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Friday, 4 February 2011

Body Pump and Hill Sprints

I went!! Woohoo! All on my lonesome, thanks for all the encouragement, it was worth it, I went on Wednesday morning and it still hurts to sit down/raise my arms/move, but especially my triceps. man they're painful, I must have overdone the weight on something.. maybe the bench press that one seemed the one I was closest to failure on! yowza! I was quite pleased with how I estimated the weights choices though as I could finish each track but it certainly didn't feel too easy either.

Yesterday after work Mike and I went and did our favourite horrible running workout... hill sprints! We did 20 x 50m with 50m RI going back down.. Including the warm up and cool down we covered about 3 miles. Not bad since we were both so close to talking each other out of it. It was really, really windy and we went at 4.30pm after being up since 5.30am and all I'd had to eat was a bowl of porridge and a slice of toast. Not good and I really felt the lack of fuelling as I got a stitch as soon as I started the warm up. It was just one of those things though, I'd intended to go right after work but I'd got home and Mike had moved my only clean sports bra so instead of drying whilst I was at work it was still soaking. Could have been worse though as since he'd moved it we ended up running together! I was really pleased as I only ended up 1 rep behind him and he is a speed demon!

I wish I could have bottled how I felt after I finished. I love the runners high! It's even better when you almost don't run and then end up going as you feel doubly awesome for persuading yourself to go hehe. I need to remember this feeling next time I'm feeling a bit crappy and not like running!

I'm taking a rest day today, and probably tomorrow too. My arms are so painful and I'm really tired. Definitely ready for some rest!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh nicely done on the hill repeats. And so glad you went to the class and tried it out! So are you going to go back???

  2. Yey for the runners high! Glad you tried out body pump, I keep thinking I really need to try and make a class soon. Hope your DOMS recover soon, have a great weekend!

  3. I love runners' high! It is the best! Glad you went to the body pump class! Now I just have to talk myself into going to one of the classes at the gym. I am always afraid to go to the new classes alone.

  4. Yay well done for going! And for going alone- it's not so bad though is it? And if you go a few times you will soon get chatting to the regulars (even if it is the standard "woah that was hard work" etc). I find that the chest track makes me hurt as it is hard to stretch those muscles under the collar bone!
    Nice work on the hill work too- and you are right the runners high is fab :)

  5. body pump looks intense. and yay for runners highs. if only we could bottle that up and sell it....

  6. Awesome on the hills sprints! And yeah, benching really knackers my triceps. Really great that you went -- go you!

    Btw, that pizza base was in an Italian restaurant. I guess that's why it looked good!

  7. Woohoo, I'm so happy you went to Body Pump. The soreness is normal (as long as it's not intense pain!) and generally means that you lifted appropriate weights for your first time. It does get easier, promise ;)

    Whoa for running on so little fuel though! I would have keeled over and died, I swear.

    Good on you for facing your class fears.


  8. Yay to bodypump! I love taht class and it reminds me I haven't been for AGES! I so know what you mean the runners high would be a best seller! I went running today and did some intervals, got home on a high for sure! Have a fab weekend x x

  9. I love BodyPump! And I'm doing hill sprints tomorrow morning too! :) Haha you are so right- if only we COULD bottle runner's high! :D

  10. Looks like some very awesome workouts going on! I went to my first Body Pump class in England when we lived there-- it is hard!
    Very nice job on te hill sprints too!