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Saturday, 29 May 2010

10 Sunny Miles and 12 Rainy Miles

I had a good run last Sunday, it was soo hot though! I can't believe how much the weather has turned, my run today was rainy and cool! I was glad to get some hot weather running in as it's often hot for the half marathon I've signed up for. My water rucksack has been soo good, my long runs have been far better since I got it as I'm not spending the last few miles thinking about nothing but water! I ran over the bridge and did some of the half marathon route for this run... The hills really affect my speed, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to hit my goal of under 2 hours!

10 miles in 1:33:28 9.21 per mile
Mile 1 - 8.47
Mile 2 - 9.40
Mile 3 - 9.19
Mile 4 - 9.01
Mile 5 - 8.10
Mile 6 - 10.26
Mile 7 - 9.42
Mile 8 - 10.30
Mile 9 - 8.41
Mile 10 - 9.13

Work update!
The regional manager came to speak to me on Thursday. As I'd written a letter to her it is being classed as a formal complaint so I was interviewed about it and so was my manager and the area manager will be too. I got my points accross and I'm hoping they will come back to me with the answer I want but I'm looking for another job and not worried about going back on the dole if they don't sort things out. I told her afterwards I would not return to work until the issue was resolved so hopefully that will speed things up. I feel bad about letting my manager down but I felt I needed to make it clear I was serious. And as I said to her, it has been going on long enough. If I stick around they could just keep me at a lower wage and fire me as soon as they find someone who will work for that wage, at least I force a quick answer this way, at least I hope I do! I hope they sort it out though as I still want to work there, I just won't if they don't pay me what they initially offered!

Yesterday I ran some awesome intervals! What better way to begin an impromptu day off! I started my intervals off by testing my mile time, I was hoping to get it under 7 minutes... 6.53 Hell yeahhhhhhh! There was a time not very long ago when I thought my body was just not capable of getting a mile under 7 minutes cause I could only just get it under 8.. I was so happy to get it under 7... Next goal, under 6.30? I hope so! After that I did 400m repeats, I thought I had done 4 but when I checked the garmin I did 5! Yay!

1 mile warm up 9.30
1600m - 6.53
400m - 1.45 (1.53)
400m - 1.42 (1.53)
400m - 1.39 (1.53)
400m - 1.41 (1.53)
400m - 1.34 (1.53)

400m RI between 400m, 4 minute rest after 1 mile. Total of 4.25 miles. I love interval days!

Today since work still haven't rung me I had another day off so I decided to make the most of it and do my long run since tomorrow I'm going to a BBQ at Mike's sister's house. It was totally different to last Sundays sweltering run it was raining the whole time! Come back sunshine!

12 Miles - 1.53.45 9.29 per mile
Mile 1 - 8.33
Mile 2 - 9.30
Mile 3 - 9.09
Mile 4 - 9.25
Mile 5 - 8.39
Mile 6 - 9.53
Mile 7 - 9.37
Mile 8 - 9.42
Mile 9 - 10.00
Mile 10 - 10.18
Mile 11 - 9.58
Mile 12 - 9.04

It ended up being a pretty good run, I had to change my planned route half way through though as I got on to the bridge and there was a sponsored walk going on! There were masses of people in pink hats so I quickly turned around and ran a different route. At least I got some hills in before the route changed.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Lets hope for some sun in England tomorrow. I'm looking forward to catching up on all my favourite blogs tomorrow before the BBQ, for now Mike and I are watching Prizefighter, there have been some great fights so far!!


  1. fingers crossed everything works out on the work front! good for you for sticking to your guns. it's such a hard thing for me to do.

    stellar workouts. i love impromptu interval workouts butttt lately i'm finding it harder and harder to want to pick up the pace!

  2. You're doing so well with the running! Hope work phones with some good news soon, till then enjoy the time you have!

  3. You're doing great -- look at those intervals!

    I just ran a 2:02:55 half (hilly, too!) and I'm not as fast as you (best mile ever: 7:37 and I'm running my 400s at 1:56-2:00 most of the time). I bet you can hit your under-2 goal!

  4. Your runs sound amazing! I'm sure you'll manage your half in under 2. Thats what I'm aiming for with mine but I still have so far to go. Glad to hear that progress is being made on the job front, I really hope they don't mess you about any longer! x

  5. Wow you are getting so darn fast! Awesome! Still hoping everything works out in your favor at work.

  6. Hi Laura,
    You are a rock star!! I am so impressed with your long runs:) Way to keep up the awesome pace!

    I hope that you are enjoying your weekend!

  7. I hope everthing works out at work...or that you find something better :)

    Great job on your runs girl!!!

  8. just have to say, you ROCK with sticking up for yourself with your work. I wish i would've had the guts to do so at at you're age;-)