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Thursday, 24 February 2011

An Accidental Tempo

Eight miles turned into a short tempo run when I realised I couldn't find my Mp3 player and Mike's ipod was out of battery... Music fail!

Tempo run 4.5 miles in total
average pace 9 min/mile
1 mile warm up 10.20
3 miles at short tempo (8.20-8.30) 8.28
0.5 mile cool down 4.13

Tempo portion ave pace - 8.28
Mile 1 - 8.38
Mile 2 - 8.34
Mile 3 - 8.11

It took me so long to warm up into this run. I don't know if it was the lack of music or if my legs were a bit tired but it was just one of those runs which felt really laborious. It didn't help that I had a pesky stitch for the first 2+ miles. Oh well... I got into it eventually and somehow came out with a tempo portion which was actually as it should be, I honestly thought as I was running it that there was no way I was getting my planned time. That faster last tempo mile paid off!

I was supposed to be attempting my 8 mile long run today. It didn't happen. I had another eating slip up yesterday and didn't manage to sleep til 4am which meant I just couldn't bring myself to run 8 miles before work today. It means I won't hit my February target mileage but I guess I'm ok with that. Well I kind of have to be hehe!

I'm not sure what to do about everything at the moment. I wish I was writing a positive post about the wonders of eating disorder recovery for NEDAW (national eating disorders awareness week) but I'm just not in the right place at the moment. It's really frustrating! Sorry for all the downer posts lately but thanks for sticking with me. I will get out of this!


  1. You will get out of it Laura, your a tough cookie! Well done on your tempo run though, thats a great achievement especially with such little sleep! I do hope that things get better for you soon, is there anywhere that you can go for extra support?


  3. Hey, chin up, you will get better. And save the post for when you are feeling it- awareness for those sorts of issues needs to be raised all year round, not just one week per year, so don't worry about that.
    Nice work on the run- speedy miles indeed- and well done for doing any run at all- plently would have just not gone out at all.

  4. Oh those runs can really test you can't they. You just never know how they're really going to go until you get started. Kind of like each day right? Things will get better!

  5. Well done on your run - I think you definitely did the right thing by doing a shorter run considering your lack of sleep.
    Thinking of you :-) x

  6. Nice tempo run!

    So sorry you're still struggling :(

    You made the right decision with the run: pushing yourself while undernourished would only be detrimental to your training.

    Just because it's NEDA week, doesn't mean that you have to be some perfect, positive example of recovery, if there even is such a thing. The theme is awareness, and illustrating the effect of your ED by being so open and honest about it is just as helpful, if not moreso, than someone espousing the wonders of intuitive eating or something equally trite.

    *huge hugs*


  7. accidental? jeez. i have a hard enough time making real tempos happen ;)

    and MAJOR ((hugs)) to you lady! you're going through a tough time right now but you are strong and will withstand it. i am also sending major POSITIVE JIBES your way too. can you feel them yet?!

  8. I don't think your posts are on a downer AT ALL Laura. You're struggling through some difficult times, but you're making sensible choices, and still managing to get some really solid runs in. I mean, look at that tempo run! I think you set a great example for NEDAW :-)

  9. You're early in your half-training schedule, plenty of time to get those long runs in :)

    I'm bad with tempo runs. I think I can only achieve an 8:30 pace during 5K races!

  10. Awesome run!
    I would take a tempo run over long any day! =) I know long is important though!

  11. Fun in the Sun comment is from me....I am at my sisters...and forgot to change the profile! =)