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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Double Workout

That is what I had to leave at home to go for a run yesterday.. I was sad, we were having a nice time chilling on the bed waiting for Mr Parcelforce to deliver a table for our new house... Mr Parcelforce didn't come all morning and I gave up waiting knowing if I didn't go then I wouldn't be able to go and make boxing too.

3 miles in 25.33 (I deleted the 0.01 lap... I'm finickity like that...)
Mile 1 - 9.32
Mile 2 - 8.30
Mile 3 - 7.32
Average pace 8.31

I was intending to go for a slow run of about 3-4 miles so a) wasn't out for too long in case Mr Parcelforce came while I was out and b) wasn't too destroyed for boxing. Since I wasn't running for speed or doing a specific run I decided to take my camera out with my in my armpocket.

This little bridge comes right at the end of mile 1, I refer to it fondly as the pace destroyer as I always lose some pace here!

View from the bridge.. Not exactly spectacular, I know...

Then I ran past some horses

This picture doesn't do it justice but these horses are housed behind the shoddiest fence I have ever seen, it is just barbed wire in some parts, it's a wonder they don't get out! I stopped for a few seconds to stroke this one, he's a friendly guy!

I took this picture to try and show the long hill here, it looks almost completely flat though... I promise it's not!

I completely gave up running slow on the hill... I'm not sure if it was the boost going down or the fact I was really, really hungry but I flew home. I started mile 2 off at a 9.30+ pace and was still at that at my turnaround point of 1.57, in the less than half mile down the hill I had sped that mile up to 8.30 and mile 3 when I checked it about a third of the way through was flying along at a 7.30 pace. Well when I saw that I kind of wanted to keep it there, even though it wasn't part of the plan, so I did! It's probably a good thing I did, as I neared my house I saw a Parcelforce van... Thought to myself I hope it's on the way there not on the way back!!

Believe it or not I actually look significantly less red than usual..
After I took this picture Parcelforce rung me to say they couldn't deliver today, and did I know that my parcel was at a local post office. I explained that even though it was local I didn't drive and did not think I could single handedly carry a heavy, bulky table home from the post office so please redeliver.. They showed up a few minutes later.. Bet they thought I was just lazy! hmmph!

I got a bath on the go and made myself something to eat and then chilled out and did some tidying and cooking before Mike got home.. Then we went boxing!

4 x 2 min skip 30s rest
4 x 2 min heavy bag 30s rest
Circuit - first round 45s per station, second round 20s per station
  • Kettlebell squat to clean (10kg)
  • Bench press (20kg)
  • Medicine ball hold 45 degrees (5kg)
  • Wrist roller (can't remember weight low though)
  • Medicine ball hold 90 degrees plus squat (4kg)
  • Military press (10kg)
  • Elliptical
  • Low leg raise
  • High leg raise
  • DB punches straight shots (0.5kg e/a)
  • Push-ups (22)
  • DB punches uppercuts (1.5kg e/a)
  • Kettlebell figure of eights (5kg)
  • Jogging on the spot with punches
  • Incline sit-ups
Cool down

I've never done a proper bench press before.. I was slightly terrified I was going to drop the weight on my head! Pleased to say I didn't squash myself and was able to lift it! In fact I felt pretty kick ass 'cause a lot of the guys there were slacking and I was managing to push through a lot of the weights when they were giving up.

Well today I'm pretty achy so I'm having a rest day I think... Unless I manage to find a few push-ups and chin-ups in me before work!

Hope everyone's having a great day!


  1. Aww cute cat! That would be hard for me to leave too and go out for a run! I really like bench press but i get scared too. I try to have a spotter but there isn't always someone there.

  2. That sounds like such an awesome workout! I would love to do something like that. Glad you got your parcel delivered ok :-)

  3. Hurrah - so great to see a pic of you!

    Awesome workouts Laura, love your running pace - well done!

    I really like the sound of your circuit and may have found the answer to my workout boredom - devising a weights circuit!

    Great that your parcel was finally delivered :D

  4. Laura, there might be a boxing gym near you which does that sort of training.. You don't have to spar or fight.. I never intended to I just enjoyed it more than I expected to!

  5. Good plan Jo, the weights circuit was fun! Definately keeps you on your toes!

  6. Nice job...horses on your run?

  7. Good job on the run girl. Nice scenery too - that always helps. I was really nervous the first time I did a barbell bench press.

  8. i do the same thing with the .01. i always run the .01 but i never count it. hahah. i'm weird :)

  9. Your cat is adorable! I love cats (:
    Parcels always seem to get delivered when I pop out!!

  10. Hi there!

    NIce, nice job on your run!;-) and you look great post run;_)

    now..did you do the push ups?..;-)

  11. Your cat is too cute!

    Good workouts woman. I like that you pushed on through with the circuits when the dudes were giving up. Woman do pain so much better than men :D

  12. Ahhhh AM!! You caught me out haha, I'm so scared to test them cause I know my number is down!!

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