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Friday, 4 March 2011

February Recap

Well February is over and we're already into the third month of the year, how on earth did that happen??

February goals

Push-up challenge
Run 3 x weekly
Start half training plan
Would love to do 45 miles in Feb

February Acheivments
Miles - 33.1
Push-ups = fail I didn't do much other than run in Feb...
Tried Body Pump

Not a great month but as you all know I've been struggling with my eating so I'm not too disappointed with my month. I'm disappointed I was struggling again but I think I coped fairly well. I would like to say I'm past the worst but I don't want to jinx it!! Lets just say I hope March is a much better month!

March goals
Start that blasted push-up challenge - no more putting it off!!
Run 3 x weekly
Would love to do 50 miles in March, I think that's possible..

I've seen this around on a few blogs now so I'm gonna hop on the bandwagon! If you're not interested in the ABC's then feel free to skip the rest as there isn't anything else on this post :-)

A. age: 26... Feels the same as 21 tbh.. not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing!

B. bed size: King, it sleeps me, Mike and Tia

C. chore you hate: I don't really, really hate any of them, I just wish I had a bit more time for them! I hate the fact they take up valuable time haha

D. dogs: I loooooooove dogs! I love my Roxie dog! In fact, I think it's been too long since she made a blog appearance!

E. essential start to your day: Coffee. Don't try and get me to do anything until I've had my large black coffee. A bowl of porridge wouldn't go amiss either... only if it's got PB in though ;-)

F. favorite color: probably purple, or lilac, or pink...

G. gold or silver: Can I say white gold? My engagement ring is white gold and I'd like my wedding ring to be too.

H. height: 5’8" getting up to 6' in my highest heels!

I. instruments you play(ed): Clarinet, saxaphone, I used to sing a lot too but not anymore.. I'm going to learn the piano... I just need to get one first!

J. job title: personal carer, music teacher and loads of other stuff.. always driving Mike nuts by signing up for too many different things..

K. kids: not for me, at least not now.

L. live: life to the full.

M. mom’s name: Susan

N. nicknames: don't really have any..

O. overnight hospital stays: I had my adenoids out when I was teeny tiny and had one or too stays in A&E when I was younger due to ED complications but nothing really major.

P. pet peeve: People who are lazy and avoid doing work. There are some people at my place of work like this and when you work a shift with them you are constantly having to pick up their slacking. I also hate it when people leave work early, you have to wait for the other shift to arrive before you leave but some people b*gger off as soon as it hits 2.30/10.00 and leave you hanging for the others. It's just inconsiderate. I don't mind it when they ask or say do you mind if I get off but just leaving without any regard for the other people really bugs me. Okk rant over! I'm sure I could think of a few more though.. I must be a closet grump!

Q. quote from a movie: I wouldn't say it's my favourite quote but this did make me laugh today!

R. right or left handed: right

S. siblings: A little brother who's not so little, Jonathan 23

T. time you wake up: 5.30 on early shift days, 7-8ish on days off or late shift days.

U. underwear: Bhs cleavage enhancer bras to help my rather inadequate bust! Incidentally one of the residents at work has taken to calling me tiny tits... wonderful!!... (She has dementia, she's not just rude!)

V. vegetables you dislike: I can't really think of any, I'm not a huge fan of rocket though..

W. what makes you run late: Not realising how much time I've spent doing something.. Like writing this or faffing about tidying or cleaning when I should be getting ready.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: dental is all I can think of

Y. yummy food you make: I make rather yummy brownies, homemade nachos, healthy baking...

Z. zoo- favorite animal: All of them!! I'd love to cuddle a monkey though!

Here's to a good March!


  1. Thanks for sharing that I loved it,your dog is very very cute,Glad to hear things are looking up for you.

  2. I am with you on the white gold. That's what most of my jewelry is, including engagement ring and one of the bands of my wedding ring. I love that BW pic of you guys in the mirror!

  3. Great A,B,Cs! I hope March is a better month for you, I'm sure it will be!

  4. I'm a white gold lover to. Good luck with your goals they look totally achievable - do that push up challenge, you know you want to :-)

  5. OO I love this ABC, your a girl after my own heart I'm with ya with the choice of colors, dogs(man's best friend for sure, it's god to see Roxy again:) and the hard work ethic(I'm a hardworker and it peeves me when colleagues for example rather be somewhere else, enough said there:)as I'm so stoked with this blog post I wold like to share a *simple brownie recipe with ya. Wizz up some walnuts, carob and medjool dates in a FP, spread on to a baking sheet and refrigerate, that's it! I'm envious that you can play not one but two instruments(I've always loved to sing but I'm not talented at all:)so that's cool! Wishing you well in your personal endeavours and goals Laura(you can do it the book 'The Law of Attraction' might help to psyc you up a
    bit. * walnuts are a excellent source of Omega 3 EFA's which are crucial for a healthy brain, heart and skin.


  6. I'm loving the A,B,C thing in blog land at the moment. It's great to find out more about the person behind the blog. I hope March will be way better than Feb for you! :D

  7. I'm with you on rocket - it's a bit too peppery and always manages to surprise me in salads!
    Great goals for March - I hope it all goes well :)

  8. that's exactly how i feel with chores! i don't really hate them but i hate how they suck soooooooooo much time out of my day. blahhhhhhhh. like laundry: i actually like the act of doing my laundry but it takes my entire day!

  9. I'm really glad you're feeling better about the food and running etc, but am glad you're not going to push yourself too hard :-)

    And I had no idea you're do tall! I'm also 5'8" -- it's, like, the BEST height :D