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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Strange Sparring

...and other boxing...

I did go boxing last Thursday before I woke up ill on Friday morning... I can't remember what we did anymore though to be honest! So we'll move on to Mondays... I didn't have the best workout... nutrition was all wrong, didn't eat breakfast before my early shift (gotta be there for 6.45 so not always able to eat that early..) only took a total greek yoghurt with me and forgot I was staying late so at work til 4pm on just a yoghurt after being up since 5.30... managed to eat a banana and 2 slices of toast with pb and honey by about 4.30 but it was too close to training and not enough food overall to do a boxing workout.. By the time I'd finished boxing I felt so sick I couldn't eat anything I just showered and went to sleep... Oh and there was the palaver with the escapee bunny, those of you who follow my twitter (@boxruneat) will probably know all about it... he's still running free in the garden, little b*gger!!

Warm up
Heavy bag 5 x 3 minute (1 minute rest)
Pads 1 x 3 minute (1 minute rest)
Felt so sick and dizzy during these rounds, I didn't feel like my work rate was good at all but I was literally dripping with sweat (sorry tmi!) Not sure whether it had more to do with the poor nutrition or the fact I was just coming back from an illness or maybe a combination of both... I felt like I was either going to puke or pass out blehh

Now, the strange sparring...
We paired off, sat on the floor opposite our partners each person had one leg over the others so you had one leg on top and one leg underneath theirs, you had to sit close so it was emulating in fighting where you couldn't use your footwork to escape an attack.. Let me tell you I was not too enthralled being so close to all the men/boys haha I felt rather awkward but I got on with it! No time to be prudish haha it's not like that anyway obviously I'm just easily embarrassed! Anyway moving on! We did about 5 3 minute rounds with 1 minute rest with a different partner each time. I really enjoyed getting back into some sparring and I think this was about the only sparring I could have coped with tonight full sparring would have been too tiring! I'm glad to say I wasn't flinching as much as I was last time we did touch sparring! I found it hard to get through some of their guards but I found myself timing shots quite well and spotting openings.. I still need a lot of work obviously I'm pretty rusty but it felt good to be doing it again!

After that we did the legs circuit... yowza, mine were like jelly after this!
  • Jumping over a bench with a 5kg medicine ball
  • Jumping onto steps and off again with 15kg bar bell then stepping on and off the steps on the way back..I did it with the proper squats this time, a lower weight though otherwise I think I would have been stuck sat on the floor
  • Clean and jumping lunge press... clean to waist then to shoulders with feet together then press to full arm extension whilst jumping and landing with your feet in a lunge position.. hope that made sense... it would be so much easier to show you.. (15kg)
  • Jumping onto blocks... I got on the big tall scary one hurrah! Granted not with the medicine ball but I didn't end up on my arse, bonus!
  • Lunge jumps over and onto a step
  • Walking lunges with 25kg barbell
  • Bunny hops with 5kg medicine ball
  • Power drive with Olympic barbell plus 10kg on one end
  • Calf extensions
  • Hook movement with Olympic barbell plus 15kg on one end
Thank god we only did this once, I actually couldn't have coped with a second circuit, I seriously considered dropping out 'cause I felt so sick and I do not drop out of workouts lightly, I hate quitting! We did a cool down and I was so glad my dad was giving my a lift home, I felt really rough!! I showered and went straight to bed when I got home, good nights sleep though!

Like a glutton for punishment I went back last night!
Warm up (inc 10 push-ups)
6 x 3 minute heavy bag (1 minute rest)
3 x 3 minute partner footwork drills (1 minute rest)

Cardio circuit 2 mins each station 30s rest between stations
  • Exercise bike
  • Exercise bike
  • Power drives
  • Weighted punches
  • Step ups with 15kg weight
  • Incline sit-ups
  • Treadmill
  • Treadmill
  • Cross trainer
  • Rowing machine
  • Rowing machine
  • Jumping lunges on step
and collapse!! (cool down) Felt really rough tonight aswell, bath and straight to bed... I'm hoping I feel better tonight, if not I'll give Thursdays session a miss.

My Foodie Blog Swap goodies arrived from McKayla @ Green Groats.... Sadly they did not survive the journey :-( But I do have the recipe to try them myself when I have the ingredients in... Gutted, they sounded gorgeous! I'll share the recipe with you all anyway.

Peanut Butter Flaxy Fudge Protein Bars
1 cup chocolate protein powder
2/3 cup flaxseed meal
2 TBS natural chunky PB
1/8 cup water
1tsp chia seeds
1tsp cinnamon
1/2tsp maple extract
1/4 tsp stevia

Mix all ingredients together, add a little more water if necessary. Divide into 8 balls and mold into desired shapes, wrap individually and store in fridge or freezer.

What a shame, they sounded so nice!

Luckily I have a few goodies to keep me going, I bought out H&B on their BOGOHP offer over the weekend and my granola I won from Laura @ Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish arrived to keep me snacked up!

H&B goodies
Lots of xylitol (some unpictured... I love this stuff)
Maca powder
Time release B vitamins (stress depletes B vitamins and deficiencies can lead to depression so I figured with everything going on right now I could do with ensuring I'm getting enough!)
Healthy habits bars, 4 hazelnut and honey (my fave), one oat cranberry and one almond pecan to mix things up a bit!
Bear fruit yo-yo, one blueberry, one raspberry.
Bounce protein bars 2 almond, 1 peanut and one spirulina ginseng
Finally 4 tubs of natural PB, 3 smooth (for porridge) and 1 crunchy (for toast)

So... I've never used maca before? Can you share your fave maca recipes with me?


  1. Good grief no wonder you didn't feel well at boxing with such little food in you!
    Hop you catch bun-bun soon (*intended spelling error ;-))

  2. My word those circuits sound insane! No wonder you felt knackered, I think you did amazing just been able to keep up on that amount of food! glad that you at least got the granola :-) I love maca - great for supporting your adrenal glands and should help with that stress :-) I usually just add a teaspoon to smoothies but its lovely sprinkled on an apple or mixed with yoghurt or porridge. I'm guessing it would be really good in any raw balls or bar type recipes too!

  3. Take care Laura! That's so little food I'm suprised you didn't keel over, and those workouts might not be as long as mine but they're FAR more intense. I just diddle along most of the time.

    Fingers crossed the escapee rabbit is soon back behind bars ;)


  4. No wonder you found it hard work on so little food (and after being ill).

  5. Your workouts are nuts..especially coming off being ill.
    I haven't used maca either but an interesting in hearing more about it...

  6. That's really sad the bars did not survive the journey :( Our h&b doesn't sell half the exciting stuff yours does! It's mostly protein supplements. I hope you've made up the the lack of food now, hope you got some potatoes in! :)

  7. I am so intrigued by boxing- I want to try but am too cheap to join a place. I do kickboxing workouts on DVD at home and love getting out the aggression :)

  8. It's a shame about the blog swap :-(

    I'm not too keen on maca - a have a packet that I don't know what to do with. The one thing I have tried it mixing it with is tahini ... and that was OK. Don't add to much to smoothies etc until you know that you like the flavour!

  9. You got on the big scary block! Huzzah!! I used to feel really awkward and embarrassed by close contact at the gym when I first started lifting with a spotter (especially benching!). I can't believe how fit you must be doing those circuits. Holy hell!

    I recently discovered xylitol and I think it's great too! Can't help with the macca thought I'm afraid.