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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Virtual Tour

If you don't want to see a lot of pictures, this is not the place to be!! I took 172 over the past few days... Here's the short version, which is still very long!

During the move

We didn't get the keys 'til 5pm as the lady we were buying off didn't get her keys 'til late so couldn't get her stuff out.. It started off with boxes EVERYWHERE...

The piggies did what piggies do best... or perhaps second best after eating

We were surprised to find a welcome hamper from our mortgage company.. I was just running out of coffee so it was very handy!

The unpacking begins...

As does the DIY.. fixing the dog gate for Roxie.
After a few hours and a good dint in the boxes we gave up for the night..

And ordered a curry... which we classily ate off the floor!

Vegetable rogan josh with pilau rice and veggie stuffed naan bread, yum! I easily had half left for Saturdays lunch too :-)

All our rubbish waiting to go to the tip..
So that was the move... Here's the house in it's (pretty much) finished state.. I need to take a picture of the front but it's right on the road and I need to do it at a quieter time so I'll start inside..


My mum and dad bought us this tapestry in Bruges when they knew we were moving

The reading corner :-)

Dining room/music room

I'm going to get a piano to go in front of the radiator too (obvs won't have the radiator on in this room!)


I love this little cubby hole!! It even has a light inside!

Here is the back of the cottage

Scooby has settled in well, and has already escaped once.. he should be called houdini!


This is Tia in the bath... She is an odd cat, there was loads of water in the bottom as I'd just had a shower!!

I can't seem to get the pictures to do this little area justice! It's such a cool area it feels like a conservatory but it isn't...

Bedroom 1
The bedrooms still need a bit of sorting.. We ran out of storage space so we need to buy a few bits..

Ooops sorry for the blur...

Bedroom 2/ Roxie's bedroom!

So there it is! Our little house :-) We love it so far! Hope you all like the masses of pictures.. I'm off to do my push-ups and get a hot bowl of porridge in front of the fire.. I'm absolutely freezing writing this!


  1. Your cottage looks lovely, you must be so excited!

  2. I like a girl who'll eat curry off the floor ;-)

    You've done a great job Laura, and so quickly too! I especially love the fires. The place looks like it has loads of character. Enjoy the settling down period, you've defo earned it!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I love the picnic in the floor. Kind of fun!

  4. OMG it's your front door with the tainted glass and the big fireplace. It's all so quaint...lovely! :)

  5. so many pictures!!! i love it!! I WANT A READING CORNER what a great idea :) and your yard is magical looking!!!!! yayy!

  6. Looks great! A new home is so much fun! Glad you are settled in!

  7. Looks great. Iam happy for you two!

  8. Wow what a fab cottage :) Looks fantastic- loads of character- I like the lit up peanut butter cubby hole the most!

  9. What a cute house! Wishing you a happy future with plenty of fun times there x

  10. cute cottage! What I like a bout moving is you get a change to redesign and fix up the new place. Which is pretty exciting for me =)

  11. Wow you've been so busy! The cottage looks comfy and wonderful already. Enjoy!

  12. Hi Laura!

    Love your new home! Awesome.

    Re. your question on my blog, I'm an adult (general) nurse in training. I worked in mental health for a while and considered mental health nursing but for many reasons I decided to take the general health route. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions or want to chat about it some more xxx

  13. looks fab. I love the fireplace.
    sorry I haven't replied to your mail I've been run ragged at work.
    So glad you are happy in the new place.

    Fudgey x

  14. We got the same hamper :-)
    Nice touch