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Thursday, 30 September 2010

September Review

Can you believe it's October tomorrow? This year is going fast. We moved into our current house last October.. In some ways it feels like no time at all since we moved into this house and did it up, in others it feels like we've been here forever. It was a total mess when we got it! So incredibly dirty and the walls had about 7+ layers of wallpaper on! It took us two long weeks of starting work at 6/7am working through the day until 6 then going boxing on the night.. I can't believe we worked as hard as we did, I don't know if we could do it now!! If we knew the amount of work it would be to get it in a liveable state we may not have rented it haha!

Anyway, back on topic! I decided at the beginning of the month that I needed some more focussed goals and I think it's worked really well as I've been pretty much keepin up with stuff whilst being at work.
Goal is in bold,1 September recap in purple and October goals in green!

Run 3 times per week according to the Run Less Run Faster Plan
- 1 run missed during September.. I'll take that! I'm keeping this goal for October!
Run 60 miles - My shortened run yesterday left me a bit short for September but 2.8 miles off target isn't too bad, I ran 57.2. I've just noticed the most miles I've run in one month is just over 61 when I was training for my half so I'm really happy to be close to that distance again. Going to shoot for 62 next month if I don't race and 50 if I do - factoring in a taper as I want to get a good time!
Do 120 push-ups over the month -120 done, October goal 150.
Do 25 chin-ups over the month - 25 done, October goal 35.
Do 1 core workout a week - 1 core workout missed for the month.. Since I only had to do one a week that's a bit rubbish! October goal is to actually get one a week in!
Do 1 gymnastics workout a week - Done and dusted! October goal is to stick to one a week and to try doing handstands twice a week... Eeeep!
Cook more from scratch - Done. I will definately be keeping this aim for October. Also adding in the aim to try buying a larger variety of fruit and veg and not get stuck in a rut.

How do you keep motivated? Does writing down goals help you feel more focussed or do you like to just go on what you're feeling and work with that? I'm definately a list lover so writing down the goals really helps me!


  1. time totally goes by WAY too fast. i'm a list lover too. checking things off is sooooo satisfying. looks like you got a TON of your goals accomplished for the month. woooooooooooot

  2. I esp like the last one. I truly believe in cooking from scratch if you have the time. Its definitely much healthier. =)

    When i have new goals I either blog about it, post it on my Facebook page, and tweet about it. That way, it's out there already and I'm more motivated to do it. I think they call it, accountability. Haha!

    Have an awesome October and hope more goals are achieved this month! =)

  3. ooh you are bumping up a lot of your goals!!!!! was a great september and going to be a terrific october!!!!!!!!! keep up your hard work. i love tracking :) so helpful. also helpful to have goals for motivation + planning!

  4. Yay well done on all your goals- how satisfying to see them all (mostly) achieved.
    Onwards and upwards in October then.

  5. I think I have a mental list of goals for the month in my head but usually I don't write them down. Great job on September!

  6. You are so on top of things :) You're doing great! I also like the last one...I'm always getting in a rut...ugh.

  7. Great set of goals for next month! I love writing my goals down to keep me motivated. I'll be doing my own recap post as after doing the GNR I need some new goals to keep me going!

  8. I am Planny McPlanner. I write all my workouts on a calendar and check em off as well as logging them into dailymile. I have a great training group as well that kick my butt regularly - not going to lie...they keep my on track much of the time.

  9. I'm in motivational no-man's land at the moment. Once I'm back to full fitness though I am definitely going to start setting goals. Probably monthly, seeing as it seems to work really well for you!

  10. Hi there!
    yeah...i can't BELIEVE it's Oct!!!

    and i like the gymnastics goal. doing handstands. that's fun. and my kids would love to do them with me...might have to copy you on this one.

    have a great wknd!

  11. Well done on achieving so many goals! x