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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sparring Recap

Hello everyone! I missed WIAW again! Oops, I actually ate pretty well yesterday too, not too restrictive and no purging incidents, hooray for good days! I spent my day off snuggling with Roxie and doing a bit of tidying in the house, lovely relaxing day! I wish I had more time to spend with Roxie she seems to really appreciate it and seems so much happier when I'm at home most of the day!

Anyway, boxing!

Warm up

Run - stayed at the front of the pack.. think they were going a bit slower than usual... I'm usually a few metres behind. I had to laugh 'cause they were talking about leaving everyone behind even though we weren't going really fast and one of the guys said I was a beast for keeping up.. it made me giggle 'cause I thought what kind of woman takes being called a beast as a compliment lol.. this kind!

5 x 3 minutes heavy bag

First proper sparring back... I was rusty but felt pretty confident, did ok.. got plenty to work on! Got some compliments on my jab being nice and fast which was good to hear I'd been working on it with Mike before we broke up... I now have a sore nose and slightly bloody lips due to letting rather more shots in than I would have liked haha! But for first sparring in goodness knows how long I'm happy!

First off I sparred a guy the same weight as me, he's had 17 fights compared to my zero so he toned it down and didn't go as fast or hard as he was against some of the other guys. That was good sparring I was trying to cut him down and get him on the ropes which I managed once but then I was stupid and moved my back on to the ropes (!) Ermm... not my most inteligent moment!! I did land some shots though I'm starting to learn to spot the gaps and pick my shots more which conserves a little energy!

I also sparred a guy who's had around 40 fights and is a GB champ. Obviously he wasn't going full force on me! It was so frustrating sparring him! He just threw a barrage of shots and I couldn't get anywhere near him really, I landed a couple of shots but he landed loads haha. It's good practice though there's a good chance I could come accross someone in a fight who just hopes to overwhelm me by throwing lots straight off and this sort of sparring proves to me I can keep calm, keep moving and avoid as many as possible when under pressure. Then in a fight situation take them down once they've punched themselves out!

I also sparred a fairly young guy who I was a bit tentative about hitting as I knew he was lighter than me... I'm often the lighter person so I don't have to alter my power much.. The coach said I should hit him harder though lol so I did! This guy could punch anyway, and he was fast. That was good sparring, I think he took it really mainly 'cause his punch rate was a lot higher than mine and he got some nice body shots off as I was guarding my face too much and leaving my body open and he spotted the gaps! Hopefully if I wasn't as tired I would be able to even this out a bit more!

Lastly I sparred a guy who was heavier than me but more evenly matched on skills as he hasn't had any fights yet either. He was afraid to hit me and I hope he changes his mind 'cause I think we could be good sparring for each other being at a similar level skill wise. I do understand where he's coming from as I'm always a bit worried I might hit a lighter person a bit hard if I don't alter my power correctly. But if people tone it down too much with me in sparring because I'm a girl I will get in a fight situation and get a shock and that's the last thing I want! We did talk about it so hopefully he will lose his qualms about hitting a girl! I felt like I didn't do too well in this round anyway as I was really tired by this point.. To a non boxer I cannot describe the tiredness you get in sparring haha it's like nothing else, ring fitness feels so hard to acheive!

Circuit, joined by a football team
  • Jumping on to the blocks with 5k medicine ball.. who got on to the top block with the medicine ball oooooh yeah!! Shocked myself there hehe
  • Shrugs
  • Push-ups
  • Star jumps
  • Elevated push-ups
  • Upright rows (20kg)
  • Leg raises
  • Tricep dips
  • Step ups
  • Punches with weights
  • Mountain climbers
  • Weighted hook twist exercise (15kg on one end of olympic barbell)
  • Calf raises
  • Power drives (15kg on one end of olympic barbell)
  • Sit-ups with twist
Then instead of doing the circuit again I had to bail as my dad was giving me a lift home and we were going to be late picking my mum up. I had no feelings of sickness after this workout and was able to eat when I got home. I was so happy! Maybe I've finally kicked this virus to the curb!

I'm getting really excited for my holiday! I have a holiday post coming soon with soooo many pictures in.. got a bit camera happy while I was getting some of my stuff ready for it! It's been five years since I've been out of the country I can't even tell you how excited I am! I'm off now to think about packing my hand luggage and sorting out my holiday make-up... making sure I haven't forgotten to buy anything!

What are your holiday essentials?


  1. I think we are all so adamant that hitting girls is wrong that when in your situation of training arises that its difficult to get around. Taking about it with the guy was a great thing to do. I'd be shattered after a workout like that. I only ever went to a real boxing secession once (I do want to go back) but there was no ring action at all, it was toned down as its sold as a ladies "train like a boxer" secession. Having said that, it was NOTHING like what you do in your secessions ;-)

  2. I will do shadow boxing with weighted gloves, but really don't think I could ever spar!

  3. You are seriously so hardcore! That sparing session sounds amazing and so tough! You must be getting so excited for your hols! My holiday essentials would have to be comfortable shoes, a good bikini, a floaty cover up, big beach bag, head ache tablets, condoms, milk thistle (to take before you have a drink - I swear by it!) suncream obv and tea bags - green for me! Looking forward to seeing your pics :-)

  4. Yay for holidays! My I have a long list! Suncream! Extra underwear! Aftersun, anticeptic cream, ibuprohpen (once had to try and find headache stuff in Madrid and as neither of us spoke any sort of spanish that was not easy at al!)- sunglasses, bug spray, flip flops.....

  5. Another gruelling session there. I'm really starting to think that boxers>runners when it comes to a balance of cardio and strength, particularly with regard to HIITs. Not that I'd stop loving running regardless though ;)

    Also intrigued to see your pics, and very relieved that the evil virus is on its way out.


  6. I KNOW that this girl right here would love being called a beast! Rock on lady!
    Can't wait to hear about the holiday :)

  7. It sounds like you had a good day :-) I love reading about your boxing sessions - they sound so intense! I've only ever done "boxercise" classes, which were difficult enough!

  8. Oooo where are you off on holidays? Don't forget your plug adapter! I always do and have to buy an overpriced one at the airport.

  9. Cool that you might have a sparring partner at your level. That sounds like it could really hope you both progress!

    And eeeeeeeeeeeee!!! for Ibiza!! No wonder you're excited. You need this break after the last few months you've had. Enjoy :)