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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Well I'm back on UK soil wishing I was still on Ibizan sands! I had a brilliant time... Far from a healthy living bloggers lifestyle though!! Detox begins now! Apart from breakfast it was very hard to eat healthily over there, if I went again I think I'd go self catering in an apartment so I could be more in control of my food... Being vegetarian over there involved a lot of cheese toasties and chips! Oddly all the cafes seemed to have the same menus so where ever you ate you got the same choice, which for me was a cheese toastie!! Oh well, could have been worse! I hope you guys like pictures 'cause this post is full of them!

Day 1
At the airport at about 5am having been up already for around 24hrs!

Pretty sunrise over the runway

The view from our hotel bar, was a perfect location!

Still going on the first day, at a beachside cafe, least I could wear sunglasses now to hide the dark circles haha

First trip to the beach outside the hotel <3

Exploring on our first night, we found a cute market near the West End.

Me posing by the fountains... feeling a bit worse for wear by this point had been up for about 42 hours by this point! Excitement kept me going I think!

Day 2
Going for a walk on the seafront, I couldn't believe how mountainous and beautiful Ibiza was!

This was a cool little outdoor performance area, we never got to see anything there but I bet it would have been good!

Coronita! Sneaky mid day beer :-p Well when you're on holiday....

In Itaka bar, this place was cool, it had a live saxophonist playing to background music. Loved listening to him, he was doing a jazzy version of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake at one point!

Day 3
View along the waterfront

In the hotel bar drinking a Capitan Morgan... a cocktail with rum and I forget what else....

View from the hotel bar <3

Our room, basic but clean!


The strangest cheesecake I've ever had... come on guys make an effort with the biscuit base it's the best bit!

Gorgeous sunset from the hotel bar

Slightly blurry waitor bringing me a tequila sunrise


We got picked on by the entertainment... Oh no!

He kept telling me 'no haha' cause I got the giggles... the tequila sunrise might have had something to do with that....

Salsa dancing (badly)

This guy was so strong!

I didn't capture it on camera (was too busy gawping) but at one point he had her above his head with one arm and was spinning her round!!


At Ibiza Rocks bar (my favourite place!)

Ibiza rocks bar again... yuck shiny suncream face!!

Day 4
This boat was abandoned outside our hotel, apparently it had been part of a drugs deal...

Our hotel from the beach

Me in the sea

And again.. think I'd just gone a bit deeper judging by my body position, looks like I'm thinkin oooh this is cold haha

Went on a boat trip to Es Vedra Island

View of some of the clubs and fun fair, the pyramid is Es Paradis which I went to later in the week.

Our hotel

A cave

Boat going in said cave!

Pirate watch tower from the 1700's

Me in front of some cool rock formations, there were lots of these just jutting out of the water.

Es Vedra Island

Getting back on the boat after swimming in the sea, friend tried to get me in the water but she wasn't fast enough before we all had to get back on the boat :-(

Couldn't resist another sunset shot!

Es Paradis, Eden and the slingshot..
Day 5
Me in front of all the boats, you can't really tell but our hotel is in the distance too.

bendy palm tree

Ibizan cat

Hot, hot, hot!


Ohh more sunset pics...

Ibiza rocks again! HedKandi pre party

At HedKandi in Es Paradis

Day 6
Sunset near Cafe Mambo

Weird sunset glow picture!

Heading to Ibiza rocks bar for our last night :-(

Am I really a healthy living blogger.... I don't look like one here but who am I to turn down free shots :-p

Cherry popper cocktail, this was really yummy! Vodka, amaretto, cranberry juice and I forget what else....

Judge Jules' dancers

This was a really funny dance off, was so good to watch, a really young looking guy blew the other guy out of the water!

Day 7
Sunrise for a change... from the hotel balcony

bye bye hotel...

bye bye Ibiza :-(

Woahhh you made it to the end!! Well done!