often think the psychological benefits are equal to the physical ones. It's a bit like my hamstring tape: it does a bit of good, but primarily it gives me a bit of confidence to race, and since running is about 75% mental energy I think it's something worth investing in.


  14. Hey girl! So glad I dropped by your blog :-) Great run - sub 2hrs here you come! I'll be rooting for ya!

  15. Good job! 12 miles is awesome! I hope to get there soon1 =)

  16. great progression of paces with this run. very exciting to see each mile tick by faster, right? :)

    i personally like powerade zero. but i only drink it after runs as i never take anything during the runs themselves. the effect is probs mental butttt i'll take it too :)