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Sunday, 7 August 2011

July Recap

July Recap, only a week late..!! I've just had a busy week and been feeling a bit down so I haven't felt much like posting.. I'm still really struggling with the ED stuff.. Going to self help group on Tues. I wish I could just switch my brain off sometimes! Anyway I don't want to get into the depressing stuff too much! How did I do on my goals....

July Goals
Continue boxing regularly - Done
Try and increase running - Kind of done, did some speedwork but could do a lot better here
Not stress too much about food on my holiday - Well and truly done, that care free atmosphere really rubbed off and I was really relaxed about food and my body.. struggled more since coming home but it's a work in progress!

July totals

Push-ups - ?
Miles -?

I forgot to keep track of my miles and push-ups this month... I don't think my brain ever left holiday mode!

Ok, so August goals........

August Goals
Continue boxing regularly
Try and increase running
Keep trying to get ED under control.. I don't expect this will happen in a month but it has to be a priority, I mainly want to get the purging under control, I just feel so disgusting when I resort to it, it's horrible.

Tire push pictures to come!

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  1. Glad you're getting some help Laura, that you recognise that you are in some distress. I too wish I could switch my brain off sometimes!

    I couldn't leave a comment on the tire push for some reason but I just wanted to say that Roxie is adorable and I'm glad you're posting more pictures of her!