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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Moving Day

Has almost arrived, we exchanged contracts yesterday and we get the keys tomorrow! Yippeee!

Our house no longer looks like a home though...

Our back bedroom/gym room looking very sorry without all our stuff in it..
Mike cooking when the kitchen was half packed... it's been chaos! Especially climbing over those boxes with my legs still totally dead from those burpees! We made a wall with them so Roxie couldn't get the the rabbit and guinea pigs.. it was nice to have all five of our pets in one room!
Tia has been really confused, but loving playing in the boxes! If I can figure out how I'll post one of the videos I took of her and Roxie when she was jumping out of the boxes and batting her!
This was the lounge yesterday...

We took Mike's step dad's van down to the new house twice full of boxes tonight and it now looks like this... much better... I can get to the kitchen without climbing over stuff!

Kitchen today, it's almost all packed, just the fridge, freezer, microwave, oven and a few daft bits left over now.. can move a bit easier too!
Bye bye house!
I can't believe how horrible it looks without our bits and pieces around. It's been getting progressively worse as we've packed more! The floors look worse than I remember when we did the house up just a year ago.. It was in a dreadful state we had to take about 7-8 layers of wallpaper off every wall, clean EVERYWHERE, paint every wall and ceiling and put down new floors, light fittings.. When people were looking round I said we would sell them the floors for £100, they cost us ten times that.

All the people who looked round were really happy with that and said they would definitely have them. Except one woman, who asked me 'what are you going to do if I don't pay you' I said I'll take them out and sell them else where. Annoyingly every single person who looked round the house wanted it and the letting agents gave it to her.. I rung her up and asked her if she wanted the floors 2 months ago and she said she did and that she would buy our shed too.. Yesterday I rung her up to arrange payment and she said I don't want to buy the floors anymore. She knows she's left us with no time to find a buyer.. She obviously thinks we're going to just leave them.. She's going to be disappointed.. We've taken them up and we've already given the laminates away to Mike's half sister and Mike's best friends mum is having the carpet. I'd rather give them away to family and friends than some cheap woman who's tried to get them off us for free.. Silly thing is if someone had got the house and said look you'll have to take them up because I really can't afford it I'd have left them.. She's been really underhand about it.. Oh well.. her loss.. £100 isn't life changing money and I'm happy the floors are going to people we care about who need them instead of her!

I have my theories that she's not going to turn up tomorrow to pay for the shed too in the hope we won't have time to dismantle it and take it with us... We do and we will! I wonder if I'm right... It's funny isn't it, sometimes you get feelings about people and I knew from the start she wasn't going to pay for them she was really not very nice when I was showing her round.. Then after the first phonecall when she said she wanted them and seemed nicer I thought oh Laura you were too quick to judge... Now I know I wasn't! Trust your instincts.. they're mostly right! Anyway, I've written far too much about that woman! Really it's worked out well 'cause we've been able to help family and friends!

I can't believe how busy these past few days have been.. I thought we were really close with packing but since exchanging contracts yesterday we have literally been doing stuff non-stop! We finally sat down at about 7pm tonight! Now we're both relaxing with Lush facemasks on... Mike took my picture and I looked like a man, then I took Mike's picture and he looked like a zombie, so you'll just have to imagine the face masks haha those pictures went straight in the trash! Can't relax for too long though, I have my push-ups to do! No rest for the wicked ;-)

edit: push-ups: done! 10, 12, 8, 8, max (20) ouchies!! How did I just do 20??? My arms just let me keep going! So pleased max is up, it really, really hurts now though, almost too shaky to type haha

Thank you all so much for the kind comments on my last post. We got some good news today, the damage to Mike's eye socket shouldn't cause him any further problems and doesn't need to be operated on (unless he wanted to for visual reasons but you really can't tell). That's a huge relief! The dopey boy forgot to ask the doctor about any implications to boxing though.. but he thinks the doc would have said if it was a problem.. I hope he's right! I'm not sure if we're going back at the moment I think the time he has to take off boxing will give us plenty of time to make a decision, hopefully things will come clear. We'll definitely continue the boxing training at home... Just need to find a spot for the bag!

Well I'm not sure when I'm next going to have internet access so I'll probably be gone for about a week :-( don't know what on earth I'm going to do in my free time! Hopefully the local library has internet access so I can catch up on blogs and blog.. Hope everyone has a great week next week.


  1. the saddest part about moving is seeing everything so empty the last few days you're there!

    great news about mike's eye! still sending good vibes for a speedy recovery. and good luck with the rest of the move.

  2. It is isn't it, the house seems so sad without our bits 'n' pieces everywhere!

  3. So glad that he won't have to have surgery. You've got so much going on right now as it is. That really sucks about the floor situation. Oh well, you guys are on your way out to a better place!

  4. Awww will miss your blog and your updates! Enjoy the new house, hope the move goes smoothly. I know what a nightmare it is to pack up everything you own and move it all - it's so worth it in the end though :)

  5. Thanks Heather, I can't wait to get in the new house, I only wish I could get the pics up straight away and share it with you all!

    Aww thanks Jo! I hopefully won't be away too long, I miss reading blogs if I go a day without it.. Don't know how I'm going to manage a week! You're right.. it's mega stressful but the pay off is there!

  6. Good news that you exchanged- it is so stressful but it will be worth it in the end. Almost the hardest part is done- all the waiting and hoping before you sign and get the keys (plus all the packing). Hope it goes well.
    I think I would have been the same as you about the floors- she was trying to take advantage it seems.

  7. Good luck with the move and new house!

    I think house buying/selling really shows people in their true character and from our 3 moves there's been a couple of awkward/nasty ones!

    First move there was a rich woman at the bottom of the chain buying the house for her student son to live in and at the last minute she refused to complete in July as had been agreed unless somebody paid her to do so as her son wouldn't be ready to move in to his new house until September, so we and the people buying ours had to give her £600 each or risk the chain collapsing and with it the new house we were buying going.

    Then last time the lady at the bottom of the chain had been similar to your lady with our buyers - nasty and threatening this and that. Late on they came to us and said she was saying she wanted £2000 off or she was pulling out. We agreed to pay half each as it was a few months into the collapse of the housing market and heading into winter) but later heard on the grapevine they'd negotiated her down to £1200 - but neglected to tell us or give any money back.

  8. Ahh the waiting was the worst thing, the whole time I was convinced it was going to fall through, I can't believe it's actually happening!

  9. Rob, that sounds like a nightmare.. I've heard of that happening before, I hate people trying to take advantage there are more than enough fees when you're buying a house. If we had realised just how many fees were going to be on top of the mortgage we might well have chickened out and stayed in rented! Plus once you see the house you want you don't want to risk losing it do you. Nasty woman.

    That's awful too. Reading that I feel like we've been lucky really, asside from the woman about the floors and it going slower than I'd like things have been fairly smooth. The woman whose house we're buying has been absolutely wonderful, she's left us loads of stuff and even let us move some stuff. It's been stressful though, I don't plan on doing it again for a long time though!

  10. Hope your move goes well. Glad Mikes eye isn't too bad and doesn't require surgery x

  11. I hate moving house its so stressful. I hope it all goes well!