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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Partner Workouts

I love training with Mike. We both have similar goals and we're both really driven and competetive.. In a good friendly way! I thought I would share some of the workouts we like to do with each other so you can try them with your partners, or friends, or anyone you might coerce into a challenge!

We have a number of exercises and a numeric goal for each exercise and work together to accomplish the goal. Click the link for a more detailed account. The best thing about this is the faster you do it the more benefits you get and the faster you're free to get on with other things!

Isometric holds

One person performs an isometric hold whilst the other completes a certain number of exercises. If the person holding the isometric hold drops it the person doing the exercises has to start from scratch. Examples;
Person 1 holds plank whilst person 2 performs * crunches
Person 1 holds wall sit whilst person 2 performs * squats
Person 1 holds bear hold whilst person 2 performs * push-ups
Person 1 does isometric punches whilst person 2 performs bag work or shadow boxing
Then swap person 2 moves to holds and person 1 performs the exercises!
* choose a number suitably challenging for your personal ability.
Add any of your own isometric holds into the mix and pair them with a related exercise. The possibilities are endless! Include yoga maybe? Anything you like really!


We go to the track or a field and run our intervals together but at our own pace.

Race to...
  • 100 burpee challenge (Mike does burpees with the push-up and I do them without, then we're fairly even in speed and can be quite competetive.. plus burpees with a push-up would be more of a strength exercise for me than conditioning..)
  • Magic 50 Here's one account of me doing the magic 50.. I didn't write Mike's time down but we're always racing each other!!
  • Workout Capacity 101 I've got two blog posts about workout capacity 101, note my variation is slightly different to the one on Rosstraining so be sure to check out the first link for the original workout. Here is another of my workout capacity 101 experiences.
We put on the pads for each other and shout out combinations. One person starts holding the pads for a few rounds and then we'll swap so we both get time working the pads. To get hold of a set of pads, boxing gloves and hand wraps isn't too expensive and it's a really good workout even if you don't know too much about boxing, it's good stress relief too... Just try not to hit your pad holder in the face... I've come very close to that a few times when my glove has slipped off the pad!!

So, there you have it! Those are the main workouts we do together. I hope this inspires you to get your partner into a joint workout :-)


  1. Cool, thanks for sharing this. I think it's so great you guys enjoy working out together.

  2. i need to find a boy to workout with. no fair you have one ;)

  3. great workouts. I love the isometric holds. Seems like something we used to do to our fraternity pledges.

  4. Great stuff :)
    If we splash out for track running then that is the kind of thing we would do too (the intervals I mean)

  5. wow 100 burpees! I think I can only do 70 =/

  6. YAY these are awesome partner 'moves'! I love working out with a partner or team, it makes to booty kicking so much more fun/intense! plus the laughing I usually do while performing skilled moves helps strengthen the core! :)
    I hope you have a great weekend!