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Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Last night we did not go boxing... Mike didn't want to and since it's something we do together I didn't go alone. We did do a killer workout at home though...

300 crunches
300 star jumps
200 MB slams
150 Burpees
100 Push-ups
50 Pull-ups

Done as fast as possible as a team - makes you want to work extra hard so you don't let each other down... I had a little tally at the bottom to count my push-ups and pull-ups (I did chin-ups) separately so I could use them in my monthly totals. I counted them to the main totals of course. Mike carried me on the pull-ups quite a bit but I matched him on the push-ups and burpees and everything else was pretty even.. We should have done 250 star jumps which would have looked a lot neater but Mike miscounted at the end and we did more so I said we'll just do 300 every time.

Here I am looking surprisingly happy before...

Here is Mike before.. please excuse the chaos in the room behind him... packing!!

This is what we looked like after, yuck!!

How come he doesn't look like a tomato and I do.. hmmph!

I can't quite believe I am posting this sweaty mess picture, including my less than perfect belly on the interwebs... I feel very brave haha!

We finished in 18.58. If we don't beat this time next month we have to do 50 burpees as a punishment... I hope we beat our time!!

I managed 14 chin-ups 4 more than last month's entire total and 50 push-ups.. Just shows what your body is capable of when you push it. By the way... I still didn't check my max reps... I'm officially a wimp!

Do you workout with your parnter? I'm writing a blog post based on partner workouts at the moment. If you have any questions I can answer or any content to add, opinions, partner workouts you love etc, get in touch!


  1. Hi Laura,
    Wow, you and Mike are hard core! I love the fact that you can work out together:) Lordy girl, I wish that I had your tiny little waist! Nice are making me feel like a slacker again:)

  2. What a freakin awesome workout! And I love the pictures. "Less than perfect"!? You look great. And on a serious note, *nobody* is perfect :-)

    I love working out with people, but find it very hard to find people who want the same kind of session. You and Mike obviously share each other's goals, which is great. True love eh! Saying that, I have just signed up to 2 team running events for next S/S. So things are looking less lonely for me :D

  3. Totally hardcore! I don't workout with a partner (unless you count the kids jumping around) now but the Caveman and I, in our pre-children years often did...I was very much into weights back then.

  4. Ahh maybe I shouldn't have been so negative to put less than perfect.. I had last minute nerves about posting the picture and didn't want to seem over confident.. Sometimes I think too much haha!

    Allison, I hope you blog about your team events soon, I need to find some team/relay running events to do, they sound fun!

    Julie, you're so not a slacker!! I wish I could run like you :-)

    Marcia I love doing weights with Mike, we haven't done weights for a while now though!

  5. I wish I had a partner to work out with. I like long and hard workouts. My wife likes riding the recumbent bike while reading harry potter. I miss having a good group to workout with like I used to with my martial arts and boxing classes.

    For help getting your push ups up have you looked at the 100 push up challenge. Even if you have no desire to use their goal, it gives a very structured plan to increase push ups. It is a 6 week plan and there are 9 weeks left in the year. cheers.

  6. I love that you guys workout together like that. My husband and I run together and sometimes take spin class together, but that's it. I did make him do an interval workout on the beach this summer with me. (evil laugh)

  7. guys are hardcore! Laura, you look awesome...great abs!

  8. Luke, that's probably a good plan, I've had a go on that before but tbh I lost interest part way through - it is a good plan though and would help me get where I want to be!

    Hahah Heather, that interval workout on the beach made me smile, that's the kind of thing Mike and I would do to each other!

    Thanks Anne! :D

  9. Less than perfect belly - you must be kidding! I don't work out with James - a) I'd want to kill him and b) he has problems with this knees and is pretty limited to what he can do. We once did a run together and that was quite fun, I just wish his knees were better bless him

  10. love the pictures! you look fab (and no i'm not just saying that. it's true!). also love the working out with a partner. i don't get to do it enough but when i do it's awesome!

  11. I wish I had the same tummy as yours ;)
    Boyfriend and I go the the gym together but that's it. I spend most of the time running and he works out a little bit and spends most of his time in the saune/steam room.
    He runs a bit and is quite good at it. Shame Im too slow for him.

  12. Wow fab workout pics!
    I tried going running with Andy- but while I was running he was still walking so I didn't really work! We do go on walks together which is nice :)

  13. I can't run with Mike either, he is too speedy for me! I wish one day I could catch up to him but realistically I can't see that happening.. Sometimes he slows down for me so we can run together and sometimes we do intervals together so we're not running together but we're doing a workout together at our respective paces!