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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Tire Flip

Last weekend I did a tire flip in aid of new boxing kit to wear next season. My mum and dad picked me up and we took Roxie for a walk before it started.

The team waiting to get started

I ended up doing it with one of the junior boxers as we were the smallest.. I kind of wanted to go it alone but it was really hard in a two so after a few flips I was glad for the help! I later found out some of the guys had done it in twos too so I didn't feel so bad!

We came right from where the road is and this was still fairly close to the start! It was hard - about a mile at least half up hill!
My dad stopped taking pictures then... I suppose there are only so many variations of a tire flip haha I think it took us just over 30 minutes and the fastest time was 28 something I think but that was someone going it alone! Hope we do it again next year, even though it did leave me in pain for two days hehe.. it was that good kind of pain where you know you've worked hard!

Had to include more Roxie pics, she loved the car ride!

Tired out!

Well goodness me! Two posts in one day after nothing for a week! Hope you enjoyed the pictures :-)