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Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Few Long Runs

Well my eating has been a bit better these past few days and that has resulted in some pretty strong runs! I'm feeling much better about my half marathon training right now. And my eating but I don't want to jinx myself, last time I said I thought I'd sorted things out I lost it again so now I'll be careful what I say!

I ran 8 miles about a week ago now, or just under a week probably.. I was really surprised to see I'd completed it with an average pace of under 9 minute miles. It felt really good, my breathing was controlled, my legs felt good until the last mile when they got a bit tired and I felt like I could have pushed through more. Yippeeeeeeee!

8 miles in 1:11:39 8.58 pace

Mile 1 - 9.33
Mile 2 - 8.55
Mile 3 - 9.08
Mile 4 - 8.52
Mile 5 - 9.03
Mile 6 - 9.02
Mile 7 - 8.46
Mile 8 -8.21

plus a little bit to get home 0.2 (8.35 pace)

On Monday I took Roxie out on an attempted 5 mile mid tempo run, proposed time per mile of 8.35-8.45... Ohhhhhh no. This was just not going to happen. I just can't run fast with Roxie. She pulls me, she trips me up, she generally drives me batty. I almost took her home but decided to carry on as she hadn't had a walk and I didn't have time to run and walk her before work. I decided to cut a mile off as I was not enjoying it and just getting really frustrated. I don't think I'll take Roxie out on any proper training runs only recovery runs now. It just doesn't work! Overall we covered 4 miles in 37:28, average pace 9.31.. I won't bore you with the splits on this one!

Now on to yesterdays rather awesome long run!

9.7 miles 1:26:31 8.57 pace
9 miles in 1:20:55

Mile 1 - 9.26
Mile 2 - 9.07
Mile 3 - 9.01
Mile 4 - 9.06
Mile 5 - 9.11
Mile 6 - 9.09
Mile 7 - 8.43
Mile 8 -8.37
Mile 9 - 8.37
Mile 0.7 - 5.35 (8.25 pace)

If I'd realised how close I was to 10 I would have probably finished. Especially since I would have got 10 miles done in under 1:30 something I tried to do for ages last year! Oh well, next time! I actually ran this rather a lot faster than I should have been doing.. It was supposed to be HMP+20s which would be around 9.20 per mile but I just felt really good. My legs were ok and my breathing was really controlled. It was tough to slow down. If I can run my half marathon like this I will be so happy. I don't know if I can though, it's a hilly course and it will most likely be red hot! I can dream! I should be practicing more hilly routes at the moment but the hilly route I like to run is a bit secluded and there have been 3 sex attacks on women very close to my house and this route over the past month so I decided sticking to a crowded but flat route was definitely my safest option. You can't be too careful can you there are some awful people in our world. We're considering buying a treadmill so we can run when it's dark and for hill work... I'm not sure how I feel about long runs on a treadmill but it's better than not at all I guess.

Are you a treadmill lover or a treadmill hater?


  1. Awesome job girl!!! We can't run with our dogs either. More dangerous chaos than an actual run ;-)

  2. You are doing great! Awesome pace Laura :)
    I agree stay away from that secluded area...sounds dangerous. I'm not a treadmill hater, though I do prefer to run outside...but safe is best!

  3. Awesome runs and so glad to hear your feeling a bit better. I had to embrace the treadmill for the winter - I think as long as you do intervals or hill / speed work to keep it interesting its fine - better than not running at all!

  4. Glad you're back on form :)

    I could never run with a dog at any pace, or for very far! I've seen quite a few people around where I live doing it and I really admire the way they seem to stay in sync with their pooches, or vice versa. I think you have to have a specific breed suited to the distance and train the dog VERY well to have a chance of training efficiently with one.

    I'm a treadmill hater. I just find it boring and it doesn't give me the same endorphin rush, plus the lack of camber tends to trap the already compressed nerves in my back, resulting in a temporarily numb right leg after about 10K. But I can understand the need for somewhere safe to run, and there's nothing wrong with the treadmill in terms of running ability: it's perfectly possible to run a strong half doing all your LRs on the 'mill.


  5. Yay awesome runs indeed- you are so speedy :)
    I dont like the treadmill- I find it boring and also hard- I dont like the way the belt moves your legs for you and I get dizzy when I get off it. But sticking to crowded places sounds very sensible- you need to be careful if you are out alone.

  6. Well done on a couple of good runs :) Maybe you need to put your dog on a half marathon training plan so she can keep up with you!

  7. I like to be outside but if its cold or windy I will go in and use the treadmill. Great job on those runs! You are training really well! Keep it up!

  8. i'm TM indifferent. meh.

    and i totally feel you on that distance stuff. if i know how close i am to a round number i feel like i should hit it hah!YAY for speedy running though.

  9. Yaay! I'm so glad you're feeling more yourself again :-)

    I have a friend with a young son who is marathon training, and she's done half her LSRs on treadmill, including a 29 miler! She did the 22 outside and was fine though, so I think you can use the TM effectively. Be aware though that a lot of home treadmills don't have an incline function. The ones that do are quite expensive I think..