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Saturday, 2 July 2011

June Recap

June goals
Finish the Allerthorpe half marathon - probably now unattainable sub goal was to get my time in under 2hrs which I have acheived in training but.... DONE!!! Can't even believe it!! Recap of Allerthorpe half marathon :-)

Try not to lose anymore weight DONE!! - ok so my feelings around food are not totally healthy at the moment but I'm happy if I maintain this weight. It's a weight I can cope with and it's not too low to be really unhealthy but not too high that I'm constantly freaking out.

Get back in that boxing gym DONE, and loving it!

June totals
Push-ups - 200
Miles - 17.1

for comparrison May totals
Push-ups - 60
Miles - 24.1

Ok so push-ups are coming back and miles are going down! I just need to find my balance with running and boxing and work.. and sleep haha honestly I see some peoples blogs and I do not know how you do it! I'm always striving for this balance I can never seem to quite get. There is always something that I feel is lacking.. Maybe that is the perfectionist in me coming out.. Never satisfied, but that can be a good thing it means I'm always trying for something more! I just need to get my routine sorted, which is hard when my shifts are always changing! But Late shift = run, early shift = boxing should do the trick!

Those of you who follow my twitter account will know I've been feeling very sorry for myself since yesterday. I got that bloody virus. Woke up yesterday morning feeling very sick, decided to go to work anyway as I had felt really sick on Tues morning and it just passed... Anyway part way there on the bus I have to get off and ring my brother for a lift home. Luckily he bought a bucket 'cause I was sick on the way back.. Apart from my brief attempt at going to work and an hour on my laptop yesterday I slept for 32 hours!! And I still feel exhausted.. it's really taken it out of me :-(


  1. Argh, sorry you've got that awful virus. My Dad had it a fortnight ago and it really drained him.

    It does look like you've had a very successful June and congrats for meeting so many of your goals.

    *hugs* and get better soon.

    Take care


  2. Aww - I'm sorry you're feeling ill - I hope you're starting to feel a bit better now.
    I find it difficult to get a balance of all the different things that I want to do in a day. I'm very lucky that I work flexi-time at the moment, so can usually fit in workouts when I want, but I have worked shifts in the past and I know it's tough. It sounds like the boxing training is giving you an awesome workout, so I wouldn't worry too much about your mileage coming down a bit ... you can't do it all!

  3. Hope you are feeling better today, I hate being sick too.
    **lots of get better hugs**
    Balance will possibly come over months as in one month you may run more and another you may box more. It will happen though.

  4. Oh no your poor thing getting that virus. Take it easy as in the heat it can be more dehydrating too. So take it easy.
    Well done on those goals though :)

  5. Great job on the half. I ran 13.1 miles in training in 2hours exactly last summer, and then got injured before I could do it officially! I'd love to get your time! Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Ahhh sorry that you got ill, sickness bugs are the worst. Hope you get to have a relaxing weekend and get your strength back. Finding the balance between working and working out is hard for me too. There's nothing I want to do more after a ten hour day than sleep! I too am in awe of people who work full time, work out every day, and have lives and families. great work on your goals though! what are your july goals?

  7. Yay for not losing weight! It is only a number! Get rid of that nasty scale. Sorry you are not feeling well. REST, EAT, RELAX and listen to your body. Here if you need me :)

  8. 200 pushups?! YOU ARE AMAZING!!

  9. hope you're feeing better and be kind to yourself (:
    you've had a gooood June, I think!

  10. i know what you mean - weigh enough to keep your head above water and not push it until you're comfortable. at which point, another bit of progress just sort of seems to happen...

    you're doing FAB!